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They are so obvious that even a demon ships it.

Shippers on Deck in Fan Works.

  • In The Amazing Spider-Luz in: Across the Owl-Verse!, this is heavily on display with Luz and Amity during the events leading up to Grom:
    • On Luz's end, Camila, Eda, and King outright encourage her to ask Amity out as her Grom date, citing that they can see the attraction the two have for each other.
    • On Amity's end, Emira and Edric both encourage Amity to give Luz the note she made asking Luz to be her Grom date. And in a reversal from canon, when Odalia learns about Amity's crush on Luz, even she encourages her daughter to get together with Luz, as the Boiling Isles' understanding of superheroes means Luz is deemed as an in-training member of the human equivalent of the Emperor's Coven.
  • In The Bank Called, Your Reality Check Bounced, Tamaki gets all the members of the Ouran High School Host Club to help him get Edward Elric to admit his feelings for Winry Rockbell. This is after being told that he's not allowed to actively ship Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye because of fraternization laws.
  • In Beyond the Outer Gate Lies..., a crossover between The Dresden Files and High School D×D, Lash strongly supports Harry in romancing both Sona and Tsubasa, gleefully encouraging him to start a harem. This gets even worse in a continuation fic by a different author that adds Reya and Serafall to the mix. Harry himself is romantically interested in all the girls, but is hampered both by his mental age (he arrived in the Dxd world in a teenage body but retains his original mind from when he was well into his 40's) and his previous relationship history.
    • Later chapters of the continuation fic implies that the Winter Mantle also pushes for Harry to hook up with the girls, despite not technically being a person of its own.
  • Kagura and Mai in BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant both try to encourage Jin into hanging out with/potentially entering a relationship with either Tsubaki or Weiss. This is in large part because they can see that Jin cares for both of them and their presence helps lighten him up.
  • The Bridge (MLP):
    • Princess Celestia tries to nudge Godzilla Junior (who's been transformed into a Unicorn), and Princess Luna together.
    • Megalon gets happy and asks when's the wedding when Mane-iac hits on Gigan.
    • Sonata Dusk gets a big grin when she notices Aria Blaze and Monster X are now a couple.
  • In Child of the Storm, several characters (such as the Avengers and Jean-Paul) ship Harry Potter/Thorson and Carol Danvers, since literally Everyone Can See It - seriously, everyone, even random supervillains. They end up getting together in chapter 46 of the sequel.
    • Harry himself later plays matchmaker for Diana and Ginny, after noting a mutual attraction between them and figuring it'd be healthy for both of them to give it a try.
  • Misato shipped Shinji/Asuka in Children of an Elder God. In a scene she asks if they’re making out, and when they deny it, she pouts.
  • Several examples for three different couples in Children of Time:
    • In her first appearance, Beth believes in the Doctor's love for Rose Tyler and uses it to help bring the Doctor back to himself.
    • Later on, Beth is an all-out shipper for Watson and Sally, realizing that Sally is the mysterious second Mrs. Watson of the Sherlockian Canon and thinking of the newlyweds as the cutest thing ever.
    • Sally, in turn, fully supports Beth in her love for Holmes and practically squees when she sees the two of them married and simply acting like newlyweds.
    • The Doctor ships both Watson/Sally and Holmes/Beth, although he's more active in encouraging the latter.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: It's subtle, but Chapter 12 implies Milly is aware of the attraction between Lelouch and Kallen.
  • Code Prime: A lot of people support Lelouch and Kallen as a couple. At first, it starts small with Arcee, Nunnally, and Bumblebee in R1. By R2, practically everybody in the Autobots and Black Knights can notice the hidden feelings the two have for each other. Kallen's mother even jokingly refers to Lelouch as her future son-in-law.
    • As Dreadwing as present during the Battle of Kyushu when Suzaku and Euphemia confessed their feelings, he supports them as a couple. Kaguya in R2 also supports Suzaku and Euphie, even joking that they should get married.
  • Colosseum of the Heart: Sora is shipping Ash/Serena, Serena is shipping Sora/Kairi (before she's even met Kairi), and Bonnie is shipping both pairings. At one point Sora is gossiping with Bonnie about how long Ash and Serena will take to get together, much to Serena's embarrassment and Ash's confusion (which also quickly turns into embarrassment), before Bonnie pivots the conversation onto Sora and Kairi, pointing out that they have a very similar Childhood Friend Romance.
  • Connecting the Dots: During a press conference involving Naruto and Superman, Hinata nervously asks Lois several questions about whether the latter ever feels small, unimportant, nervous, daunted, or just not good enough. Lois doesn't understand why Hinata is asking her all those questions until she notices the way the Hyuga girl is looking at Naruto, to which the reporter says "Ooh. That's what you were talking about." Hinata tries to deny what Lois is implying, only for the latter to reply that the former can't fool a reporter.
    • At the end, when the Konoha ninjas are about to go back to their world, Lois and Hinata have one final interaction where the former jerks her head towards Naruto. Hinata briefly blushes before nodding her head, causing Lois to have a huge smile and give her a thumbs-up along with a wink.
  • Danny Phantom Vs American Dragon Jake Long: The Novelization: Jake offers to help Danny be less weak-kneed with girls if he wants his Celeb Crush, Kim Possible, to take interest in him.
  • In the Fairy Tail and One Piece crossover The Dragon That Will Pierce the Heavens, Nami proves to be one of these for Luffy, Hikari and Zoro, being relieved in the Drum Island Arc when they finally get together and getting annoyed with Sanji if he tries to break up moments, such as in Part One of the Alabasta Arc.
  • Equestrylvania: Scootaloo ships Rainbow Dash and Shatterstorm. Dash is... surprised by this, to say the least. And then annoyed when Spitfire later gets in on the act.
  • In Flag Flying High, Lan Sizhui is so completely, hopelessly crushing on Harry that his friends decide to push them together because he would never dare on his own and it would be cringegingly awkward if the sexual tension just keeps climbing up.
  • Played for Laughs in Fly Free, where Sakura is convinced that Robin and Kakashi are meant for each other. Other characters, including Ino, Naruto, and Sasuke are convinced by the 'proof' that Sakura shows them.
  • In Game of Touhou, Ser Shou Toramaru tries to approach her both squires, Nazrin and Jaime, into getting closer, teasing them whenever she can.
  • The Ghost Boy and the Combatants: In the second story that crosses over with Darkstalkers:
    • Morrigan Aensland is openly supportive of Lilith's infatuation with Danny, proudly calling him her future brother-in-law despite having just met him.
    • Even before Hsien-ko starts developing an interest in him, Mei-Ling openly teased the idea of her and Danny hooking up.
  • Hanging Ten Saga: Emma and Fin constantly shipping Lo and Ben despite their rough start of meeting each other. In Witchy Woman, Lo and Fin tried to work it with Emma and Johnny as a couple until Ben cleared it to her they can work it out themselves.
  • In the Soulsborne note  crossover comedy fic Hotspring Souls!, Solaire is one for the Chosen Undead/Rhea of Thorolund. The Slayer of Demons ships them as well.
  • In Incarnation of Legends, Kojiro wishes Ryoma luck in producing the "next Sakamoto", much to Ryoma's embarrassment and Oryou's pleasure.
  • Invoked to a degree in Infinity Crisis; after Pietro is brought back to life by Barry and Wally and the Vision is reactivated by Shuri and Cyborg, Pietro informs the Vision that he accepts that the android makes his sister happy, but affirms that he'll dismantle the Vision if Wanda is hurt.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail plays this for drama. When Gladion wound up on the Train, Mallow was the only one who was worried about his disappearance. Unfortunately, her friends blow this off, joking about her having a crush — when Mallow asks how they would have reacted if she vanished, Lana suggests "Elopement", pushing her past her Rage Breaking Point and sparking off a furious dressing-down.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon's parents want to ship him with Tsuruya via Arranged Marriage.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Misato shipped Shinji and Asuka even before both teenagers met. When she and Shinji were going to pick Asuka up from the airport she talked at length about Asuka, assurring Shinji that he'd like her a lot.
  • In Lost in Camelot, Kenzi immediately expresses her approval of Bo/Merlin when she becomes aware that Merlin has feelings for Bo, but is quick to adapt that to Bo/Merlin/Morgana when she learns that Morgana is a potential factor as well (when Bo asks why she never suggested a triad for Dyson and Lauren in the future, Kenzi just points out that sharing wouldn't have worked in that scenario as Dyson and Lauren didn't particularly like each other).
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: Danny will meet someone, usually connected to one of his dates, who thinks he and the girl in question are a perfect couple.
    • Salem the cat seems to approve of Danny and Sabrina Spellman.
    • After learning that Jen Masterson and Danny pranked Dash with garbage at the hockey game, Tucker seems to approve of her.
    • Suga Mama seems to be shipping Danny with her granddaughter Penny Proud.
    • Comically, it seems that the Warner siblings ship Danny with Katie.
    • Danny and Kim Possible in the alternate ending where they hook up have both of their families supportive of them.
    • During the "Snippets", Bob and Helen are accepting of their daughter Violet Parr and Danny being a couple after both teens reveal their powers to each other, since it means she's dating a fellow superhero.
    • Martin Mystery, in the "Snippets" is this for Diana and Danny. Diana was shocked to learn Danny wasn't exactly a normal person, but Martin, who is also a Danny Phantom fan, reminded her that Danny is still a good guy who uses his powers to help people.
    • In Danny and Kim, Harley Quinn admits to shipping Batman and Poison Ivy, thinking they'd make a cute couple despite that he doesn't pull his punches with them.
    • Deadpool is a firm shipper of Danny Phantom and Kim Possible. To the point where even in the main universe, while Danny is with Kara as his true choice, Deadpool silently mutters he likes Danny with Kim more.
    • In Danny and Makoto, Danny himself becomes a shipper of Ben Tennyson and Ami Mizuno, teasing his friend from work when he shows a hint of jealousy over Motoki speaking with her.
  • Weaponized in Metal Gear: Green. When Mina, Toru and Momo ask about the Freezer Boy-Heart Star shipping story for the past five years, Grizzly groans and explains that he didn't date her, he hated her guts, and that shipping nonsense was actually him trying to expose her money laundering scheme, but the press viewed it as a lover's quarrel, which Heart Star inflamed further. In the end, the three are left horrified at the realization that Heart Star was a backstabbing bitch.
  • The Mountain and the Wolf: The Wolf seems to think Daenerys has taken Jon Snow and Grey Worm as her lovers, and unsubtly encourages them on this path (having earlier told Jon to give her a good fucking to prevent her from looking oddly at her dragon). The fact that they're related to Daenerys/emasculated respectively appears to have escaped him entirely.
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • Olga is the "shipper with a crush" type, often gleefully teasing Celestine about her feelings towards Kyril, while harbouring feelings to the man herself.
    • Lily ships Sanakan/Hugh, though this is more of a case of wanting the two to make their relationship official, instead of getting the two together.
    • There are street plays (shows In-Universe) that depict a supposedly blossoming romance between the Hunter Kyril and The High Queen Celestine. Turns out that even non-named characters engage in shipping as well. And then there are the rumours about how Celestine paid several of those bards to write down their sagas (aka. fanfics) for her own private entertainment...
    • At one point, Lily and Soren discuss the idea of Kyril/harem. Soren finds the scenario where Kyril would be swimming in women should the war be over amusing. Lily is confident that their mentor could handle more.
      Lily: What's so funny this time Soren?
      Soren: I dunno. The fact that the Boss has a string of women at his door.
      Lily: A string? That string would probably reach all the way up to the North if you let it. The Master already has his hands full with Her Holiness. I'm sure he could handle a few more.
  • Not the intended use (Zantetsuken Reverse): Soma and Mina are not dating, but everyone thinks they have romantic feelings for each other as much as they deny it. Among those who are actively encouraging them to get together are Julius, Hammer, Leon, and Kazuya.
  • Oni Ga Shiku Series: Mei's parents really hope that she and Izuku get together as a couple, as the two have been extremely close friends for several years. Izuku knows that they have high hopes, but he's not sure if Mei even knows what sex is.
  • A Possible Encounter for a Phantom: Danny Fenton has a massive crush on Kim Possible and people who become aware of their friendship/budding interest in one another voices their opinion.
    • Jazz quickly ships them both. When Kim has to kiss Danny to break him free of a spell, she's ecstatic.
    • Danielle came to Kim for help because she thought she was Danny's girlfriend. She thinks they should go on patrol together so that it'd be a date.
    • Jim and Tim seem to like their sister being with Danny, since they like the idea of their brother-in-law being a superhero.
    • Joss, who has become a massive fangirl for Danny, has taken to the idea of her favorite cousin being involved with him.
  • In Project Ignition, Llad and Lunaterisa happen to be this to Adler and Selene. To be fair, everyone sorta does.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fanfiction A Shadow of the Titans, due to his Insane Troll Logic about romance, Gadjo ships Robin/Raven.
  • In Spider Vs Bird, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark each ship Marinette with Damian and Peter, respectively...which, naturally, leads to conflict between the two once they realize what's going on. They end up pulling an Enemy Mine in the end when it's discovered that Marinette hooked up with Roy Harper without either of them knowing.
  • In Sora and the Princess of Power, it's mentioned that Carla, one of Those Two Guys, ships Sora and Adora (a.k.a. Sadora). Later on, after seeing their adorable interactions during the Valentine's Day special, Carla start to also ship Sora and Perfuma.
  • Once Upon a Time/Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic Swapping Genres: Almost every hero in the story instantly ships Emma and Regina. Ant-Man says the two have something special and everyone encourages Emma to admit her feelings for Regina even after Emma becomes the Dark One.
  • Spinel's New Best Friend: In the 5th chapter, which takes place mostly on Earth, Steven decides to have Pearl use Pink Diamond's old access codes to find Spinel. When Pearl enters WPXBP into the computer at the warp pad, it displays a picture of Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl being affectionate. Pearl explains thusly.
    Pearl: Um, Pink apparently saw Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl laughing about something during Court and became convinced that they were secretly a couple and started drawing pictures like that and writing stories about them in her spare time... which she unfortunately had A LOT of at that point.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Misato shipped Shinji and Asuka and tried to help them to get together.
    • Shinji also shipped his friend Touji with Hikari.
  • Universe Falls has a number of examples, usually revolving around self-proclaimed matchmaker Mabel:
    • Mabel seems to want to see Steven and Connie as a couple, warning Dipper not to "ruin the moment" when Steven and Connie have an Almost Kiss in "An Indirect Kiss".
    • Mabel likes to tease Dipper about his budding crush on Pacifica Northwest, and she and Steven team up to try and get the two together in "Mismatched Making".
    • Mabel is enthusiastic about the possibility of Lapis Lazuli and Peridot getting together in "Same Old World", mostly because she wants more entries to her list of "Cutest Gem Couples" besides Ruby and Sapphire.


  • Supergirl (2015) fanfic my youth is yours: Mxyzptlk, rather than wanting to marry Kara himself like in the show, just thinks Kara and Lena are adorable together and wants them to get married. They'd be mostly fine with it if not for the part where, after the wedding, he'll take them to be part of his collection.
  • In Old Associations, Diggle is so obsessed with Oliver/Felicity that he more or less forces them into couples counseling to get them back together, and is the only one upset when said counseling breaks them up more when a word association test reveals that Oliver still considers Laurel "home". Later, he's still trying to get Oliver and Felicity back together, and even tries to get Laurel to tell Felicity that she (Laurel) is not in love with Oliver. Laurel refuses, and points out that while she wants them happy, he wants them together.
    Laurel: What I still feel doesn’t matter. It’s about what Oliver and Felicity feel. And I’m saying this as objectively as I can, but John, if Felicity is looking for reasons not to get back together with Oliver, then we all just have to accept that. Forcing things won’t do it any good.
    Diggle: So you want them to stay broken up.
    Laurel: I’m not saying they can’t find each other again, just right now is not the right time. I want them to be happy, whether that’s together or apart.
  • In Regaining Perspective, Diggle takes his Oliver/Felicity shipping to new heights. The plot is that Cupid gives Oliver a love potion, only for it to be inadvertently triggered by Laurel instead. Diggle seems genuinely insulted it wasn't activated by Felicity, comforted when he's told that it only focused on Laurel because Oliver saw her first, and upon learning that Oliver actually saw Cupid first, but seeing someone (Laurel) he still had genuine feelings for overrode it, immediately asks if there's a second override that could have triggered by him seeing Felicity.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse) presents several examples:
    • Moira ships Oliver/Laurel (which has a strong possibility of happening), and Carter/Kara (which will never be happening).
    • A number of people, including Henry, Oliver, and Kara, ship Barry/Iris. That being said, they recognize that Eddie's presence and Barry's refusal to pursue his best friend romantically means it won't be happening for a while.

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Most of Gumball and Teri’s classmates in Teri × Gumball: In Between Worlds ship them because they have been hanging out for a few weeks and they showed up at the bus stop together.
    • Yui (Teri's Mother) as well because of how Gumball is making her daughter happy.


  • Pops up a few times in Cinderjuice in regards to Beetlejuice and Lydia. Donny, BJ's brother, outright calls himself this in regards to the pairing. He's joined there by Prince Vince and Lydia's friends Prudence and Bertha, and... pretty much everyone who knows them, really.


  • Rukia in Getting It Right ships Ichigo and Orihime hard, to the point that she often takes pictures of them being (unknowingly) adorable together and calls it her Ichihime collection.

The Chronicles of Narnia

  • In The Fledgling Year, many of the girls who are supposed to be Cor’s potential brides don’t bother trying to ingratiate themselves—not because they don’t like him, but because it’s obvious to everyone but him that he’s in love with Aravis. Hana particularly outright says that it’s ridiculous to think of anyone but Aravis marrying Cor, and periodically gives her advice on their relationship.

Code Geass

  • Slightly deconstructed with Lelouch towards Nunnally and Suzaku in Code Geass: Another World when he has the two formally engaged, despite the fact the two were already dating and wanting to be engaged on their own terms. Nunnally decides to retaliate by informing Lelouch about how sexually active the two are, knowing it'll set him on a rampage in Britannia (which thankfully get stopped by Euphemia).

Danny Phantom

  • Danny Phantom: Stranded: Danny and Star's budding attraction gets acknowledged and accepted by several individuals:
    • Despite her own feelings for Danny, Valerie thinks they'd be good together.
    • Star's father has a subtle approval of how close his daughter is getting with Danny Fenton, since he's much nicer and a better influence than her former friends.
    • Cujo overhears Star admitting she has feelings for Danny and is happy to hear his favorite person in two worlds has an admirer.
    • Upon meeting Star, Frostbite likes that she's more amiable than Sam and believes that she'd make a good mate for Danny.
  • In general, Danny Phantom fics that ship Danny and Ember usually have Kitty and Johnny involved in this capacity. It helps that all three are characterized as less malicious than most of Danny's Rogues Gallery, and often come across as pretty friendly off the clock.

Death Note


  • The series Package Deal sees Mal reveal to Ben that she and Evie were involved with each other back on the Isle of the Lost, and while she still wants to date Ben, she asks if he would be willing to date Evie as well as she can't bring herself to choose. While initially Mal is aware that she has a distinct relationship with Ben and Evie, she eventually uses a temporary sickness spell on herself so that Ben and Evie will go to a party without her, allowing them both to recognise that they have growing feelings for each other beyond their mutual love for Mal.



  • Tyrantly Ever After deconstructs this with Fuka, whose shipping efforts are incredibly self-absorbed: she just wants the payoff of seeing Valvatorez hook up with somebody. When he reveals that he's had a Friends with Benefits arrangement with Fenrich for literal centuries, she attempts to pry even further into their personal business before giving up in disgust at their supposed stupidity. She also interprets Artina's declaration that she's happy to know that they're together as 'proof' that she was secretly interested in somebody else all along, and promptly attempts to start ferreting out suspects, blithely ignoring the discomfort she's causing her.

Doctor Who

  • In Epistolary: The Fifty Years Before You Were Born, River Song recalls in one chapter her efforts to get Amy and Rory together as teens. Justified in her case, as she would never have existed if they didn't get together.
    "Do you know how many tires I had to slash, how many boys I had to threaten, how many dates I had to turn down just to make the way clear for the two of you to finally see each other for what you were? Half the fights I got into at school in some way involved you lot. But that's ok, that's what I wanted. The two of you belong together and not just because it was necessary to maintain the timeline, complete the paradox and create me, but because you truly love each other."

Dragon Age

  • In Age Of Dragons, Lenore Amell is this for most of her friends. Later, Lenore and Dorian bond over how adorable they think Cullen and the Inquisitor are together. Isabela is a dedicated Hawke/Fenris shipper, though she often playfully ships herself into their relationship.
  • A lot of the background characters are this for the two main pairings in All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, with Varric and Dorian leading the shipping squad. The two main characters also very much ship one another with their respective love interests. It's implied that Dorian ships Varric and Bethany from practically the moment the latter arrives in Skyhold, although nobody seems to know exactly what's going on there.
  • Several instances are found in Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium. Dorian leads the shipping squad regarding the main pairing of Varric and Bethany; it's unclear how many people are with him on this but it's more or less considered a Foregone Conclusion by many. In addition to this, Varric and Bethany themselves both like the idea of Professor Kenric and Scout Harding getting together, and Bethany fervently hopes that her brother Carver's longtime crush on Merrill will eventually bear fruit. Somewhat averted with Dorian and the Iron Bull, as Varric is completely shocked when he realizes they're together; he doesn't object to it, he's just baffled that he never noticed their attraction.
  • In Shadow and Rose, Leliana is a confirmed Alistair/Warden shipper from a very early point in the story. Wynne eventually joins her in this; most of the others just sort of roll their eyes.
  • A recurring theme in the Skyhold Academy Yearbook series, with pretty much everyone shipping the official couples. The student body in general is (in the words of the authors) "a Greek chorus of Squee" when it comes to the love lives of their teachers.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • Nathan Kedd Goldberg (or Nat), an OC created by C2ndy2cid, has been adopted by the Tumblr fandom as the captain of the Kevedd ship... with fairly good reason.


  • In the Fallout 3 fan fiction Trouble (Rustypaperclip), Johnny Saint the legendary vault dweller can see the chemistry between Harkness and Butch, and casually offers Harkness advice on how to deal with Butch's emotions.

Final Fantasy

Fire Emblem: Awakening

  • Lissa and Sumia support Frederick/Robin after realizing the two are spending a lot of time together in Pretender. Justified in Sumia's case, because she knows that Robin has feelings for her husband Chrom and hopes that if Robin moves on, Chrom will stop being obsessed with Robin.
  • Lucina Reacts: Everyone, for everyone - or rather, almost everyone for almost everyone. For specifics:
    • Almost everyone for Lucina and Robin, although Sumia and Reflet are the primary shippers apart from the Cabal. Sumia's true motive is revealed, while Reflet's is far more altruistic.
    • The Justice Cabal drives most of the shipping. Their primary targets are the above Lucina and Robin, Lon'qu and Cordelia (although they were revealed to have been an Official Couple long before the story began) and Gangrel and Emmeryn.
    • Reflet's a special case: she ships the ships that would make both participants happy, due to wanting everyone to be happy.
    • Morgan and Sumia ship Robin with Lucina. Morgan also ships several other couples, including Lon'qu and Cordelia, and seems to be aiming to ship everyone with everyone at some point.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Pretty much everyone in the Elemental Chess Trilogy is a Shipper on Deck for Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, though probably no one more than Grumman. Flashbacks in the second story and several incidents in the prequel indicate that the shipping has been happening for years.

The Ghost and Molly McGee


Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi

  • call it what you want: The Competent Adults group chat is collectively very on board with Wen Qing dating Jiang Yanli.
  • Impenetrable Walls:
    • Rather justified by the Palace of Quiescence's attendants, since their lives genuinely depend on their master attracting the Imperial Brother to bed — in Ancient China, a concubine's household would be executed alongside her if said concubine fell from grace.
    • The emperor forces his brother's not-so-hidden crush to become said sibling's concubine, sends them porn books as a bridal gift and outright visits to express his disapproval of them refusing to engage into sex. When you're the Son of Heaven, subtle is for other, lowly people.
  • In The Lost Cause, Nie Huaisang rather likes the idea of Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen together.
  • In Love Song in Reverse, Lan Xichen and Sizhui openly support the possibility of a relationship between Lan Wangji and Mo Xuanyu because they think the amnesiac cultivator could make Lan Wangji happy after his thirteen-year-long mourning.
  • In Second Bite of the Cherry, Lan Yi is very happy about Wei Ying and Lan Wangji's upcoming nuptials, giving them her blessing.
  • In Twelve Moons and a Fortnight, Nie Huaisang, Yu Zhenhong and Li Shuai are known to support Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. They find ways to help Wei Wuxian realize his feelings for Lan Wangji or inform Lan Wangji of anything that concerns Wei Wuxian.

Harry Potter

  • George Weasley and the Computational Error says that the Fat Lady does this, though she's usually discreet about it.
  • Happy Endings features a character who has the power to make her favored pairings happen. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: There's a few of these. Daphne Greengrass ships Harry×Hermione, and one of the two Lovegoods seems to ship Harry×Draco. Later, the following conversation about Draco, Harry, and Hermione occurs:
    "It's so sad," said Sherice Ngaserin, who actually had tears in her eyes. "They were just—they were just so obviously meant to be together!"
    "You mean Potter and Malfoy?" said a second-year named Colleen Johnson. "I know—their families hated each other so much, there's no way they couldn't fall in love—"
    "No, I mean all three of them," said Sherice.
  • Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past: Since Harry has seen Ron and Hermione get past their bickering and find happiness together, he's keen to kick-start the process in the new timeline. He mediates in their disputes, talks them up to each other, and helps them both smooth out some of the rough edges that make them clash (eg stepping up Ron's work ethic, and helping Hermione to question authority when needed). Hermione eventually works out what he's doing, but by that time she doesn't necessarily dislike the idea.
  • Moratorium has Hermione, who ships Harry/Tom despite never having met Tom.

The Haunted Mansion


Hetalia: Axis Powers

Hey Arnold!

  • In Oh Rhonda!, Phoebe and Nadine like the idea of Rhonda having a crush on Arnold and try to push them together as best as they could. Likewise, Rhonda and Nadine ship Phoebe with Gerald.


  • Nepeta's shipping wall and ways are Deconstructed in Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood, where she's oblivious to Eridan's flushed feelings for her and tries to set him up with his moirail Feferi. This eventually leads to her discovering that she doesn't understand Eridan enough to be a true moirail, while Feferi is not pleased with Nep seemingly trying to steal her moirail away, and just how manipulative and controlling this makes her appear to them.
  • Lereal Belsai, the Sufferist leader in Hivefled, was horrified to find that Nepeta broke up with Karkat when her kismesissitude with his best friend Sollux got in the way, as he thought they would follow in the footsteps of their respective ancestors. Nepeta, the Homestuck canon's resident Shipper On Deck, is horrified by his idea of her and Karkat being in a relationship which transcends the quadrants; not only does she not want to be left without her kismesis and moirail, but it would make her own shipping wall a lot more boring. Gamzee, meanwhile, becomes a Shipper On Deck for Feferi and Sollux's moirallegiance, fearing that he will be stuck with Feferi in a Pair the Spares situation and repeat the relationship of their ancestors. (Their shared ancestors, to be specific. Moirails reproducing is a taboo equivalent to human incestuous reproduction, but Condesce and the Grand Highblood did it anyway.)

How to Train Your Dragon

  • In Chapter 2 of A Thing of Vikings, Trader Johann tells Hiccup and Astrid in no uncertain terms that they are an ideal match.
    "Oh, and Hiccup, my boy?... Keep her close. You won't find someone who can fence that well with you twice in a single lifetime without Frigga's and Odin's blessings. And, you, Miss, that goes for you as well. You've got him, don't let him get away. He'll be going down in the histories next to the natural philosophers of old, at the very least, and that's not even counting how well you're matched with him personally."
  • In The Blacksmith's Apprentice, Stoick and Gobber are quietly supportive of Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship once they see evidence that Astrid genuinely cares for Hiccup despite him having been reduced to basically the village thrall, and Toothless recognizes them as mates before they’ve even kissed

The Hunger Games

  • There are multiple Shippers on Deck in Some Semblance of Meaning: Fen implies that she wishes Vale had been born in District Five so she and Fen's brother Lark could have gotten together, whereas Vale's sister Laurel is shown to be a wholehearted supporter of Vale/Obsidian (and she's not alone).


Invader Zim

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Queen of All Oni: Farmer MacDonald gives Jackie advice on trying to pick up Viper. This leaves Jackie flustered, and Viper amused.

Jurassic World

  • It's not the Raptor DNA has Elise the Indominus Rex nudging Kindly Vet Jackie towards Lowery as best as she can manage for being a giant dinosaur. She succeeds, and the two humans hit off rather well.

Kill la Kill

  • In Before My Body Is Dry, Aikuro Mikisugi and the Mankanshoku family all greatly support the possibly of Akio Takahiro (Aikuro's adopted brother in this fic) and Ryuko Matoi getting together. Mako Mankanshoku, though a teensy bit jealous of Akio at the start, ultimately joins her family in supporting the couple, and goes into full-on fangirl mode when Ryuko tells her that she and Akio are now boyfriend and girlfriend.
    Mako: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! You know what I said to my Mom when you two first met? I said 'How cool would it be if those two ended up getting together?' and now look at you two! You're like peanut butter and jelly! White on rice! Cookies and milk!

Kim Possible

  • "Law and Disorder" has Kim being accused of theft by Professor Dementor and sent to prison, with one of her cellmates being DNAmy. When Kim ends up admitting to Amy and Tiny (another former hero currently in prison) that she's stressed out about recent news that Bonnie is putting the moves on Josh Mankey and Ron has a date with Tara that weekend, both of the other women observe that she's basically already dating Ron, helping her realise the depth of her feelings for her best friend.
  • The Ronless Factor takes it to a new level; after Ron is killed and remains on Earth as a ghost to help Kim stop the latest scheme, it's all but explicitly stated that even God wants Kim and Ron to be together, with Ron's ghostly mentor Rita implied to be a disguise assumed by God to help prompt Ron into a position where Drakken's latest Death Ray will help to bring him back to life.

Kung Fu Panda

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The Legend of Zelda

  • In the fanfiction novelization of Hyrule Warriors, everyone, sans Impa, is this for Link and Zelda. Midna is the most vocal; she brings it up to Link, and is later revealed to ship the Link and Zelda of her era.
  • Parallel Legends: In Symphony, after Link and Zelda become a couple, the king gives them his blessing.

Lost Girl

  • In Where The Eyes Of The Old Gods Can't Hope To Find Us, Kenzi (as in the show) ships Dyson/Bo despite Bo dating Lauren. Deconstructed when Lauren calls her on it, by pointing out how that makes her feel. In fact, as Lauren points out, everyone ships Bo with someone other than her. Trick, Kenzi, and of course Dyson himself all want her with Dyson. Hale wants her with a Light Fae, to sway her into joining the Light.

Love Hina

  • For His Own Sake plays with this a few different ways:
    • Played straight with how Isana supports Nagisa and Keitaro getting together after noting how close they've become.
    • Deconstructed with Mutsumi who wants nothing more than to help Naru and Keitaro hook up. Too bad this means constantly ignoring Keitaro's insistence that he doesn't want anything else to do with the violently abusive Naru. Her continued attempts to 'help' completely destroy their friendship.
    • Rich Bitch Kagura is a rare villainous version: she specifically wants Nagisa and Keitaro to get together so it'll be even more painful for Nagisa to lose him.


The Matrix

  • A Different Point of View affirms that Morpheus was ironically the last member of his crew to realise that Neo and Trinity were in love; when Mouse tried to suggest arranging liasion with the woman in the red dress for Neo, Apoc and Switch held him back and threatened to hit him if he did anything to jeopardise Neo and Trinity admitting their feelings for each other.

Medaka Box

  • In World as Myth, Yobuko gets very excited pairing her male classmates together as more than friends.


Miraculous Ladybug

  • Commonly targeted for demolition and deconstruction in ML fanworks, particularly those that don't support the Love Square. The amount of pressure Marinette is under to keep pursuing Adrien despite numerous failures and embarrassments and public pressure for Ladybug and Chat Noir to hook up despite her reluctance tends to be highlighted in such works.
  • Burning Bridges, Building Confidence also casts this in a bad light. Alya is so eager to see LadyNoir become canon that when she overhears Chat refusing to help unless Ladybug 'admits' that she needs him and agrees to get together, she doesn't see anything wrong with it.
    Good ultimatum, Alya thought. She better do it quick, or else they might get her miraculous.
  • Crackships and Rarepairs plays it for laughs. Much to Adrien's distress, his classmates and the internet becomes obsessed with shipping his dad with various people, starting with Hawk Moth (naturally, no one knows that the two are the same person). Throughout the one-shot, various alternate pairings get brought up, including GabeNath (Gabriel and Nathalie), Hawk Moth/Mayura, Gabriel/Nathalie/Hawk Moth/Mayura, GabeClown (Gabriel and Harry Clown), Gabriel/Tomoe Tsurugi, Gaberey (Gabriel and Audrey Bourgeois), Andregreste (Gabriel and André Bourgeois), and Gorileste (Gabriel and the Gorilla) — all of which are pushed with varying degrees of seriousness by different people and all of which cause Adrien further despair.
  • In Eloquent Silence, Nadja pushes the LadyNoir agenda. This extends beyond just wanting ratings; when Ladybug reveals that she's actually dating Silencer, Nadja balks and stammers. It's heavily implied that she doesn't approve because Silencer doesn't speak and isn't a white-skinned pretty boy blond like Chat Noir.
  • Feralnette AU: Deconstructed during the Enough Rope arc:
    • Lila exploits Alya's love of LadyNoir by claiming Chat Noir told her he was going to stage a Love Confession during an upcoming fair. Despite knowing about Lila's supposed 'lying disease', Alya gleefully posts the exclusive news on her Ladyblog, flooding the event with would-be gawkers and shippers eager to catch sight of the heroes... and focusing Hawkmoth's attention there. Ladybug later calls Alya out on her Skewed Priorities, spelling out how she put hundreds of innocent civilians at risk.
    • Marinette also points out to her classmates how incredibly manipulative it would be for Chat Noir to stage a public confession despite already knowing that his partner isn't interested in a Relationship Upgrade, and that such a stunt might convince her to take the Ring away from him in order to put an end to the harassment.
  • Juleka vs. the Forces of the Universe:
    • Alya supports both MariAdrien and LadyNoir, and it is made discomfortingly clear that she could not care less about how Marinette or Ladybug feel on either matter. She attempts to convince the rest of the Girl Squad that Marinette is outright incapable of making her own decisions, plowing through one Zany Scheme after another to try and hook her up with Adrien against her will.
    • Master Fu also thinks that Ladybug and Chat Noir make a cute couple. Unfortunately for him, he remarks on their suitability for each other to Juleka, who points out all the ways that Chat Noir disrespects his 'partner' and acts like The Load. Even then, he's reluctant to accept that he made a mistake, and when he starts coming around, the Universe punishes and prevents him from discussing the matter with Marinette by forcing him to renounce his Guardianship and lose his memories.
    • Most people in Paris blindly ship LadyNoir, with Side-By-Side running a special encouraging viewers to send in their favorite photographs and moments. Hawkmoth himself even weaponizes this by akumatizing an angry LadyNoir fan into Shipper, with Chat Noir opting to sit out of the fight while claiming the Villain Has a Point. Many of the citizens who witness this blatant disregard for their safety actually agree with Chat Noir, much to Juleka's disgust.
    • At the same time, the concept is reconstructed through Juleka. Unlike Alya, Master Fu, the citizens of Paris and Fate Itself, Juleka actually cares about what Marinette wants. She prioritizes her health and happiness, to the point of questioning her own subjectivity and being completely willing to back down at any hint of her actions going against what Marinette or Luka want. Above all else, she wants them to be comfortable, regardless of how hard it is to Screw Destiny.
  • LadyBugOut:
    • The fic diverges from canon when several of Alya's classmates question whether or not Ladybug and Chat Noir were Kissing Under the Influence of Oblivio's mind wipe. Alya knows they didn't have their memories, and that Ladybug was horrified by the picture, but refuses to diverge that information because that makes the kiss less 'romantic'.
    • Adrien also reveals himself as a LadyNoir shipper by declaring that Chat Noir deserved that kiss, regardless of the surrounding circumstances, purely because the two of them are clearly meant to be together. Marinette and several other classmates are disgusted by his lack of respect for Ladybug's feelings on the matter.
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng's Spite Playlist plays this painfully, as Alya and Nino both support the idea of their friends Lila and Adrien getting together... without realizing that Lila is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's mainly interested in Adrien as a social tool. So when she forcibly kisses him to stake her claim, both react with excitement, completely missing his horror.
  • Miraculous Ladybug Salt-Shots criticizes this in several of its stories:
    • ...How Could You? has Alya and Nino lock Marinette and Adrien into a closet while pretending they're being attacked by a supervillain. Marinette has a panic attack; when the pair unlock the door and see her curled up against Adrien, they start preening and gloating over how their plan worked. Neither one bats a lash when Adrien furiously reminds them that he's currently dating Kagami; when Marinette sobs that she'd told Alya she just wanted to work on being friends with him, Alya dismissively declares that she shouldn't "lie to herself" about her real feelings. Both victims are so enraged by their callous behavior that they break off their friendship then and there.
    • In Where You Stand, Marinette and Nino confront Alya on how she uses Doublethink to flicker back and forth between two irreconcilable viewpoints: whenever it suits her purposes, she claims that Marinette is a Stalker with a Crush who gets incredibly jealous of Lila and any other girl who gets too close to Adrien. Yet Alya's supposed "concerns" don't stop her from coming up with all manner of Zany Schemes to "help" them hook up, and she refuses to take no for an answer. Both ask her to pick a side and stick with it.
    • Reflection has Ladybug Shaming the Mob when she takes Nadja and a crowd of LadyNoir shippers to task for how they constantly pester her about when she's going to "accept Chat Noir's feelings". She explictly points out that none of them know anything about either of them, yet have decided her feelings don't matter — Chat Noir wants her, and that's all they care about.
      Ladybug: I could be anyone. I could be your sister. I could be your mother. I could be your boss. Your co-worker. Your wife. Your best friend. Your daughter. How would you feel if someone close to you were getting shipped with a person that they said they had no romantic interest in?
      Nadja: I—
      Ladybug: You'd be disgusted, right? Angry even. You just don't understand why people keep shipping her with someone that they don't like. Why people keep pushing them to be a couple when the feelings are clearly one-sided. Even when she says no. But it's fine. It doesn't matter that we don't know the ages of either hero. Since one hero is clearly interested in the other, they're meant to be. Right? If I was your mother, anyone close to you and you knew my identity — would you continue to ship us? Even if I have a relationship of my own. Would you still ship us and tell me to get together with him even when I don't want to date him and see him strictly as a partner?
  • In Miraculous! Rewrite, Andre the Ice Cream Man becomes a die-hard supporter of Chat Noir/Marinette after she tries to cheer Chat up. This is over both their protests; the fact that Chat loves somebody else — and that Marinette is dating Luka — doesn't matter one whit to him, and their refusal to play along leads to his akumatization.
  • Part of Alya's arc in The One to Make It Stay revolves around deconstructing this type of character:
    • Firstly, she is so eager to see Marinette confess to her crush that she keeps engineering Zany Schemes to help them get together. Not only do these not work (since Status Quo Is God), but they take a toll on Marinette's psyche; each successive failure makes her nervous about trying again and humiliating herself even more. Rather than listening to her friend's concerns, however, Alya perceives this as Marinette simply being too shy to act on her own and needing to be pushed.
      Marinette: But I don't want to confess to Adrien.
      Alya: That's exactly my point. Now come on, Adrien is waiting for you.
    • Even when Marinette spells out for her that she's moved on from her crush and has started dating Luka, Alya rejects that reality by suggesting that she's only dating Luka to make Adrien jealous. She quickly follows that up with attempting to arrange a date between Adrien and Lila, making it look as though she's bounced to another ship. In reality, though, this is Alya's attempt to stage an Operation: Jealousy of her own. Knowing that Marinette dislikes Lila, she hopes to spur her into dumping Luka and chasing after Adrien again after seeing him with her 'rival'.
    • Alya also supports LadyNoir, and kicks off a considerable amount of drama when she secretly films one of Chat's Love Confessions and edits the footage to make it appear that Ladybug reciprocated rather than gently turning him down. She then posts the results on her Ladyblog, encouraging Chat to double down on his entitled behavior... and when Ladybug confronts her about it, insists that she didn't do anything wrong.
  • In Overdose, Marinette slips a drop of love potion into Adrien's food, having been warned that the substance is very potent and more than one drop will cause serious problems. Despite this, Adrien suffers all the symptoms of an overdose several hours later. Why? Because everyone secretly did the same thing, to get together exactly the same couple note , and all of them thought they were the only one doing so. Ten people each administering one drop adds up very very quickly, much to Adrien's displeasure.
  • Deconstructed in Recommencer: After Chat Noir is widely witnessed refusing to help Ladybug against an akuma unless she 'admits that she loves him' first, forcing civilians to step in and assist her instead, he gets forcibly retired. While some are happy to see him gone after he took matters so lightly and harassed his partner, others are distressed — mostly because their beloved LadyNoir is no more. Merch supporting the pairing continues to be sold, and Alya posts an article on her Ladyblog ranting about how 'LadyNoir can still win'.
  • Tales of Karmic Lies Aftermath:
    • Chloé plays with this; she fully expects that Marinette and Luka will get married once they're older. Though she teases them about being Sickeningly Sweethearts, she also offers to help Luka buy a nice ring... while also questioning just what he's spending his royalty money on if he's not setting enough aside for that himself.
    • Alya laments not learning Marinette and Adrien's secret identities sooner, declaring that if she'd only known, she could have made two of her OTPs happen at once. She only stopped shipping it not because Marinette had clearly moved on from her old crush, but because of how Adrien had betrayed her and the rest of the class by refusing to warn them about Lila.
    • Aeon apologizes to Marinette for how she and Jessica got swept up into Alya and Nino's efforts to shove her and Adrien together, having come to realize later that they were being pushy and invasive and didn't really know anything about them, working entirely off of presumptions.
  • In Teaching Lessons, Gabriel Agreste (who in this story is a Secret Secret-Keeper to Adrien and is not Hawk Moth) gives his son advice on how to woo Ladybug.
  • Weight Off Your Shoulder: Future!Alix exploits this to her own ends. When Alya starts questioning her motivations for trying to restore the original timeline, Future!Alix tells her and the rest of the Girl Posse that Marinette and Adrien eventually hooked up. Juleka then points out that Marinette is currently happily dating Luka, wondering if the other girls' priorities are so skewed that they're willing to mess with how things are going for the sake of making their ship sail.
    • Eventually, it turns out that Future!Alix is a shipper herself, hellbent upon forcing Marinette and Adrien to live happily ever after despite seeing numerous Bad Futures where the relationship self-destructs or leads to disasters like Chat Blanc. She refuses to acknowledge that the two might simply be incompatible.
  • What Goes Around Comes Around deconstructs this in several ways:
    • While Alya is well aware that Marinette is dating Luka, she regards him as a 'runner-up prize' and keeps pressuring her to continue pursuing Adrien. Her blithely dismissive attitude towards Luka only serves to alienate Marinette and Juleka, as neither takes kindly to her declaring that Luka is 'nothing special'.
    • Alya is also thrilled when Adrien reveals himself as Chat Noir shortly after Marinette's unmasking, as this means that two of her OTPs are one and the same... which leads to her pressuring Marinette even more. She only backs off after Adrien's Betrayal by Inaction is revealed, making her give up on both ships.
    • This is also Played for Horror with the Agrestes: both decide they're on board with Adrien hooking up with Marinette, but only on their terms — to the point that they plan to make a reality-altering Wish that will merge Adrien and Felix into their idealized son, with Marinette forced to marry him.
    • In the sequel, Truth & Journalism, Andre the Ice Cream Man ruins Marinette and Luka's date by refusing to serve them. Why? Because Luka doesn't fit the description his "magical ice cream" originally predicted would be Marinette's true love, and he insists that she should stick with that first order.


  • Deconstructed in Perfection Is Overrated, in which Bachiko, as well as her accomplice Meiko not only has the opinion that certain characters would be better off with other people, but as a SUE, has the power to make those desired couples a reality.

My Hero Academia

  • Mineta in The Saint and the Sinner ships Izuku and Uraraka, often arranging scenarios where they'll be in each other's company while everyone else is mysteriously distracted by other things.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In The Apprentice, the Student, and the Charlatan:
    • Princess Celestia shows she is well aware of how many ponies who had the titles "Faithful Student" and "Night Apprentice" ended up in lasting romantic relationships, and implies she may or may not have paired two ponies she thought would make a good couple in the past.
    • Trixie, who is The Not-Love Interest to Nova, is quite supportive of Nova and Twilight ending up together, though her method is usually rather antagonistic.
  • Cadance tends to do this in Diaries of a Madman, much to Navarone's frustration.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • In the sequel Diplomat at Large, Cadance, Celestia and the other changeling Queens are all very much in support of Luna and Pharynx as a couple. Later, Discord of all people turns out to approve of Luna and Pharynx as a couple when he appears in chapter 4.
    • During the epilogue of the fourth story, The Diplomat's Life, it's noted that Rarity is dating both her new friend and business partner Gem Polisher, and her employee Coco Pommel, and that Spike is supportive of all of them, feeling that Gem Polisher is good for Rarity and Rarity's good for Coco. To say nothing of the fact that Velvet managed to help find someone for Celestia.
  • In Duel Nature, both Luna and Reinolds can tell that Twilight Sparkle and Bronze Bell are interested each other, and encourage Twilight to do something about it.
  • Earth and Sky: Rarity plays matchmaker for Applejack and Soarin' and Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak, and takes things to almost Chessmaster levels of planning.
  • The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds: Applejack and Mike actively try and play matchmaker between Fluttershy and Big Macintosh (AJ's actually been trying for years, hampered by Fluttershy's shyness and Big Mac not feeling good enough for her). Granny Smith eventually gets in on the act, complaining that the two of them have been laying it on too thick.
    • Big Mac appears to be this for Caramel (Big Mac, AJ and Applebloom's cousin in the fanfic) and Blues Noteworthy.
  • The My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fic Everyone Ships Twilight is based around this - Twilight admits to her family that she's gay, which they'd already figured out, and that she's dating Rainbow Dash. Then she finds out they and a few others all shipped her with people other than her actual girlfriend (the exception was Vice-Principal Luna, who'd actually seen Rainbow asking Twilight out). Specifically:
    • Night Light thought she was with Applejack.
    • Twilight Velvet thought she was with Fluttershy.
    • Shining Armor had money on Pinkie.
    • Cadance figured on Sunset.
    • Principal Celestia thought she was with Rarity.
      • In the final chapter, Twilight finds out her friends all had their own ideas:
    • Sunset, before she knew Twilight preferred girls, shipped her with Flash Sentry.
    • Applejack thought Indigo Zap from Crystal Prep had a thing for Twilight. Twilight points out that Indigo's straight and has a boyfriend.
    • Pinkie doesn't exactly ship it and recognizes that it's really more of a sisterly relationship, but she thinks it's sweet how Cadance treats Twilight. Twilight informs her that while she can understand how Pinkie might think that way, Cadance is with Twilight's brother Shining Armor.
    • Fluttershy thinks the two Twilights would make a good couple.
    • Rarity ships everyone, Twilight included, with herself.
  • Flash Fog: Rarity, and to a lesser extent Rainbow Dash, decides to help things along between Fluttershy and Pencil Pusher.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles:
    • Princess Cadance has been trying to get Flash and Twilight together for years.
    • Once Rainbow's mom, Windy Whistles, meets Soarin and realizes how close he and Rainbow are she becomes ecstatic at her daughter dating a Wonderbolt and even begins fantasizing about their wedding, much to Rainbow's embarrassment.
  • In Friendship is Witchcraft, Twilight Sparkle wrote a 70 chapter fanfic about "Applesack" and "Charity", and forces the two to act it out for her.
  • Spike becomes this in parts of It Takes a Village, first prodding Fluttershy and Big Macintosh together. In the epilogue he's finding a new date for Rarity and also working on getting together Pinkie Pie and Caramel.
  • In Magnetism, Rarity apparently starts shipping Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash after hearing about their awkward bath together.
    • Apparently is replaced with blatantly in the last chapter when she and Pinkie try to erect a banner with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's face with a heart between them outside the Golden Oaks Library. Applejack, however, talks them into taking it down before either shipped pony can see it.
  • Quite literally in The Meaning of Harmony, as the Mane Five reveal that they know about the attraction between Sunset and Twilight and support it wholeheartedly, while on the deck of a boat as they head over to the Forge in Hippocampus Bay.
  • In The Melting Pot, a good part of the action is set off by Pinkie Pie telling Lyra and Bon-Bon they make a cute couple just before going on a trip. In the final chapter, Pinkie turns out to be subtly setting up several budding romances between background characters from the show.
  • Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy for Applejack and Rainbow Dash in Morning Glory. They slip them the Apples' "honeymoon cider" which was meant for Fluttershy, not that she needed it.
  • The Nuptialverse: A Running Gag in Families is that Pinkie Pie is convinced that Applejack and Twilight are in denial about their true feelings for each other.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell:
    • In the sequel Picking Up the Pieces, Sweet Surprise recognizes that Gentle Step has feelings for Memorizing Gaze that run deeper than friendship, and is in favor of the relationship. In chapter 12, Page Turner also informs Memorizing that she fully supports them. Memorizing's brothers are also in favor when they find out.
    • In the first omake chapter, Reel fully supports Gentle Step/Memorizing Gaze as a couple.
  • In the Ponies of Olympus series, as revealed in Atlas Strongest Tournament, Sweetie Belle ships Spike with her sister, while Apple Bloom ships him with Scootaloo.
  • It's shown during Shining Armor's flashback arc in the Pony POV Series that Cadence's hoofmaidens and at least some of Shining's squadmates shipped the two of them prior to their getting together. And they weren't subtle about it. At all.
    • Shining and Cadence themselves both get their own, more mild, examples of this — Cadence is working with the hoofmaidens to set up Private Running Gag and Private Garnet Chambers, while Shining has said on a couple of occasions that Captive Audience is the stallion he feels would be the best match for Twilight.
  • Pinkie Pie ships Rainbow Dash and Sunny Breeze in Racer and the Geek.
  • In RealityCheck's Nyxverse, Nyx (and all of Twilight's friends) are this for her and Ink Spot. And then it turns out that Celestia engineered their meeting, because she remembered that Ink Spot is Twilight's type.
  • Cadance in the The Royal Family blog has had an obsession with shipping ponies that dates back to fillyhood.
  • Shipping and Handling''s basic plot is that, currently employed as a matchmaker, Derpy Hooves has to play Shipper on Deck for each of her assignments (with her first being Spike asking for an excuse for private time with Rarity).
  • Taken up to eleven in with Rarity in the fanfic Shipping Goggles. Rarity apparently has a pair of shipping goggles welded to her head, as even the most innocent of interactions is treated as prime shipping fuel by the white unicorn, much to the frustration of Twilight, who can see Rarity shipping their friends.
  • Sunsplit Saga: Sunset for Sunburst and Starlight, in multiple stories:
    • In Sunsplit, such as by bringing up that Starlight had nice legs.
    • In Sunshipped, Sunset Shimmer visits Equestria to ask Starlight Glimmer a question:
      "Hey, Glimglim—can I call you Glimglim? I've got a serious important question for you. Why aren't you snogging Sunburst yet?".
  • Parodied in Tealove's Steamy Adventure. Big Jim the cave troll captures the ponies and treats them like toys. This includes shouting "SHIP PONAYS!" as he picks up Tealove and Snowcatcher, then tries to make them kiss. The other pony, Libra (who's not entirely right in the head), immediately agrees that they have such great chemistry together.
  • This is the entire premise of the fanmade card game Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder. There's also an expansion pack which makes Discord the author instead.


  • Tsunade and Hanabi ship NaruHina in A Growing Affection. Tsunade offers to train Naruto and Hinata together, partly to help them get stronger, but also to give them a reason to spend time together. Hanabi is more than willing to run interference for Hinata with their family, at least until she gets angry at Naruto for an unrelated incident.
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!: Sakura and Naruto are this towards their friends. Sakura is especially fervent in her shipping of Lee/Tenten, and it's stated that the two best friends were responsible for Chouji/Karui and Kiba/Tamaki.
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, an odd variant of this happens when Ronan's girlfriend Sakura, meets Atni for the first time (While Sakura was dead after being killed by the Council, Ronan met Atni and had sex with her several times).
  • Kushina in New Chance. Considering how when she died she became a ghost that hovered around Naruto until Time Travel and a resurrection happened, she tries to make him happy and thusly ships NaruHina. To an unhealthy degree. If Minato wasn't around reminding her the two are only 12 and stopping some of her more blatant or outlandish attempts to get them together, she'd be giving both a Shotgun Wedding.
  • Quite a few for different pairings in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • Ino actively ships Naruto and Hinata, even playing The Matchmaker to get the two of them together. Kabuto and Sasuke likewise approve of the two becoming an item, with Kabuto setting things up so Naruto and Hinata will dance together at the Hyuga family's annual ball, and Sasuke remarking, on seeing them dancing, that they look good together.
    • Both Hinata and Minato pair Yugito with Itachi; Hinata says at one point that she'd like to be the maid of honor at their wedding, and Minato frequently drops hints that Itachi should pursue Yugito.
    • Itachi seems to approve of Sasuke being with Sakura, at one point suggesting to his brother to ask the pink-haired girl out.
    • Lee enthusiastically ships Neji and Tenten, even despite Neji's loud protests that Tenten is only a classmate.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles:
    • When Naruto was too shy to talk to Hinata, Iruka helped him by telling him to go on a date with her and to treat it like an A-Rank mission. He then mentally noted that Naruto must really like Hinata given that he's never been a shy guy before, not even with Sakura.
    • Sakura expresses some happiness over seeing Naruto asking Hinata to go on a date with him for the first time, while Ino says "This is great, you guys." to Naruto and Hinata. Ino also gives Naruto some advice on where to take Hinata for that date. Granted, she does so while calling him an idiot for not having thought about it in the first place, but she just wants what's best for her friends.
    • In Chapter 4, Sakura teases Kiba over Mina's feelings for him, telling him to give Mina a chance regardless of how weird she is.
    • When Iruka visited Hotaru at the hospital, Ino could tell there was something between them. After they become a couple, Ino becomes quite enthusiastic at the idea of these two getting married, even before either Iruka or Hotaru brings it up.
    • After Hanabi tells Hinata that she ended up punching Konohamaru earlier that day out of nervousness, Hinata reassures her younger sister by telling her that he will likely forgive her because, much like Naruto, he's "very sweet, very kind and always forgiving." Later, during the Chunin Exam's final phase, Konohamaru ends up sitting next to Hanabi, much to the latter's happiness. When Hinata arrives, the boy assumes that he stole her seat, only for Hinata to tell him he can keep that seat, finding it cute that they made up.
    • Gaara notices how happy Temari is whenever Shikamaru is present. When the latter is leaving Suna alongside Naruto, Gaara encourages his sister to properly say goodbye to Shikamaru, making Temari realize that her feelings must have been quite obvious.
    • When Gai and Lee are about to leave a karaoke bar, the former notices Arekusu's disappointment. Quickly realizing she's attracted to Lee, he tells his student to stay and keep her company.
    • When Ino nervously admits to her aunt Hotaru that Choji is her boyfriend, her aunt tells them that they "are cute as a pair."
    • After learning that Kei allowed Sai to touch her breasts, Mina suggests to the former that maybe she should date him.
  • Of the River and the Sea has the Mumei, who are quite invested in the relationships between the Kiri no Kaijuu and how it will pan out. Beyond that, Haku ships Zabuza/Ryuishi because they're basically his parents, Itachi - by Word of God - ships Kisame/Ryuishi because they were the only ones to have sympathy for him after the massacre, Sakura ships Kakashi/Ryuishi because she thinks it's so romantic and Hanako ships Zabuza/Kisame because she outright worships Ryuishi and doesn't believe in Divine Date.
    • On a more serious note, the Hidden Mist would like to use Ryuishi's political, social and economical influence and power, which could be attained by marrying her to a high-ranking, loyal Kiri operative. Such as Zabuza - one of the Seven Swordsmen - who happened to be very close with Ryuishi.
  • Son of the Sannin:
    • Shizune quickly picks up that Hinata has a crush on Naruto, so she gives her a little push to get the two to play together on a swing and become friends.
    • Kaida and Hagane yell at Naruto to not hurt Hinata too much during their match in the Chūnin Exam finals or else she won't marry him.
    • Hinata's mother also picks up on how much her daughter tries to impress Naruto, and encourages her to continue doing so. She also notices that Neji has seem to have taken a liking to Karin.
    • Hanabi is very supportive of her sister's relationship with Naruto, something she makes it very clear to Toneri when she faces him.
    • Both Kiba and Tamaki give Shino a thumbs up when he starts developing feelings for Fu. In turn, they are shipped by Hinata and Haku.
    • Hashirama, of all people, is all too happy to welcome Shisui to his family.
    • By Chapter 72, Ino regularly brings Sai to train with her team, and Shikamaru and Choji already consider them a couple.
  • True Potential:
    • Both Shikamaru and Anko ship Naruto and Hinata, with the former two each having at least one instance where they decide to Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone. Kurotsuchi is also in favor of Naruto and Hinata ending up together, as shown during the final part of the Konoha Chūnin Exams.
    • Naruto and Hinata themselves ship Shikamaru with Kurotsuchi, with the former two teasing their teammate over his feelings towards her. Even his parents already assume before meeting her that she's his girlfriend when he invites her for dinner.
  • In the one-shot Vessel of Love, while in Sakura's hospital room, Naruto and Sasuke have a conversation where the latter learns that the former still hasn't responded to Hinata's Love Confession. Not only does Sasuke criticize Naruto for not talking to her, but when Hinata enters the room, he elbows his friend in the gut and gives him a look that the narration describes as "Here's your chance you cowardly idiot. You better take it or I'll beat the living shit out of you."

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: A good number of characters ship Shinji and Asuka together.
    • Their Avaloni allies and friends (including the freaking God Emperors of the place) spent a bunch of chapters encouraging them to get over their fears and traumas and trying to get together.
    • The returned members of the Evangelion cast (Misato, Kaji, Hikaru, Touji...) were happy to see them together.
    • When they met Rei and Kaworu the latter smiled when he saw Shinji and Asuka holding hands. The former... not so much.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • Misato shipped Shinji and Asuka together (the fic started as a one-shot story where Misato encouraged Shinji to win Asuka over and gave him tips). Kaji also ships them together. The hilarious part is how Shinji and Asuka are now acting as they used to and leaving them to just assume that the pilots are still deep in the Belligerent Sexual Tension phase, when they are in fact very together.
    • Exaggerated with Rei. To her, Shinji and Asuka's romance is the single most beautiful thing in the world, and she would do anything to make sure that they can be happy together. Merely implying that you might be a threat to that is a Berserk Button for her (as Kaworu quickly found out).
    • Shinji and Asuka also ship their best friends Touji and Hikari. And after getting over her crush (in part thanks to Shinji), Asuka encouraged Misato to going out with Kaji. And then the two of them toy around with the idea of shipping Rei with Kaworu (after making sure that he isn't a SEELE spy).
  • EVA Sessions: Someplace Vast and Dry: Rei often teases Asuka over the latter's not-so-secret lingering feelings for her brother Shinji.
  • Evangelion 303:
    • Jessika shipped Shinji and Asuka together despite being in love with Asuka.
    • Gendo also ships Shinji and Asuka... or at least he is not willing to interfere with his son's love life (as long as it does not interfere with his plans, at least).
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Misato ships Shinji and Asuka together. After they get together she organizes trips for them and sometimes she asks when they will get married.
  • A Glass of Wine: After the mission in the volcano, Misato points to Asuka that Shinji also feels phantom pains after every mission as part of a scheme to put them together.
  • HERZ: Rei supported Shinji/Asuka and made sure that they got together and became happy.
  • Long Time No See: Shinji ships his son Kenji with Toji and Hikari's daughter, Hanako. On the other hand, Kenji's mother thinks Hanako is a brat, and a polite, nice girl as Hanako's sister Shizuka would be much better for him.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide:
    • Hikari ships Shinji and Asuka together.
    • Misato also ships Shinji and Asuka, although she'd settle for them learning how to get along well.
  • For a time in Neon Metathesis Evangelion, Asuka shipped Shinji and Rei together, partially because all three have feelings for each other and she wants to solve her dilemma by pairing them up so she can bow out.
  • Nobody Dies: Rei was apparently shipping Shinji/Asuka ten years before the three of them even met each other. She also somehow hooked up Toji and Hikari during the unseen Third Angel fight, and now claims to be shipping Shinji/Asuka's and Toji/Hikari's hypothetical future children. This seems to be a universal trait among the Ree (they all ship Shinji/Asuka, except Zyuu, who wants Shinji for herself), and Lilith herself seems to ship everyone/everyone as part of her desire for babies.
  • Once More With Feeling (Crazy-88): Shinji tries (and manages) to hook up Touji and Hikari. He also tries to set Rei up with Kensuke. Kaji also gives tips to Shinji for winning Asuka over. In addition to these straight examples, there's an interesting inversion: Obviously Shinji is not against Kaji and Misato hooking up, but after telling Kaji how his death left Misato devastated in the original timeline, Kaji decides to stop flirting with her until the Angels, Gendo and SEELE are all safely defeated, not wanting her to be heartbroken if he dies again.
  • In The Second Try:
    • Misato is a Shinji/Asuka shipper. Ironically she doesn’t know that they already got together.
    • Hikari tries to hint to Shinji that Asuka likes him. Ironically she doesn’t know that he’s quite aware of it since he's her husband.
    • Shinji and Asuka ship Touji and Hikari -and played matchmaker for them successfully-, and they secretly ship Misato and Kaji.

Odd Squad

  • Full Circle: Olympia and Oona embody this trope to such an extent that shipping is Serious Business for them. They even engage in war via full-on invoked Ship-to-Ship Combat at one point, with Oona wielding a projector and Olympia wielding a binder as weapons, which Oprah and Otis have both witnessed numerous times before. Oona ships Olive and Oscar, who are actually Amicable Exes, while Olympia ships Olive and Otto, who have a sibling-like relationship. Of course, since this is a story about Olive and Oscar, Oona ends up on top, which leaves Olympia bitter.

Once Upon a Time


  • In One Year, Hitomi ships Yu Narukami, one of her old friends, with her best friend, Sakura Takahashi, to the point at which this is one reason Hitomi doesn't go after him herself, the other being that she's in an Arranged Marriage. Unfortunately for Hitomi, Yu fell in love with Yukiko while he was in Inaba, and so has to turn down everyone else.
  • In Wings of Rebellion, there's not just one, but ten people shipping Akechi and Akira. There's Sojiro, who's the first to notice Akechi's feelings and to ship them, then all the Phantom Thieves (except Makoto if only because she's not interested in those kinds of things), then Caroline and Justine, and then, last but not least, Akira's mom of all people.


  • Lilia from the remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire returns in Dating a Team Magma Grunt and is introduced by Brendan to his girlfriend. While it is tame at first, and she admits her plan to get the Magma and Aqua Grunts to compete in a competition for Brendan was more out of hosting a contest with more participants rather than shipping him with a specific girl, she's clearly loving the moment he and the Magma Grunt share their first kiss.
  • All over the place in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Ash's Pikachu apparently ships his trainer with Serena, given his reaction to finding out that he actually kept in contact with her this time around. The sidestory focused on their first meeting shows that Ash and Serena's respective mothers approve of them becoming close, and Gary quickly picks up that Serena is smitten with Ash.
      • That said, Pikachu seems to be in favour of the idea of Ash getting involved with any or all of his major travelling companions, to the point that he expresses disgust at the idea that May or Dawn could have been interested in Drew or Kenny back in the original timeline.
    • Misty's Psyduck frequently encourages her to "mate" with Ash, and her Gyarados later agrees, Ash's courage and his dedication to her having impressed him. Several characters, like the Team Rocket trio, Paul and Giselle assumed that Misty was Ash's girlfriend upon seeing them together. Meanwhile, Iris admits to being attracted to Ash, but she makes it clear she wouldn't mind sharing him with Misty, and is shown to be quite happy when they share romantic moments.
    • In the Arnold Interlude side story, Arnold's mom Anna is quick to see Laila as a potential daughter-in-law.
    • At the end of the Jeanette Interlude, A.J's Sandslash and Jeanette's Bellsprout quickly pick up that their trainers have become attracted to one another, and agree to help them get together during a special occasion during Valentine's Day or Christmas.
  • In Pokemon: Shadow of Time, it is noted that most of Ash's Kanto/Johto team were in favour of Ash and Misty getting together while most of his Hoenn team favoured a relationship between Ash and May. While his Sinnoh and Unova teams haven't expressed a preference for Ash's potential partner yet, his Kalos team all act as though the very idea of Ash not knowing Serena in some way breaks a fundamental law of the universe, while Goomy is all for the idea of Ash mating with Serena or having multiple other mates as Goomy's evolutionary line are apparently naturally polygamous.
    • Interestingly, Pikachu himself has expressed no preference, having explicitly mused at one point that he just wants 'Ashlings' to play with in his old age.
  • Taro, Lucille's talking doll in Tales of Faith, loves shipping the members of the Crystal Bearers together, much to their embarrassment (or annoyance). He ships Luca/Vanille, Arturo/Natalia, Cress/Irvine, and even he could see the slightly blossoming relationship of Elazul/Marian after meeting the two. He ships Luca/Vanille the most that throughout the final arc, he enjoys watching them squirm and blush.

Power Rangers

  • This is pretty much the entire point of Of Love and Bunnies. All of the original Power Rangers and, eventually, all of the Rangers want Tommy and Kim to get back together.
  • Practically everyone in Power Rangers GPX ships Red Ranger Sean and Yellow Ranger Maria (except for Pink Ranger Hitomi). They (Sean and Maria) eventually get together. Maria in turn, ships Gold Ranger Ritchie and his Love Interest Janet Redwater and former antagonists-turned good guys Arquen and Eruvanda, who are already in a relationship.


  • Eventually in Old West, Priscilla asks Teddy if his mother Grace is going to be married to Rattlesnake Jake. Having never had a father for his entire life, the boy finds himself liking the idea of his loving mother and the outlaw he admires together and starts getting ideas for how to make that happen.


  • at least it was here: Everyone knows that Pyrrha has a crush on Jaune, and quickly realize that Jaune likewise has a crush on Pyrrha before he manages to realize it himself. Nora tries to get them together, but both Jaune and Pyrrha are convinced that the other isn't interested in dating them and refuse to even bring up the idea out of fear of ruining their friendship, with Jaune in particular seeing Nora's instance that he confess to be a cruel joke at his expense; especially after he misunderstands a series of conversations and comes to believe that Pyrrha is dating Weiss.
  • A blogger rewrote Can You Feel The Love Tonight from a shipper's perspective — specifically, that of Nora Valkyrie as she spies on Jaune and Pyrrha.
    The sweet caress of twilight
    There’s magic everywhere
    And with all this romantic atmosphere-
    God, why don’t they just kiss?!
  • Children of Remnant: Yang encourages Pyrrha to tell Jaune about her feelings for him, hoping that by stepping up and taking charge then Jaune will be all for it. It gets much more complicated when she realizes that Blake is also in love with him.
  • Cinderella And Prince Charming: Salem, of all people, finds Cinder/Jaune to be adorable, and keeps offering suggestions to get them closer.
  • In Your Wildest Dreams: Downplayed. When Jaune starts talking about his love life, Ren admits that he's a bit surprised that he's dating Yang, as he always assumed that Jaune would have started dating Ruby in a year or so if Pyrrha still proved unable to confess her feelings by then. When a confused Jaune asks him to explain, he points out that the two have a very close friendship and that Jaune is the only guy close to her age that Ruby regularly interacts with.
  • The fic Matchmaking Madness has all of Team RWBY as this for Jaune and Pyrrha; all four of them attempt a Zany Scheme to get the two to hook up. While all of their attempts fail, the two still end up becoming a couple, thanks to the efforts of Cardin, who happens to be this for them as well.
  • The RWBY Loops has Ruby react to any ship with glee, so long as it doesn't involve her. It's implied she does this mostly to combat her own loneliness during loops where nobody else is present, and generally avoids causing issues for actual relationships.
  • RWBY: Reckoning has Blake and Ruby supporting Yang and Darrel's attraction to each other. Blake outright states that the two would make a cute couple.
  • Weiss very much ships Ruby with Aero in Shard and isn't to happy with the failed attempts to push them together during the day at the beach chapter.
  • Trials of a Workaholic features Yang and Blake shipping, with rather more vehemence than most examples.
    "I will kill both of you!” Pyrrha snapped as she covered her phone. “With my bare hands!”
  • Weiss Reacts has Yang for Ruby and Weiss. Due to the events of the Music Festival, the pair becomes a reality as of chapter 72 of Volume 1.
  • Exaggerated in the fic Team RWBY: Master Matchmakers, where Ruby is so hell-bent on getting Jaune and Pyrrha together that she convinces the entire student body to help her.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Salem ships Jaune with any female who gets close to him—not generally, but specifically. One chapter has her studying all his potential suitors and coming up with reasons why he should choose each one. Then she decides he can just Marry Them All. Jaune disagrees, and is in a monogamous relationship with Yang, though he eventually has children with both her and Ruby.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • A New Life Era: "The Hacker" is this for his son. He eventually gets his way.

Star Trek

  • Star Trek: Mirror implies that Uhura is this for Kirk and Spock following her apparent break-up with the latter.
  • Most of the humour in the fic Written in the Stars (in which the Kirks of both realities have been gender flipped) comes from Kirk Prime trying to get her counterpart to hook up with Spock. This is justified in that Kirk Prime and Spock Prime were married in their own reality, and Kirk Prime just wants her counterpart to be happy. She succeeds.
  • The Wrong Reflection has Eleya's family, for her and Gaarra. Note that at this point Eleya and Gaarra are already together, but they're keeping the relationship a secret for legal reasons.
    Kanril Torvo: So, when are you two getting married? (Spit Take from Eleya)


  • In Her Fractured Spirit, one of the main characters ends up gawking at how close Pearl and Marina seem to be when stumbling into them during their private lives and blurts out that she ships them. Of course, they are secretly dating, which she learns a few seconds later.


  • Hellsister Trilogy: Kara ships Clark and Lois and is glad when they finally get married. Kara admitted to Lois she attempted get them together previously.
    Kara: But I finally told Lois about how I'd tried to get her and him together once, without showing my hand, and she cracked up. She said, 'That's just like what he'd do! You're a real member of the family, all right.'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Total Drama

  • A large segment of Noah/Cody stories are about someone, usually Izzy, trying to hook them up.
  • In A Codette World Tour, DJ notices Cody and Bridgette's developing feelings for each other and roots for the two of them to get together (as well as occasionally teasing Bridgette about it). Noah also observes Cody's growing crush on Bridgette and even makes a bet with Cody that the two will hook up by the end of the season.
  • Total Drama Comeback Series has a couple of examples:


  • In the Black Crayons series, Annabelle Lennox is waiting rather impatiently for Ironhide and Chromia to realize they belong together.
  • In Things We Don't Tell Humans, Optimus Prime is this for Bumblebee and Barricade, and perhaps for Sam and Carly, too. Jazz and Prowl have a whole fleet of shippers, consisting of their son, Jazz’ parents, Ratchet, Optimus and Elita, Megatron, Terratron, and likely more. Prowl, in turn, ships Ratchet and Wheeljack.
  • In Thundercracker's Glory, Glory catches on that Thundercracker and Skywarp's friendship may be something more, and ends up locking them in a closet together until they confess their feelings for each other.


  • In Ripples, Queen Weira is shown to constantly be hoping that Phobos and Van will have a Relationship Upgrade, even at one point mentally referring to the latter as her "future daughter-in-law".

World of Warcraft

  • Horde Champion: Nathanos, funnily enough. He can see very quickly that Sylvanas has feelings for Anevay and subtly pushes her to pursue the Champion.


  • X-Men: The Early Years: Initially, the guys all agree Jean is off limits. At the end of the story, though, Hank encourages Scott to tell Jean how he feels.


  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series
    • Mostly in episode 60 and brought back in 73, Tristan has this to say about Joey and Kaiba, who are dueling each other at the time:
    Tristan: JUST F**K ALREADY!


  • The Gaang Jr. fan-project gives us Yi Lin, a walking riff on the Avatar fandom's shipping community. She's obsessed with other people's love lives and hides all her collected "Proof" in a book supposedly about...well, ships. She's a Tyzula fangirl in particular, although she can't get other people to see it (and if they ever do see it, they're not going to tell her since it would just make her harder to live with). Fittingly, she refuses to see that there's something going on between Irah and Hayoda.
  • In the Hetalia: Axis Powers/Ace Attorney crossover Turnabout Hero, Hungary seems interested in shipping Edgeworth and Phoenix. At one point, she even snaps a picture of them sitting together and thinks it's cute. Given that it's Hungary, no ones surprised.
  • In the Ranma ½ Elsewhere Fic Boy Scouts ½, Kirstin Porter ships her older sister Sarah with Matthew Atanian, who holds unrequited affection for her.
  • In this The Most Popular Girls in School fanfic, Date, Trisha ships Mackenzie/Brittnay.
  • As of Chapter 22 of Infinity, Amaterasu is a supporter of Susanoo/Fate. Neither of them were terribly happy about it.
  • In all knights are gallant and all maids are beautiful, Tyrion very much ships his sister Jaime with Ser Bryn of Tarth, because he's a Knight In Shining Armour who will give her the love and respect she deserves.
  • blue like a prison, a kiss and a dream has Jaime's sentient armor shipping him with Bart Allen, blatantly wondering why they haven't mated yet. Poor Jaime objects again and again to mating on the grounds that Bart is only thirteen.
  • Many Grojband fics have Kin and Kon as this for Corey and Laney, half making fun of the two for denying their obvious feelings for each other and half eagerly awaiting the day the two officially confess their love to each other.