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Narm / Kingdom Hearts

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For instant Narm, just add Goofy.

Kingdom Hearts has some unironically funny moments. But there are some... awkward moments that can make players cringe. Most of the fanbase see these as Narm Charm though.

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  • The entire premise of Kingdom Hearts can be this to those unfamilar to the series. You have spiky-haired anime characters fighting demons and having amazing, visually orgasmic anime clashes with magic keyblades, Single Stroke Battles, Instant Runes, flashy Criss Cross Attacks, and suddenly... Mickey Mouse.
  • A lot of the dialogue that Goofy and Donald deliver unfortunately ends up coming across as this due to the way their voices sound. You wouldn't expect Donald and Goofy's voices of all things to be added for dramatic tension.
  • Pretty much any time a serious character says Goofy's name out loud, or when anyone says his name out loud in a serious scene.
  • It seems there is a pattern that if the character doesn't have a high quality facial model even if the situation needs it, the scene is ruined. Well, in that case, Donald and Goofy's HQ facial models are underused so much in the first game, that any time they talk, they look so blank. This scene (Video link skips to 6:35) from the original Kingdom Hearts is one of the worst examples. It seems like they were trying to be sad, since they're leaving Sora because Riku has the Keyblade, but couldn't the creators at least make their models frown?
    • Thankfully, it's not as common in later titles.
    • Another major source of narm is that these static faces default to having a huge grin, especially notable with Disney characters like Sora and Simba. The Lion King characters are especially bad in this regard, with huge permanently frozen face splitting grins.
  • Anytime you enter a serious cutscene wielding a ridiculous Keyblade. You can lock Keyblades with Roxas, who has one of the coolest-looking Keyblades around, with a freaking candy cane.
    • Dream Drop Distance offers plenty of slick-looking Keyblades...if you care to unlock them. Otherwise, have fun entering the final scenes waving this.
  • Mena Süvari's performance as Aerith. To say her delivery is lifeless, even for someone who died in her own game, would be an understatement.
  • The series is very averse to having Non Player Characters around, usually only having a half-dozen or so per world and they're always named characters important to the story. This can lead to positively ridiculous scenarios when there aren't crowds of people when there should be, such as the ball of Cinderella or the Festival of Fools for The Hunchback of Notre Dame — it's just the four or five plot important characters in an empty room/field. This screenshot about sums it up. Sometimes the game attempts to Hand Wave this by explaining the absence of others (they fled from the Heartless or other villains, they were turned into Heartless, they're all scared and staying inside, etc.), but more often it doesn't bother. Thankfully III finally averted this by populating the worlds with extras. Dark Road would further attempt to justify this by explaining that the restoration process the worlds had to go through after being destroyed in the Keyblade War restores the people last, and since time flows differently in each world, some of them haven't been completely restored yet.

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 
  • In Re:Chain of Memories, there's a scene where Sora goes into his random, hands-behind-head, head-tilted-forth pose, he looks directly into the camera and smiles while saying "I guess there's no way we'll forget our most important memories!" This is such an Anviliciously unsubtle way of indicating that yes, they will forget their most important memories that it's hilarious!
  • This exchange between Riku and the Riku Replica, courtesy of really poor writing/translating.
    Riku Replica: I'm you.
    Riku: No, I'M me!
    Riku Replica: "I'm me," he says. Must be nice being real. A fake like me could never get away with saying that.
  • After Larxene fights with Sora for the first time, he's obviously supposed to be having a bit of a break down largely due to the things she said before she disappeared, but its hard not to laugh because he swings the Keyblade around so awkwardly he looks like he's losing his balance.
  • Though the scene in Destiny Islands with the two Naminés was supposed to reveal how Naminé tampered with Sora's memories of the place, she could have done a lot better than 'No, Sora! Don't believe me!'

    Kingdom Hearts II 
  • Due to Gameplay Story Segregation, we have a scene where Kairi and Riku are both wielding Keyblades and having trouble...against common Shadow Heartless. Kairi swings at a Shadow and misses badly, while Riku swings twice only to have the Shadow dodge by jumping over his head BOTH TIMES.
  • While use of Totally Radical language is a rich, deep well of Narm in itself, most fans agree that this is the worst/best.
  • The reenactments of some movies were pretty ridiculous, too. Especially Pirates of the Caribbean (because of bad animation) and the flashback in The Lion King. Young Simba's model looks like he's perpetually smiling. Which makes him look awfully stupid. While watching his father's death.
    • Most of the lion characters' models look wrong. Their eyes don't focus, and their facial expressions never change. Scar in particular always looks like he's on drugs since he's always got his trademark evil grin as his permanent expression, to the point that his horror at seeing Simba (or Mufasa as he initially believed in the movie) looks more like joy.
    • The climactic scene of Simba hanging off the tip of Pride Rock before Scar's Just Between You and Me moment doesn't seem so climactic when you take into account that, were Scar to throw Simba down, he would not really be falling that great a height and, unlike in the movie, the whole place is not on fire. In regular gameplay you can jump off of the clip to no ill repercussions. The fact that after the cutscene you can find some NPC lionesses just calmly walking around the base of Pride Rock and spouting some Welcome to Corneria lines instead of, you know, helping out the son of their previous ruler who is fighting the guy who killed the aforementioned previous ruler doesn't help at all. Add into the lack of flames in Simba and Scar's final clash.
    • Another example is how they reenacted the Show Some Leg scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas. They throw Sally's leg in front of Oogie before he could kill Santa Claus. Like a friggin' bone.
    • There is a reenactment of a scene from Mulan where Shan Yu runs down the mountain alongside his soldiers on horseback. This time, there are no horses and instead of human soldiers, he runs alongside the Heartless. Okay. That's cool... but of all the Heartless to choose from, they chose Rapid Thrusters and no others. The scene is so underwhelming and it's just ridiculous seeing Shan Yu fiercely running down the mountain with these guys behind him.
      • What makes it even worse is that it's not like there's, ya know, an entire ARMY of them, which might look kind of impressive, but there's maybe two dozen at most, and the cutscene plays it out like this is a serious threat, when the ensuing battle consists of Sora basically slaughtering them until the timer runs out.
      • The manga fixed this a bit: Shan Yu arrived with human soldiers first, but then they appear to be blown up semi-offscreen by the Imperial Army's fireworks. After this, the Rapid Thrusters emerge from the smoke, suggesting that those Heartless were Shan Yu's human soldiers.
    • Speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean, the original PS2 remix of "He's a Pirate" counts. It sounds very badly synthesized and way too upbeat for the world you're in. In a world that's all about fighting pirate zombies and sailing dangerous waters, a remix like this is simply unfitting. Thankfully, the 2.5 remix sounds a lot closer to the original.
  • There's a scene where Shan Yu attacks an entire village in Sora's absence. When Sora and his friends find the village burned down, they see Shang collapsed on the ground in immense pain, and it's implied that he's been stabbed (though no blood is shown). Despite this, Sora and Mulan not only don't seek medical attention for Shang, they also have no issues with asking him to find any remaining villagers.
  • Donald Duck squawking, "Sora, it's SEFFIROFF!" In much the opposite way of a threatening villain like Maleficent saying Oogie Boogie's name, it's just as hilarious to hear Sephiroth's name coming out of Donald's beak.
  • The scene where Mulan's disguise is discovered by Li Shang is pretty bad, too. It sacrifices Mushu to take a level in scrappiness by being Motor Mouth and accidentally reveal Mulan's identity. Thankfully, the manga uses the scene from the movie (with minor changes) instead.
  • "Say fellas, did somebody mention the Door to Darkness?" One of the most bizarre moments in the series even with context.

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 
  • In the English dub, Terra's voice acting cause many Narm moments. One of the worst of these is when he's trying to encourage a weeping Cinderella to not give up. He sounds so bored and unconcerned about the situation that it goes against what he's trying to say.
    • "The darkness... where did it come from?"
    • Aqua's actress is not far behind. She sometimes sounds she has really low pressure or forgot to turn off her house's lights.
    • Early on in the game, Aqua delivers the line "Together... always!''. Not only is it so obviously setting them up for a fall, but the delivery of the line is extremely forced.
  • In the Japanese version only, the Wicked Queen kicks off the boss fight against the Magic Mirror by... getting angry and the anger possesses the mirror. It sounds like she's constipated. Fortunately the international version changed it to her throwing a potion on the mirror. Or as some people joked, she threw mountain dew on the mirror.
  • Master Xehanort freezes Ven, throws him from a cliff, his body hits several rocks until Aqua grabs him and asks him "Ven, are you okay?" Yes, Aqua, Ven is without a doubt okay!
  • When Ventus and Vanitas merge to form the χ-Blade Aqua- unconscious at this point -just tumbles away in the ensuing explosion. Like, not even dramatically. She just rolls away limply from the force.
  • The boss battle against Sparky/Experiment 221 in Deep Space only happens because Dr. Jumba released him after he becomes offended by Terra's statement that Experiment 626 isn't as monstrous as Jumba thinks, and after Terra defeats Sparky, Sparky just reverts back into a ball and is never mentioned again. Really, it looks more like the developers wanted to include Sparky into the game yet they didn't know how. Terra's lack of reaction over this only makes it worse.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 
  • So much of La Cité des Cloches, due to how watered down the plot is (the problem is persistent throughout several worlds in the series, but this is the most glaring example). The biggest example would be Frollo's plunge into lava, grinning and surrounded by the festive, colorful sparkles of his Dream Eater minion.
    • The scene when Quasimodo rescues Esmeralda is immediately followed up by Quasimodo holding Esmeralda and yelling "SANCTUARY!" like he had just passed a field goal.
    • Later, Sora finds Quasimodo with Esmeralda in the Cathedral. Again, the lack of context or any prior characterization of Quasimodo makes it easy to see him as completely crazy rather than just childish when he tells Esmeralda that the bells "like her". He then tells Esmeralda that she could stay with him in the cathedral forever, which comes off as incredibly creepy given that the game, unlike the movie, has not actually established Esmeralda as being trapped in the cathedral.
    • Frollo ranting to Phoebus about how despite his efforts to exterminate gypsies, they "thrive"... while the camera pans over the completely empty and silent gypsy camp. Uh, yeah, they sure are "thriving".
  • "Darkness within darkness awaits you." Just a Pancake said it best:
    Ansem: Okay, time out! Who the hell wrote these scripts? I mean, really? "Darkness within darkness"? Darkness within freaking darkness?!
    Just a Pancake: Stop complaining and continue with the script.
    Ansem: I don't get paid enough for this crap.
  • Most of the game's Keyblades become this when wielded by Riku. Unlike Birth By Sleep, which features multiple Keyblades unique to each of the Trio, Riku shares all of his Keyblades (with the exception of Way to the Dawn and Ocean's Rage) with Sora. The Keyblades both share fit Sora's character well enough, but with Riku most of them don't fit his considerably more generally melancholy personality and more aggressive fighting style.

    Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A fragmentary passage 
  • The ending, in which Mickey loses his shirt. It's supposed to be dramatic, and it's meant to explain why he looks the way he did in the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1, but the fact that he got hit by a swarm of Shadows and the impact caused his shirt to dissolve seems outright hilarious. The worst part is that if the goal was to preserve continuity for Mickey’s clothes, it fails at even that because his shoes look different from the shoes he had in Kingdom Hearts 1! Oops!

    Kingdom Hearts III 
  • In the English version, Rutger Hauer's Xehanort isn't nearly as much a Large Ham as Leonard Nimoy's version or even their Japanese counterparts in his line delivery. Then comes the Final Boss battle, and it's almost understandable why he isn't when he yells, "COME, KINGDOM HEARTS!" in a high pitched and almost squeaky voice, making Xehanort sound far from intimidating.
  • The Big Hero 6 world, in which at the start, Go Go gets knocked unconscious and remains that way when Baymax introduces himself. And then they proceed to leave her behind, knowing that other Heartless could be there and devour her rather than have someone protect her till she recovers.
  • This game is the culmination of every implication set up by the series' lore, and as a result a lot of dialogue sounds utterly ridiculous. Many of the series' concepts do much better when the player must interpret the rules on their own, and just can't be taken seriously when actually said aloud by an anime character to Mickey Mouse. The original characters often fall victim to wooden line delivery, making a bad problem worse. Hell, even Mickey's voice acting suffers as he struggles to deliver some truly nonsensical dialogue.

    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 
  • The debut trailer alone already managed to have a moment of major narm. The overall tone is very lighthearted as the footage shows Sora and co. revisiting various moments of the series with the timed button presses typical of rhythm games. This isn’t a problem for the most part as, for example, the Olympus Coliseum moments fit right in with this tone. However, for some odd reason, they include XION’S DEATH as part of this rhythm game footage. Turning what was otherwise a Tear Jerker into a joke with the footage of Sora gliding into items to timed button presses next to this dramatic death scene. A little mitigated with the knowledge that Xion comes back to life as of KH 3, and the jury’s still out on whether this will be better in context during the full game, but still a very awkward tonal choice for the trailer nonetheless.


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