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  • Using the winch, the Batmobile can drive up the sides of buildings.
  • Oracle's base is inside a clock tower.
  • Posters for "The Ghost Wore Grey" starring Simon Trent — a reference to the Grey Ghost film series — can be spotted in the Clock Tower and around Panessa Studios.
    • Similarly, there's a poster for "Dr. Dorian's Isle of Mutants" hanging near Studio C, alluding to the episode "Tyger, Tyger".
  • A bust of William Shakespeare houses a security device.
  • The Batmobile can turn radially from a full stop, much like the Batpod.
  • The Gotham police use 1980s-era black-and-white police cruisers similar to those seen in the Tim Burton movies.
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  • The retort used to cremate Joker has Robinson written on it, a reference to Jerry Robinson, Joker's original artist and co-creator.
  • Pauli's Diner is a homage to Paul Dini, longtime Batman writer of various comics, the DCAU and the first two Arkham games.
  • Scarecrow's new look resembles his "walking corpse" appearance in The New Batman Adventures.
  • One of the neon signs in town advertises the company "Sartorico" with the slogan "Ignited Ideas!", a reference to villain Dr. Phosphorus. Dr. Alexander Sartorius himself, a disgruntled former Stagg Industries employee, appears in a series of audio logs; he was poised to blow the whistle on Stagg's many corrupt and unethical weapons deals, but was instead kidnapped and used as a test subject for Scarecrow's improved fear toxin, the pyrophobic man hallucinating himself consumed by never-ending flame.
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  • Blimps bearing the name "Stagg Industries" can be seen orbiting high over Gotham, and both they and Stagg himself play a key role in the plot: the development of the Cloudburst.
  • The means by which Batman communicates with his allies while driving the Batmobile is called the Batphone.
  • The side missions are all referred to as parts of the "Knightfall Protocol", a worst-case scenario for Batman.
    • Azrael is convinced that he is fit to replace Batman, and in the Cliffhanger, a new, more vicious Batman shows up, both likely references to Knightfall as well.
  • The Red Hood outfit worn by Jason Todd includes a symbol that is very similar to that of Robin's (though thicker and more compact) in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin, of which that movie's Robin was a Composite Character of Dick Grayson and Todd.
  • Bruce's voicemail includes a message from a woman named Kate, reminding him about her and Maggie's engagement party, and notes that he taught her the value of keeping up appearances. Another voicemail has a message from Lex Luthor, who wants Bruce to sell him WayneTech's Applied Science division for "a billion dollars".
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  • Oracle tells Huntress and "BC" to stay on the mainland via online messaging (and her icon in the chat is the classic green face from the comics).
  • The fact that there is in fact no cure for the Jokerization except Batman's own mental prowess brings to mind the closing monologue of Joker.
    ...There is no cure for him. No cure at all...just a Batman.
  • When you first head in to meet the Joker infectees, you can observe a damaged poster for the game show formerly hosted by Arthur Brown, A.K.A. the Cluemaster.
  • Batman escapes out of the exploding Ace Chemicals factory in the Batmobile, which likewise happened in the 1989 film. Parade balloons closely resembling the ones can also be seen tethered around town.
    • Additionally, the Golden Ending is almost a shot-for-shot remake of the movie's opening. One of the thugs even looks similar.
  • Batman's MR Suit is comprised of a titanium-dipped tri-weave, over a layer of magnetorheological fluid-based liquid body armour. This allows for Batman to be much more quicker in his movements and absorb impacts better from attacks. This is a reference to the upgraded Batsuit in The Dark Knight, combined with the final body armour upgrade from Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • The game as a whole is full of references to the wider DC Universe, from enemy chatter directly acknowledging the existence of Superman, the Flash, Black Canary (which is a club, because, of course, some version of the first 14 pages of All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #3 is canon to this franchise) are, and Team 7 to Queen Industries having buildings in Gotham and John Constantine having an office, to posters advertising characters like Deadman and Zatara.
  • Jack Ryder mentions doing a piece on the CEO of Queen Industries, who he describes as "a real sharpshooter".
  • While talking to Bruce about the "Perfect Crime" case, Alfred mentions that he remembers early in Batman's career that he had to deal with another Serial Killer on Halloween, and that it was a rather long one.
  • After taking down two of the Joker infected, Batman asks for a new upgrade to the Batmobile. If Batman left the Weapons Generator Mark 2 upgrade for last, Alfred has it installed and then says "it's what you get the man who has everything." This can be seen here (timecode 10:33).
  • Scarecrow's bio indicates that on account of his frequent exposure to fear toxin, he himself has become completely incapable of feeling fear of anything but Batman. This is identical to his situation he lays out in Blackest Night, as outlined here.
  • Scattered throughout the game are posters referencing events in Batman: The Animated Series and drawn in the show's style, such as "The Ghost in Gray" as a nod to the episode "Beware The Gray Ghost", and "The Dark Interlude", a movie Matt Hagen starred in for the episode "Mudslide".
  • A whiteboard in Stagg's lab indicates he's looking into the morphogenetic field.
  • In Bruce Wayne's office, you can find a food bowl with the name Ace on it, referencing Batman's animal sidekick.
  • During the battle against Red Hood, boxes of Krank Co. toys can be found, as well as Krank's Arcade nearby. Both of these are a reference to Cosmo Krank, CEO of Krank Co. toys and a villain in The Batman.
  • One of the help tips in the loading screens is titled "Beware the Batman".
  • One of the neighbourhoods in Gotham is called Otisburg. Otisburg?!
  • Bleake Island has an auto shop owned by an Earl Cooper. In Batman: The Animated Series, Earl Cooper is the man who designed, built and maintained the Batmobile.
  • A music store near where you find the swords and graffiti for Ra's Al-Ghul's Riddler tale is called Music Meister's.
  • The special attack of the "Jokermobile" in the final fear-toxin hallucination is named, fittingly, "The Killing Joke".
  • As Batman disarms mines and takes out militia commanders across the city, Deathstroke mentions previous black ops teams he's led in both Qurac and Tropidor, a Central American country once saved by Wonder Woman.
  • The Showcase menu's flavour text caption for the DLC 1989 movie Batmobile refers to it as "a wonderful toy", referencing one of Joker's most famous lines from the film: "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
  • In the same menu, the flavour text caption for the DLC Tumbler states that "It comes in black." Just like Bruce asked.
    • In the main game, when the Arkham Knight shows up driving a giant Drill Tank, he taunts Batman by saying he thought about asking if it came in black.
  • The in-game description for the 2008 Dark Knight Batsuit is simply "He's not wearing hockey pads," a reference to Bruce's retort when confronting Batman copycats.
  • Also in the same menu, the flavour text caption for the DLC Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice paraphrases Batman's Badass Boast to Superman: "Do you bleed/speed? You will."
  • The flavor text for the Batman: Gotham Knight costume describes it as "Field Test", a reference to the short the suit is from, "Field Test".
  • Mr. Freeze's improved cryosuit in the "Season of Infamy" DLC features a protective helmet rather than his usual stylish yet fragile glass dome, in a possible nod to the costume worn by George Sanders, the first Mr. Freeze.
  • In the Elliot Memorial Hospital, assuming Season of Infamy's installed, there's a bottle of medication with an expiration date of "23/6/2015", which is the game's own release date.
  • In his first live appearance, the Arkham Knight demonstrates his knowledge of Batman by telling his people that the bat symbol on his chest is a trick meant to draw fire to the place where his armor is strongest.
  • The Arkham Knight's helmet has two layers. Removing the topmost layer reveals that the core helmet strongly resembles the Red Hood's helmet.
  • In the Arkham Episode "Robin: Flip of a Coin", Robin defeats Two-Face by knocking him down and denying him a coin flip while doing so.
  • The reveal that the Joker had kept Jason prisoner in Arkham Asylum and tortured him to the point of madness, learning Batman's secrets in the process, is eerily reminiscent of what happened to Tim Drake in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

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