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Narm / Kingdom Hearts

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For instant Narm, just add Goofy.

Kingdom Hearts has some unironically funny moments. But there are some... awkward moments that can make players cringe.

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  • The entire premise of Kingdom Hearts can be this to those unfamilar to the series. You have spiky-haired anime characters having amazing, visually orgasmic anime battles with magic keyblades, Single Stroke Battles, Instant Runes, flashy Criss Cross Attacks, and suddenly... Mickey Mouse.
  • The amount of times that the words "Darkness", "Light", "Heart", and "Friends" are thrown around can be this, given that it's part of what makes the series absurdly Anvilicious. If one were to make a drinking game out of the series for every time one of these words are used, they'd probably end up getting a terminal Pancreatic disease. Hell, you'd probably get a terminal Pancreatic disease if you did a drinking game for just one of these words.
  • A lot of the dialogue that Goofy and Donald deliver unfortunately ends up coming across as this due to the way their voices sound. You wouldn't expect Donald and Goofy's voices of all things to be added for dramatic tension.
  • Pretty much any time a serious character says Goofy's name out loud, or when anyone says his name out loud in a serious scene.
  • For some, the Keyblade itself is pretty narmy on account of its appearance and the fact the name makes little sense when you consider that it's not actually a blade and would be horribly impractical if used as one in real life. Yet there's a whole legion of Keyblade Masters who dedicate themselves to using it as such. For years.
  • It seems there is a pattern that if the character doesn't have a high quality facial model even if the situation needs it, the scene is ruined. Well, in that case, Donald and Goofy's HQ facial models are underused so much in the first game, that any time they talk, they look so blank. This scene (Video link skips to 6:35) from the original Kingdom Hearts is one of the worst examples. It seems like they were trying to be sad, since they're leaving Sora because Riku has the Keyblade, but couldn't the creators at least make their models frown?
    • Thankfully, it's not as common in later titles, but yes. Any use of the "fish faces" in nearly any scene is instant narm.
      • To elaborate, the low quality facial renders AKA "fish faces" were infamous in the first game, namely with characters that are (or look) human. Ever so often, we'll have close-ups of those characters with blank expressions (coupled with sudden 1-frame blinking eyes), all while their pixelated mouths makes it look like they're saying "mah mah mah" over and over again.
    • Another major source of narm is that these static faces default to having a huge grin, especially notable with Disney characters like Sora and Simba. The Lion King characters are especially bad in this regard, with huge permanently frozen face splitting grins.
  • Anytime you enter a serious cutscene wielding a ridiculous Keyblade. You can lock Keyblades with Roxas, who has one of the coolest-looking Keyblades around, with a freaking candy cane.
    • Crabclaw is a particularly notable offender, as you get it just before going to the world of Halloween Town, and your characters' clothes change to appropriately spooky colors...while your Keyblade stays a cheery shade of aqua.
    • Dream Drop Distance offers plenty of slick-looking Keyblades...if you care to unlock them. Otherwise, have fun entering the final scenes waving this.
  • Mena Süvari's performance as Aerith. To say her delivery is lifeless, even for someone who died in her own game, would be an understatement.
  • The series is very averse to having Non Player Characters around, usually only have a half-dozen or so of them per world and they're always named characters important to the story. This can lead to positively ridiculous scenarios when there aren't crowds of people when there should be, such as the ball of Cinderella or the Festival of Fools for The Hunchback of Notre Dame — it's just the four or five plot important characters in an empty room/field. This screenshot about sums it up. Thankfully III finally averted it by populating the worlds with extras.
  • Whenever the series visits live-action movies. It just looks so wrong seeing the gritty live-action scenery and characters from films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and TRON... and then juxtapose that with Sora and company, who still look animated and thus extremely out of place. Since Space Paranoids has everyone in monochrome and blue, it's not as jarring. III seems set to avert this, with Sora and company looking more realistic in the Caribbean.
  • The names of many Disney worlds that had no canon name in their movies are just plain weird to the point of Non-Indicative Name. For example, the Cinderella world is named Castle of Dreams despite the world include an entire kingdom and not just its castle. Because of this, these worlds' names aren't usually mentioned. It's even more amusing when Aqua does mention Enchanted Dominion's name in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage,
  • A lot of Ho Yay moments between Sora and Riku, especially in Chain of Memories, II, Coded and Dream Drop Distance. Almost all of them are shamelessly blatant that if Kingdom Hearts wasn't a Disney game, and Sora and Kairi are the Official Couple for the series, it would outright be a Yaoi game.
  • Multiple games have the spell "Stop". Which temporarily freezes people in time to let you get free hits on them. When executed at the right time, this might get some enemies in absolutely hilarious poses - or some bosses (if they're vulnerable) making some really funny facial expressions.

    Kingdom Hearts 
  • In the first game, just before the fight with Ansem!Riku, Sora yells at Ansem to "give Riku back his heart!", but when Riku says "But first you must give the princess back her heart", with no emphasis on the words "her" or "princess" after an earlier line of his directed at someone else, it sounds as though he's responding to a completely different line, and sends the thoughtwaves from 'Wow, dramatic confrontation!' to 'Wait, wasn't Riku listening at all just there?'
  • Also from the first game, we have the scene in which Sora reclaims the Keyblade from Riku. This otherwise dramatic moment is pretty much ruined with Sora's unbelievably cheesy line, "I know now that I don't need the Keyblade. I have an even better weapon: my heart!"
  • Right before Sora fights Riku, he shouts "There's no way I'm letting you take Kairi's heart!" It would have actually been okay if the dramatic music that had been playing the entire time didn't suddenly get cut.
  • During the cutscene leading up to the final boss fight of the first game, Sora pulls another speech about how friendship is everlasting and unconquerable. What makes it truly narmy is that he says "There's a Light That Never Goes Out" word for word.
  • And then there's the scene from the end of the first game with Ansem grasping out at the door to Kingdom Hearts and shouting, "Kingdom Hearts! Fill me... with the power of darkness!" It's even worse when Richard Epcar delivers it during a flashback in KHII.
    • What's right after that is even worse. After you beat him, he attempts to use Kingdom Hearts to activate another One-Winged Angel mode, and Sora tells him that Kingdom Hearts is actually light, and Ansem squeaks the word "....light?" The key change in the music from minor to major, coupled with the huge beams of sunshine, made this perhaps the funniest villain death ever, though arguably awesomely funny.
    • Another narmy thing about that cutscene was when Riku shows up to help Sora, Donald, and Goofy close Kingdom Hearts. Sora's response after seeing that his friend is safe is just so... plain. It's as if he forgot all about how Riku was possessed by Ansem up until that point. Would you really respond with a bland "Okay..." after seeing that your friend is finally safe?
    Riku: Don't give up! Come on, Sora! Together, we can do it!
    Sora: (Calmly) Okay!
  • During the Sephiroth boss battle, when he's low on health, he runs on the tips of his toes. His heels don't touch the ground. While this arguably makes him faster and a little harder to hit, it doesn't change how he looks while doing it. The results make him look as if he suddenly has to use the bathroom and is trying to avoid having an accident.
    • Also, Lance Bass voices Sephiroth in this battle. To say it's a miscast would be an understatement.

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 
  • Marluxia's death in Re:COM. It's supposed to be sad, since he's dying for real, but when he's defeated he lets out this OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD YELL that makes it sound like he's taking the BIGGEST SHIT OF HIS LIFE. That alone will make most people start burst out laughing at that scene.
    • Heck, Marluxia in general is just Narm, Narm, Narm. He may be the Big Bad of COM, but he has showers of rose petals following him everywhere he goes and, well, pink hair, which kind of makes it hard to take him seriously. Even his boss battles are just not very threatening compared to others in the franchise, or even in this very game. It's far worse in the English version, where his voice actor consistently speaks in a dull "can I have my paycheck now?" monotone until toward the end where he goes absurdly high-pitched.
  • Mickey's voice in Re: CoM. Such horrible dubbing. I mean, King Mickey does have some pretty epic lines, just not when he says them.
    • This becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when you remember that Wayne Allwine died several months later, so perhaps his illness affected his voice.
  • And this gem coming out of the mouth of Squall Leonhart, of all people: 'We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other.' Really, Squall?
    • Made even more ridiculous when in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the very first level is Traverse Town, where you meet up with Squall again... who doesn't remember you. Granted, this is because it's not strictly Traverse Town and Castle Oblivion does weird stuff with memories, but adding this context to the already cheesy line just makes it funnier.
    • The devs caught on as of Kingdom Hearts II, since Sora of all people make fun the very line.
  • In Re:Chain of Memories, Sora delivers the line "THAT'S what's in my heart!" to Vexen with the emphasis on Heart rather than THAT'S, making it sound ridiculous.
  • Larxene also once gives the line "I'M a bad guy", without putting the emphasis on I'M, and so she just ends up saying "I'm a bad guy."
  • Probably the biggest amount of consistent Narm, (throughout the Re: Chain Of Memories, and with the most questionable dialogue,) was between Sora and Replica Riku. Repliku kept acting like some sort of heart broken lover in regards to Sora, using phrases like, "You never cared about me!" and "You're only ever worried about her!" Basically, it's a big Flanderization of Riku's Foe Yay with Sora in the first game. The pinnacle of this pure Narm was this little exchange.
    Repliku: Sora... You're always trying to worm your way into my heart!
    Sora: Hold on... When did I ever do that?
    Repliku: Oh, so you forgot about THAT too?! You never NEVER MATTERED TO YOU! (runs off, might as well be crying angry tears.)
  • In Re:Chain of Memories, there's a scene where Sora goes into his random, hands-behind-head, head-tilted-forth pose, he looks directly into the camera and smiles while saying "I guess there's no way we'll forget our most important memories!" This is such an Anviliciously unsubtle way of indicating that yes, they will forget their most important memories that it's hilarious!
  • This exchange between Riku and the Riku Replica, courtesy of really poor writing/translating.
    Riku Replica: I'm you.
    Riku: No, I'M me!
    Riku Replica: "I'm me," he says. Must be nice being real. A fake like me could never get away with saying that.
  • After Larxene fights with Sora for the first time, he's obviously supposed to be having a bit of a break down largely due to the things she said before she disappeared, but its hard not to laugh because he swings the Keyblade around so awkwardly he looks like he's losing his balance.
  • Sora's voice in the English version of Re:CoM. It wasn't so bad in the GBA version, as that one reused voice clips from the first game, but here, since Haley Joel Osment recorded this after Kingdom Hearts II, we get a rather jarring situation where we hear 15-year-old Sora's voice come out of his 14-year-old body. It just sounds so wrong. That, and it heavily implies that Sora somehow got hit by puberty hard between the first game and this one. This isn't so narmy in the Japanese version, since Miyu Irino's Sora voice really hasn't changed much from the first game onwards.
    • This also applies to Dream Drop Distance, since Sora's back in his 14-year-old body in that game too. Same goes for Re:coded, where it isn't even the real Sora, and he still sounds like the real deal at 15 despite looking like 14-year-old Sora.

    Kingdom Hearts II 
  • In Hollow Bastion, when Sora asked Yuffie if she saw Riku and Mickey, she bluntly, almost uncaring, said, "Nope." For someone who once lost her home and people, that sounds extremely unsympathetic. If that's not bad enough, she then follows it with this completely irrelevant line, cheerfully, "But I had a feeling I will be seeing you guys again!" Seriously, Yuffie?
  • The way Sora asks Riku's whereabouts in almost every world that has characters he met in the previous game, and almost every single one of them came up blank, is amusing at best and cringey at worst, regardless you ship them or not.
  • It might be because he's Hopeless with Tech, but Sora also naively thinks that Ansem's computer would know where Riku and Kairi are, and then groans and whines, "Even Ansem's computer doesn't know!" Logically speaking, there's no way the computer had a way of knowing them. Unless the computer supposedly had some sort of Sinister Surveillance that could oversee activities in other worlds, this deserves Face Palm. When even Goofy is more sensible by using the computer to find information about the Nobodies and Organization, you know how desperately Hopeless with Tech Sora really is.
  • Any way you look at it, having a 15 year old teenager get really excited to meet Santa Claus deserves a Face Palm. This is exactly what they did with Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. Even though he's cheerful and bright-eyed, Sora's eagerness was a bit much. Notably, even Donald and Goofy gave him Disapproving Looks several times to him throughout Halloween Town, especially when Sora almost prioritizes meeting Santa Claus over defeating Heartless.
  • The fight between Roxas and Sora, particularly the matrix flip and how much emphasis is placed on it, with the scene even slowing down for this apparent badassery. It almost makes one wonder if the devs just put the rather epic boss fight in Final Mix to erase, or at least tone down the narminess.
  • One of the yells Mulan makes in combat is... rather flat and unconvincing.
  • In the second game, just Maleficent actually saying the name "Oogie Boogie". Very much the same as the Goofy example above.
    • Or her saying the words "Santa Claus." Or, really, her entire appearance in Halloween Town and Christmas Town. While pointless mean-spirited dickery is totally in character for Maleficent, there's just something hilarious about the fact that Maleficent is trying to kill Santa Claus that makes her seem like she's channeling The Grinch. The fact that she's green doesn't help either.
    • There was also an Off-Model moment in the PS2 where her eyes temporarily vanish, meaning if you hit pause at just the right time, Maleficent is making an absolutely hilarious facial expression where her eyes rolled up like in The Exorcist.
  • The scene involving Kairi and Namine escaping from the Nobodies' Lair in The World That Never Was. It would have been a pretty tense scene... if they weren't holding hands with their arms at ninety-degree angles. At a pace that made them look like they were almost skipping. Right down the middle of the hall.
  • Due to Gameplay Story Segregation, we have a scene where Kairi and Riku are both wielding Keyblades and having trouble...against common Shadow Heartless. Kairi swings at a Shadow and misses badly, while Riku swings twice only to have the Shadow dodge by jumping over his head BOTH TIMES.
  • While use of Totally Radical language is a rich, deep well of Narm in itself, most fans agree that this is the worst/best.
  • The reenactments of some movies were pretty ridiculous, too. Especially Pirates of the Caribbean (because of bad animation) and the flashback in The Lion King. Young Simba's model looks like he's perpetually smiling. Which makes him look awfully stupid. While watching his father's death.
    • Most of the lion characters' models look wrong. Their eyes don't focus, and their facial expressions never change. Scar in particular always looks like he's on drugs since he's always got his trademark evil grin as his permanent expression, to the point that his horror at seeing Simba (or Mufasa as he initially believed in the movie) looks more like joy.
    • The climactic scene of Simba hanging off the tip of Pride Rock before Scar's Just Between You and Me moment doesn't seem so climactic when you take into account that, were Scar to throw Simba down, he would not really be falling that great a height and, unlike in the movie, the whole place is not on fire. In regular gameplay you can jump off of the clip to no ill repercussions. The fact that after the cutscene you can find some NPC lionesses just calmly walking around the base of Pride Rock and spouting some Welcome to Corneria lines instead of, you know, helping out the son of their previous ruler who is fighting the guy who killed the aforementioned previous ruler doesn't help at all. Add into the lack of flames in Simba and Scar's final clash, and frankly, Kingdom Hearts ruined one of the most dramatic, epic endings of a Disney movie.
    • Another example is how they reenacted the Show Some Leg scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas. They throw Sally's leg in front of Oogie before he could kill Santa Claus. Like a friggin' bone. Seriously, off-camera, was Sora saying, "Throw the leg! Throw the leg!"?
    • There is a reenactment of a scene from Mulan where Shan Yu runs down the mountain alongside his soldiers on horseback. This time, there are no horses and instead of human soldiers, he runs alongside the Heartless. Okay. That's cool... but of all the Heartless to choose from, they chose Rapid Thrusters and no others. The scene is so underwhelming and it's just ridiculous seeing Shan Yu fiercely running down the mountain with these guys behind him.
      • What makes it even worse is that it's not like there's, ya know, an entire ARMY of them, which might look kind of impressive, but there's maybe two dozen at most, and the cutscene plays it out like this is a serious threat, when the ensuing battle consists of Sora basically slaughtering them until the timer runs out.
      • The manga fixed this a bit: Shan Yu arrived with human soldiers first, but then they appear to be blown up semi-offscreen by the Imperial Army's fireworks. After this, the Rapid Thrusters emerge from the smoke, suggesting that those Heartless were Shan Yu's human soldiers.
    • Speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean, the original PS2 remix of "He's a Pirate" counts. It sounds very badly synthesized and way too upbeat for the world you're in. In a world that's all about fighting pirate zombies and sailing dangerous waters, a remix like this is simply unfitting. Thankfully, the 2.5 remix sounds a lot closer to the original.
  • There's a scene where Shan Yu attacks an entire village in Sora's absence. When Sora and his friends find the village burned down, they see Shang collapsed on the ground in immense pain, and it's implied that he's been stabbed (though no blood is shown). Despite this, Sora and Mulan not only don't seek medical attention for Shang, they also have no issues with asking him to find any remaining villagers.
  • And of course, there's Goofy's "Death". Not only does it come ridiculously out of left field, not only do we get to hear Donald Duck's desperate mourning his fallen comrade, but Goofy is revealed to be alive all of five minutes later. Since you never really buy that they'd kill Goofy to begin with, the entire scene just feels terribly confused and unnecessary. One has to wonder if it was solely put in there just so Tetsuya Nomura could do a serious death scene with Goofy for the heck of it.
    Donald: I'm sorry about the ice cream.
    • Hearing Mickey Mouse say, with his fist trembling and in the most serious tone of voice possible from him, "They'll pay for this." This is both Narmy and AWESOME, considering that Mickey Mouse is about to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • As Sora, Mickey and Donald all leave Goofy behind to fight the Heartless, it cuts to a shot of Goofy's "corpse" with Vim and Vigor playing in the background.
    • To top it all off, it happens because Goofy is hit on the head with a rock. Once he's inevitably revealed to be alive, Goofy even points out "I get bumped on the head all the time!"
  • Crossbows with muzzle flashes.
  • Donald Duck squawking, "Sora, it's SEFFIROFF!" In much the opposite way of a threatening villain like Maleficent saying Oogie Boogie's name, it's just as hilarious to hear Sephiroth's name coming out of Donald's beak.
  • The entirety of Atlantica. Especially "Swim This Way" and "A New Day Is Dawning" with lines like "Seeing how we made you grin just makes us want to twirl a fin" and "Come say hello: all my friends from every corner of the world!"
    • The most infamous line is probably, "A musical for everyone to have a lot of finny fun."
    • Sora's line during "Ursula's Revenge", "Your poopsies are toast!", while appropriate for its context, merely sounds ridiculous.
    • In "Under the Sea", whose lyrics are about trying to convince Ariel that her beloved surface world is awful compared to her home, having Sora and Ariel sing lines that originally all belonged to Sebastian creates some odd moments and context, such as when Sora, an newcomer to the undersea world who can come and go as he pleases, assures Ariel that "it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me". The lines being transferred also creates awkward issues with the delivery, since Ariel needs to work in just enough of Sebastian's accent to make "hotter" rhyme with "water", as well as claim that "each little clam here, know how to jam here".
  • Belle elbowing Xaldin. Seriously. She did it hard enough for him to release her, and for her to snatch the Rose back. Especially coupled with the fact that Xaldin is actually one of the tougher battles. Possibly justified by the fact that Xaldin was very visibly getting smug and not paying proper enough attention to his captive.
  • There's a scene in Kingdom Hearts II in which Sora and co. find out that the "Ansem" they fought from the first game wasn't the real Ansem. Okay, all right, fine. But then, when they meet up with Xemnas, who is the Nobody of the Ansem they thought that they had fought and defeated, Donald's response? "It's the guy who's not Ansem!" Sure, it makes sense, but it just sounds so clunky and ridiculous that it completely ruins what was supposed to apparently be a dramatic reveal.
  • Sora, Donald and Goofy are always addressed in that exact order.
  • The scene where Mulan's disguise is discovered by Li Shang is pretty bad, too. It sacrifices Mushu to take a level in scrappiness by being Motor Mouth and accidentally reveal Mulan's identity. Thankfully, the manga uses the scene from the movie (with minor changes) instead.
  • Cloud and Sephiroth's subplot is hard to take seriously. You have no context for what their beef is in Kingdom Hearts itself, which is a different continuity from Final Fantasy VII. Their dialogue (and Tifa's) is pretty hackneyed and ridiculous, not helped by Sephiroth's voice actor having a very monotone delivery of his lines.
  • There's a moment during the first visit to Space Paranoids where the main trio comes across a weakened Tron after escaping the Game Grid. Tron confusedly asks them why they came there in person instead of just transmitting the password to the DTD to him and then almost faints after Donald parrots the words "Transmit?" after him. The timing of Tron's near-fainting makes it look like he's so overwhelmed by Donald's stupidity that he can hardly stand straight. It doesn't help that Tron holding his forehead a few seconds earlier looks rather like he's doing a Face Palm.
  • In the English version of 2.5, some of Roxas's battle sounds are replaced with Ventus's from Birth by Sleep. While it seems understandable given that they share the same voice actor and are completely identical to each other, the problem is that Roxas and Ven are as different as the sun and the moon, in other words, an angsty depressed dude and a happy go-lucky boy. So hearing Ven's voice clips while you play and fight against Roxas can be rather off-putting and jarring particularly when they switch between the two. Perhaps a better comparison for this would be the boss fight against Twilight Thorn when it is about to fire a big ball against him. Whereas in the original Roxas let out a defying shout that screams Bring It, the Final Mix has him shout Ventus's scream of fear, as if he is actually afraid of it.
  • "Say fellas, did somebody mention the Door to Darkness?" One of the most bizarre moments in the series even with context.
  • Xemnas is a scarily component villain...until you realise his name is an anagram of mansex.

    Kingdom Hearts 358/ 2 Days 
  • Xion's "donkey scream."
  • 358/2 Days ruins a perfectly dramatic scene with this line: "Who else will I have ice cream with?" Sure, since he broke up his friendship with Axel a few scenes prior to this, he won't have anyone to eat ice cream with once Xion's gone... but seeing as Xion is DYING, being upset about not having her around to eat ice cream with just sounds ridiculous.
    • It wouldn't be that bad if he had at least completed the sentence with something, but no. He just left at that. The last thing he says to Xion is that.
    • It's not even the line itself that's ridiculous, but the delivery. He doesn't phrase it as helpless, grief-stricken, and rhetorical, but a genuine question. Like he really doesn't know who he's going to have ice cream with now, and hopes that Xion will tell him.
    • In general, any scene involving ice cream in 358/2 Days ends up cringingly cheesy (Roxas' diary in particular) or, if it's just with Axel, are ridiculously overblown with Ho Yay. "It tastes both salty and sweet!" "That's what you said last time!"

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 
  • In the English dub, Terra's voice acting cause many Narm moments. One of the worst of these is when he's trying to encourage a weeping Cinderella to not give up. He sounds so bored and unconcerned about the situation that it goes against what he's trying to say.
    • "The darkness... where did it come from?"
    • In a more dialogue-Narm way, when he reaches the Keyblade Graveyard near the end of the game, he looks at the horizon for a while and then says: "What I do, I do for friendship". Even by Kingdom Hearts standards, that was seriously corny.
    • Aqua's actress is not far behind. She sometimes sounds she has really low pressure or forgot to turn off her house's lights.
    • Early on in the game, Aqua delivers the line "Together... always!''. Not only is it so obviously setting them up for a fall, but the delivery of the line is extremely forced, and moreover Aqua pronounces "Always" with a slight lisp.
    • And then, just in case you didn't get it, we hear Terra, Aqua and Ven narrating in unison like a Greek chorus: "THAT WOULD BE THE LAST NIGHT WE EVER SPENT BENEATH THE SAME STARS." Did we emphasize that enough?
  • The Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep with everyone basically praying to Sora, who is now a very literal messiah figure. Aqua even cries just hearing his name said. This is supposed to be emotional, and to some it is, but to others it just comes across as horrendously cheesy and over-the-top.
    • It should be noted that Sora means Sky in Japanese. They say "Sora" when looking up at the sky. This either makes things better, or much worse.
  • Before their final battle, Vanitas mocks Ven for always fighting for his friends. Ven's response? "At least I have some!" Wow, Ven, wow.
    • The end of Ven's final boss fight. The way Vanitas paws at his weapon and sinks off screen makes him look like he was just too lazy/tired to keep fighting you.
    • Arguably even worse is "Lifetime passes to Disney Town!"
      • Ven: "He said to take two grown ups!" I'm fairly certain Jesse Mc Cartney was trying too hard NOT to laugh while saying that.
  • Terra saving Zack from the darkness is praised by everybody as something heroic. The thing is that Terra achieved it by beating up his opponent.
  • In the scene in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep where Ven goes back to the Land of Departure, Ven delivers the line, "So you can keep me in your PRISON? That's your excuse, for KEEPING ME IMPRISONED HERE!!!!!!" The delivery is so ridiculous, coupled with the emphasis on prison, it ruins the otherwise dramatic scene.
    • Even more, this scene is probably the embodiment of narm. Eraqus tries to act like fair and noble Big Good... While trying to murder Ventus! Terra is supposed to have made a mistake but had he not interfered, Ventus would have been killed by his own teacher.
  • In the Japanese version only, the Wicked Queen kicks off the boss fight against the Magic Mirror by... getting angry and the anger possesses the mirror. It sounds like she's constipated. Fortunately the international version changed it to her throwing a potion on the mirror. Or as some people joked, she threw mountain dew on the mirror.
  • Master Xehanort freezes Ven, throws him from a cliff, his body hits several rocks until Aqua grabs him and asks him "Ven, are you okay?" Yes, Aqua, Ven is without a doubt okay!
  • Near the end of Lea and Isa's scene in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Lea says "get it memorized", but the way he says it is weird, almost like he's advertising some new sports drink or something. The whole scene is so full of Narm it's cringe-worthy. Lea's speech about how he will live on forever in people's memories sounds like something a sixty-year old person would say, not a teenager.
  • When Ventus and Vanitas merge to form the χ-Blade Aqua- unconscious at this point -just tumbles away in the ensuing explosion. Like, not even dramatically. She just rolls away limply from the force. It really ruins what is such a Wham Episode.
  • When Xehanort stops to monologue about the Keyblade War, at one point the camera reveals he's stopped a good several yards from our heroic trio. Yes, let me yell at my enemies/pawns with my Large Ham and exposition-riddled ways and hope they catch my drift. Not to mention how easily everyone seems to forget that Ventus- sweet, upbeat and untroubled Ventus -just asked to have himself killed in favor of listening Xehanort's pointless, gloating speech.
  • The boss battle against Sparky/Experiment 221 in Deep Space only happens because Dr. Jumba released him after he becomes offended by Terra's statement that Experiment 626 isn't as monstrous as Jumba thinks, and after Terra defeats Sparky, Sparky just reverts back into a ball and is never mentioned again. Really, it looks more like the developers wanted to include Sparky into the game yet they didn't know how. Terra's lack of reaction over this only makes it worse.
  • Aqua, again, from Castle of Dreams. Her comment when Cursed Coach accidentally throws one of its bombs to the Tremaines? "The Darkness in their hearts overtook them." Even if it's to avoid the word "death" and to deny the Death by Adaptation trope, she could've said any other thing that sounds less ridiculous.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 D: Dream Drop Distance 
  • In the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Sora has this to say when being told to hand over his Keyblade:
    " I can’t hand it over... This is the light that drives back the darkness, the key to everyone’s smiles!"
    "I... I can't! This is what lights the darkness! A chance to make everyone happy!"
  • So much of La Cité des Cloches, due to how watered down the plot is (the problem is persistent throughout several worlds in the series, but this is the most glaring example). The biggest example would be Frollo's plunge into lava, grinning and surrounded by the festive, colorful sparkles of his Dream Eater minion.
    • When Quasimodo rescues Esmeralda, Sora shouts out "Way to go, Quasi!" in the dorkiest manner possible. This is immediately followed up by Quasimodo holding Esmeralda and yelling "SANCTUARY!" like he had just passed a field goal.
    • The "Feast of Fools" sequence. There are no people present there, and barely any explanation for what is supposed to be going on. Quasi just randomly shows up wearing the King of Fools get-up, riding a Dream Eater and surrounded by more Dream Eaters as his only company, apparently having the time of his life. When he explains to Sora "Today's the festival! And look! I'm the King of Fools!", the fact that he thinks he's having a festival with a bunch of monsters makes him come across less as sheltered and naive, and more as genuinely insane and delusional.
    • Later, Sora finds Quasimodo with Esmeralda in the Cathedral. Again, the lack of context or any prior characterization of Quasimodo makes it easy to see him as completely crazy rather than just childish when he tells Esmeralda that the bells "like her". He then tells Esmeralda that she could stay with him in the cathedral forever, which comes off as incredibly creepy given that the game, unlike the movie, has not actually established Esmeralda as being trapped in the cathedral.
    • Frollo ranting to Phoebus about how despite his efforts to exterminate gypsies, they "thrive"... while the camera pans over the completely empty and silent gypsy camp. Uh, yeah, they sure are "thriving".
  • This scene where Ansem... attacks Riku.
  • Sora's HBSOD inducing Trauma Conga Line in The World That Never Was can come across as not very traumatic at all because any sadness there is to feel from it is almost immediately lost in the plethora of confusion and WTF concerning the Plot Twist revealed and it's very badly handled explanation. It doesn't help that a few of the lines delivered (at least in the English dub) feel a little flat. Not Dull Surprise flat, but still not quite as emotive as they should be and somewhat forced.
  • Xigbar's proclamation that he is already half-Xehanort. The phrasing is already awkward, but the sheer bluntness of it (coupled with an even more awkward Extreme Close-Up of his golden eye) caught people off enough that even several years later it's one of the most quoted lines in the series simply because of how narmy it was. The fact that Xigbar is revealed to have secretly been Luxu makes it even more Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Any time a serious villain like Frollo or CLU associate themselves with Nightmare Dream Eaters (Wargoyle and Commantis, respectively) even though Dream Eaters are supposedly independent and avert The Man Behind the Monsters trope.
  • Anything involving Xehanort's Time Travel. It's literally like seeing an Asspully and blatant Hand Wave in a bad Fanfic.
  • Most of the game's Keyblades become this when wielded by Riku. Unlike Birth By Sleep, which features multiple Keyblades unique to each of the Trio, Riku shares all of his Keyblades (with the exception of Way to the Dawn and Ocean's Rage) with Sora. The Keyblades both share fit Sora's character well enough, but with Riku most of them don't fit his considerably more generally melancholy personality and more aggressive fighting style.
    • Even better is the fact that the Balloon series of spells isn't limited to just Sora and Riku. It's already unintentionally hilarious (yet just plain awesome enough) when Sora does it, but when Riku summons giant balloons that home in on enemies, it becomes absolutely hilarious. And since Balloon is one of the best spells in the game...

    Kingdom Hearts 0. 2 Birth by Sleep: A fragmentary passage 
  • The ending, in which Mickey loses his shirt. It's supposed to be dramatic, and it's meant to explain why he looks the way he did in the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1, but the fact that he got hit by a swarm of Shadows and the impact caused his shirt to dissolve seems outright hilarious.
  • At one point, Aqua, in the remains of Castle of Dreams, laments about the people who lived there. It may seem sorrowful... but then you remember that there were barely any Non Player Characters in Birth by Sleep. "So much life," my ass.
  • The Arc Words "may your heart be your guiding key", but not merely because it's blatantly Anvilicious (see how they somehow managed to use the words "heart", itself already Anvilicious, and "key" in one sentence just to form an Arc Words?). The characters in this game (Mickey, Aqua, Goofy, and Yen Sid) use it as a guide to how basically you just need to follow your heart to find a way. But if you saw Back Cover, you see that the Master of the Masters teach it to his apprentices and they pretty much follow it without question which eventually transpire into Keyblade War, showing that they apparently never think the consequence of their actions just because they "follow their heart's guiding key". Even Aced, the least friendly among the Foretellers, mutters the quote as an excuse during his confrontation with Invi, Gula, and Ava. So, Mickey, Aqua, Goofy, and Yen Sid remembering the quote as a "guiding key" for their present-day actions seem silly when said quote is indirectly responsible for the Keyblade War thanks to its original users abused/overused it.

    Kingdom Hearts III 
  • The Wham Shot at the end of the E3 2018 trailer of Aqua, a blue- and spiky-haired anime girl with a gentle voice and surrounded in darkness, turning around to dramatically and bitterly tell Mickey Mouse that he's too late, apparently came off as this to anyone at the press release that was unfamiliar with Kingdom Hearts.
  • The E3 2018 trailers in general fell flat for many due to their sound design, which emphasizes voiced lines and background music and completely omits sound effects. This leads to such Moment Killers as Sora, Donald and Goofy loudly grunting as they block a hit from a Gigas mech despite the hit itself being silent.
  • The "Kingstagram" load-screens, featuring in-character commentary on plot events as social media posts complete with hashtags. There are only twenty or so people who even have the necessary tech, so why is there a social media network? The hashtags in particular often completely undermine serious scenes—for example, Aqua being saved from the Realm of Darkness is tagged #decadeinthedark, while Sora posts #awkwardtimetofindout after Vanitas reveals to him that Ven's heart sleeps inside him. Overall, it just comes off as a bad case of We're Still Relevant, Dammit!.
  • Considering how chatty Xaldin was in II and Days, Dilan's total silence creates a very strange atmosphere. Likewise, despite Phil's usual chattiness in both the games and his original movie, he only smiles and nods.
  • In the English version, Rutger Hauer's Xehanort isn't nearly as much a Large Ham as Leonard Nimoy's version or even their Japanese counterparts in his line delivery. During the Final Boss battle, he proves exactly why when he yells, "COME, KINGDOM HEARTS!" in a high pitched and almost squeaky voice, making Xehanort sound far from intimidating.
  • Many fans have trouble taking Riku's new design seriously due to his strong resemblance to Noctis of Final Fantasy XV and his new car key-like Keyblade. Also, much like how Mickey's clothes were somehow destroyed by Heartless in 0.2, Riku's haircut is due to a Heartless attack.
  • The Big Hero 6 world, in which at the start, GoGo gets knocked unconscious and when Baymax introduces himself, she's still unconscious. And then they proceed to leave her behind, knowing that other Heartlesses could be there and devour her rather than have someone protect her till she recovers.
  • Aqua's monologue on the time she spent in the Realm of Darkness all alone and with nobody to help her. What should have been a Tear Jerker is undermined by the very stoic and dull voice acting contrasting with the strong body language and facial expressions by Aqua, as if the VA wasn't given adequate direction.
    • Willa Holland's performance in general is even worse in the Dull Surprise department than it was in previous games, neutering the effectiveness of most of her scenes. One of her last lines in the game is "He's done it...he's opened Kingdom Hearts", speaking of an absolutely catastrophic event in the flattest, most lifeless and nonchalant tone possible.
  • The boss fight against Anti-Aqua. It's definitely meant to be a climactic moment in the game, complete with a foreboding environment and dramatic music. However, this fight also gives you an Attraction Flow command, so all of the tension comes to a screeching halt the moment Sora summons a giant, neon pirate ship ride and starts cheerfully shouting "Yes!" and "Go!"
  • The first part of Keyblade Graveyard is full of this. First, when Terra-Xehanort strikes down Ventus, Aqua just stands there in shock, not even bothering to fight back against him. Even crazier is when Donald and Lea get knocked out in battle, Sora acts shell-shocked, as if they were massacred in front of him, despite it being clear that they’re all just unconscious. And when Sora’s friends get swept away by the Heartless tornado, rather than thinking they’re still alive or trying to fight back against the Heartless, he goes into full Wangst mode and immediately assumes they’re dead. It’s meant to be played seriously but comes off as overly dramatic.
    • The fact that Donald and Goofy are the only characters who do anything remotely useful in this sequence, especially Donald. As if to seemingly top Goofy's "death" in terms of ridiculousness, Donald obliterates Terranort from existence with the magic equivalent of a Wave Motion Gun, which is frankly ridiculous because... it's Donald freaking Duck doing it, and against the guy that essentially steamrolled half of the Guardians of Light even. This is also accompanied by a line that's just as memorably absurd in its attempt at coming off as dramatic:
      Goofy (in slow-mo): Donald, doooon't!
  • In general, most of this game's Keyblades look way too silly for any of the Keyblade Graveyard cutscenes.
  • When Sora defeats each of the Organization members, they all come with their own cutscene where they have a final conversation with Sora before fading away. This is all fine and good, except it means that the other Organization members they were fighting with are just standing there in the background while their comrade gives their big speech.
    • An honorable mention to Vanitas's cutscene. When Sora and Ventus confront Vanitas after defeating him, Vanitas waxes oddly philosophical about his chosen role as Ventus's dark side. His tone is very out of character considering his usual demeanor of spitefully cackling at his opponents.
    • Xigbar's defeat cutscene is easily the narmiest of them, solely because he attempts to commit suicide via Disney Villain Death. Yes, suicide in a Disney property. This would be slightly more believable with any of the other darknesses, but Xigbar's whole deal is manipulating space and gravity—falling has no meaning to him. He even teleports to the top of the wall! Of course, the whole thing turns out to be just a little show Xigbar put up, something many players could see coming, but he does such a bad job that it's ridiculous.
  • While Sora, Ventus, and Aqua are rescuing Terra, they get bounded by Terra-Xehanort's dark chains and then he starts swinging them by waving his arms around almost like a Fantasia composer, while laughing like a baby. Waving arms stuck in an angle, goofy looking smile and laugh, he looks like he took some notes from Azwel, who is quite narmy himself. The whole scene looks quite ridiculous rather than dramatic, but things get better once Terra comes back to his senses.
  • Roxas and Ven’s reaction upon seeing each other for the first time is just staring at each other blankly and awkwardly. All while Lea explains that they’re late because they need to iron in some plot-points on the foreground.
  • Kairi was heavily promoted as one of the game's Keyblade wielders, with Square treating the debut of her new outfit as a big moment. Then she gets a minute's worth of a fight against Xion and Saix, gets kidnapped by Xemnas yet again, and is promptly killed by Master Xehanort right before the final fight. "Upgrading" her from perennial Designated Victim to The Load feels like a sick joke, with many players expressing shock that she was somehow more competent after just being handed a Keyblade in KHII than she was after receiving professional training in this game.
    • How about the fact that Riku's reaction upon learning that Kairi has been kidnapped is nothing more than a mild somewhat sarcastic surprise? And then when Xehanort finished her off, Riku doesn't even show any grief for her, only attacking him when Sora gets knocked back (who showed much more appropriate reaction). Seriously, he and Kairi have been best friends since their childhood and when he learnt that Kairi is gonna bite the dust, he barely reacted to it at all? Frankly, if you didn't know any better, you'd think that he and Kairi haven't met at all before this. It's as if he's getting fed up with her Chickification like the audience is.
    • The characters' reaction to Kairi's death make it even more difficult to take seriously. About ten minutes after Kairi is killed, Xion tells Sora that she's sure Kairi "will be okay". Xion's instant assumption that the person who just died can be easily brought back really drives home how cheap the concept of death is in the series. Indeed, Sora resurrects Kairi off-screen before the end credits.
    • But the crown jewel of this scene is after the Final Boss when Xehanort is redeemed and gives Sora the χ-blade and the title of Keyblade Master. Regardless of how Obviously Evil this man was before Ascending to a Higher Plane of Existence, this could have been a touching, emotional scene with Xehanort letting his pride go, and him being the one to acknowledge Sora as a true master would be a positive subversion of expectations. The problem, again, is that Sora just witnessed this man kill his girlfriend for no other reason than to piss him off. And Sora just calmly accepts this without hesitation. It makes Kairi's death feel like a very last-minute decision, and it clashes horribly with Xehanort's redemption to the point where it loses any effectiveness it could have had.
  • In the final cutscene, after closing the keyhole to Scala ad Caelum, Sora tells the others that he plans to rescue Kairi using the power of waking, to which Mickey objects vehemently... with a jarring smile on his face the whole way through. It makes his warnings and plea for him to reconsider lose a bit of seriousness. What's worse is that it's a pre-rendered cutscene, and the ones before showed that he was very much capable of emoting beyond a smile.
  • Some in-game cutscenes are ruined by the lack of background music, creating an awkward atmosphere that undermines any tension in the scene.
  • Game-within-a-game Verum Rex must garner this criticism in-universe due to its own clashing aesthetic. The human characters and the setting look serious and broody, but unlike the mechs in Final Fantasy XV, those in Verum Rex feature cartoonish proportions and bright plasticky colors.
  • Sora's new appearances in the new worlds can make dramatic moments seem more ridiculous. It's hard to take some of the cutscenes with Vanitas and Young Xehanort seriously when they're talking to a cartoony monster or an action figure.
  • This game is the culmination of every implication set up by the series' lore, and as a result a lot of dialogue sounds utterly ridiculous. Many of the series' concepts do much better when the player must interpret the rules on their own, and just can't be taken seriously when actually said aloud by an anime character to Mickey Mouse. The original characters often fall victim to wooden line delivery, making a bad problem worse. Hell, even Mickey's voice acting suffers as he struggles to deliver some truly nonsensical dialogue.
  • A quirk with the interface can ruin the impact of Ephemer and the Dandelions coming to your aid. If you set the situation command priority to "newest", you'll continually use the newest Keyblade, while the rest of the list remains static. And it is incredibly obvious what's supposed to be happening and why it isn't, so all you can think is "wow, the devs really should have put in an exception for that".
    • The fact that a lot of the names that appear in this sequence are written in a format reminiscent of internet screen names makes it look like Sora's being saved by the actual Kingdom Hearts fanbase. Which, in its own right, falls into Narm Charm considering just how big that fanbase actually is.
  • Some people have difficulty taking Vanitas seriously when he's wearing both his helmet and Organization coat at the same time, as he just looks silly when doing so. Had he been using just one or the other, it would've been fine, but his helmet more or less makes the coat's purpose of obscuring his face redundant. It's even worse when you consider that the coat's other purpose is to repel darkness away from people who make use of its corridors, meaning Vanitas (who's 100% made of darkness) is the one person that shouldn't need it in any circumstance.


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