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  • In a commercial for Capri Sun Organic Fruit Punch, a Marshall plush puts out a fire caused by a little girl's pet iguana.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The show has been mentioned at a few major awards ceremonies:
    • During the opening monologue of the 2018 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel joked that Timothée Chalamet was "missing PAW Patrol to be here tonight".
    • At the 2018 Emmys, John Oliver said that his 3-year-old son Hudson hates his show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and prefers PAW Patrol.
  • The George Floyd blackout controversy that occured on the show's social media accounts was referenced on multiple news shows. Most notably, FOX News played a clip from "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save The Royal Kitties", one of the two episodes that would later be pulled in response to the backlash.
  • There are two references in Thumb Wrestling Federation, one is Scoutmaster Scott who is voiced by Vincent Tong imitating Mayor Humdinger and a scene in a season 3 episode where the Sinistras attack Face-Off Phil.
  • In the Alone Together episode "Daypassers", Dean complains that Esther has been recording too many episodes of PAW Patrol on the DVR.
  • In the first part of The Jim Gaffigan Show episode "No Good Deed", Jim watches this show during a meeting with his manager.
  • On an February 2019 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John said that he never really watches the news and had to watch PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups non-stop during his hiatus.
    • Another episode claimed that PAW Patrol was authoritarian propaganda, referencing a viral article about authoritarian themes in that show as well as Thomas & Friends.
  • In the Superstore episode "Quinceañera", a table based on this show is seen for sale.
  • An episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes referenced the show's authoritatian themes, likely in response to the then-recent "All Dogs Go to Heaven Except For Those Class Tratiors In The PAW Patrol" meme circulating the Internet.
  • In the This Is Us episode "So Long, Marianne", Kate compares Police Academy 3 to the show.
  • The series is mentioned multiple times on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon because his daughters are fans of the show. One of the most notable references was when the characters were put into a trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Bonus points since it contains Foreshadowing to the Mighty Pups movie and its' following sub-series.
  • In the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode "Kimmy Bites An Onion!", Zach says he likes quoting the show to calm himself down.

    Web Original 
  • The React video "Do Teens Know 90's Snacks?" features some of the teens getting a PAW Patrol Wonder Ball. One teen is seen playing with the Chase figurine that came inside theirs.

    Western Animation 
  • In Robot Chicken the episode "Cheese Puff Mountain" has a spoof of the show where the characters have to stop a 9/11-esque disaster.
  • In South Park "Dead Kids" Cartman protects himself from a shooter by using a PAW Patrol lunchbox.
  • In the Duncanville episode “Undacuva Mutha”, one of the police-related DVDs Annie burns after having her dreams of being a police officer crushed is a PAW Patrol DVD box set.

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