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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

WARNING: This page contains unmarked spoilers for the entire series.

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  • "Ultimate ____" / "Super High School Level ____" Explanation 
  • NO, THAT'S WRONG! / YOU'VE GOT THAT WRONG! / Sore wa chigau yo! Explanation 
    • DON'T LOSE HOPE NOW! Explanation 
    • I KINDA DOUBT THAT! Explanation 
  • "JUNKOS"Explanation 
    • In the original form:
      Yasuhiro: Now, I'm not saying it was Junko, but it was Junko.
    • Discredited Meme: However, people eventually grew tired of it, since it was used increasingly near the end of the LP, whether seriously or jokingly as it became increasingly likely, and had gotten stale. The LP thread of the sequel banned anyone referencing it. Today, the meme has been used less often, to the point where some of the newer fans of the series never actually heard of the meme before.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: The funniest part of the whole thing? Junko did switch places with another student — her twin sister. The JUNKOS theory was right.
    • It gets better: even though the LP of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair banned any references to the meme, the game ends up referencing it instead, since the Big Bad of the game is an AI based on Junko whose goal is to upload herself into the bodies of all the deceased students after the survivors "graduate" and ultimately take over the world by turning everyone into JUNKOS. Yes, even after Junko died (for real this time), they still managed to be behind everything, and making others act as her doppelgangers is still the punch line of this joke. Bonus points since the name of her backup twin means "Corpse", and now she's using literal corpses to perform essentially the same purpose.
    • When Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony were announced, there was a lot of joke speculation about Junko somehow managing to be the secret mastermind yet again, usually as a ghost/cyborg/cardboard cutout/what have you. (Nope, she's fully dead, although both villains are essentially trying to recreate her.)
  • "Dangly Rope," "Dongo Bongo," "Diamond Rumpus," "Dangit Grandpa," "Danger Roomba," "Deadly Rump Roast," "Dangling Grandpas," "Doodoo Ricecake," "Donkey Ron Paul"... Explanation 
    • May be an Ascended Meme. In Chapter 4 of Danganronpa 2, Monokuma's "Cute Meaty Diary" in the Monokuma Archive has a story of how he got in Danganronpa, where he mistakes "Game Company S" for that four-sided company that gets bashed online a lot. It contains these golden lines:
      Monokuma: However, even though it was called Company S, it wasn't actually the four-sided one... It was a company that's famous for lots of reasons called Spice Chunsoft! Ah, oops...Spice Chunsoft? Space Chincraft? Oh well.
      Monokuma: And that's how I got in DanganRuPaul! Ah, oops...Doggoneronpaul? Oh well.
  • Making jokes about Byakuya and his ridiculous amounts of money. He is often depicted in fanon as having a Money Fetish, so often that it makes the fandom seem to forget that Byakuya isn't actually like that in canon.
    • Speaking of Byakuya, some people joke that tampering with crime scenes is a favorite hobby of his, given the events of Chapter 2.
    • "Tell them, Naegi." Explanation 
    • "Togami, you've lost weight." Explanation 
    • Who's Togami? That's Nigel. Explanation 
    • Four-eyed lemon Explanation 
    • "My name is Byakuya Togami." Explanation 
    • Threegami Explanation 
  • The ahoge squad. Explanation 
    • The "Dead Girlfriend Squad". Explanation 
  • FUCK DA POLICE. Explanation 
    • GET THE PADDY WAGON. Explanation 
    • WHAT'S NEW, PUSSYCAT? Explanation 
    • Making sprite videos in general is a meme on its own, taking sprites and setting them to either comedy routines, as shown above, songs, music videos, viral videos, and even TV/movie clips (spoilers on the latter two).
  • Dangan Ronpa Crack Confessions. Explanation 
  • "Puhuhu..." / "Upupupu..." Explanation 
  • You Danganronpa'd in the wrong neighborhood.Explanation 
  • That one Nagito edit. A short edit of various of Nagito's sprites and CGs with smooth animation of certain poses and facial expressions that quickly rose in popularity. Its name came from multiple edit videos for the other characters based on the original, almost all of which (if not all) dubbed it as "that one Nagito edit."

    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 
  • "[The heroine]'s you, Naegi-kun". Explanation 
  • Shortly after the big reveal, we get a memetic GIF where Junko's head is sent spinning. People then added sounds and musical accompaniment.
  • In one scene where Makoto looks horrifically at a TV screen showing the outside world, people pasted several different pictures on the TV screen, such as something else that is horrifying or a Take That!. Something Awful's paywall screen is a popular choice.
  • "THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE!!!" Explanation 
    • Also: I'd hit that with a truck. Explanation 
  • Due to Makoto's status as Ultimate Hope, he is often depicted cosplaying as Madoka; sometimes, Kyoko is drawn alongside him as Homura. Sayaka Maizono sometimes joins them, as she has a matching first name and color scheme.
  • "Owada pumped up and ready to party." Explanation 
  • 11037 Explanation 
  • Leon Kuwata is a weenie.
    • A weenie who hates besbaw.
    • Batter up, Leon.Explanation 
    • Stupidstupidstupidstupid! / AHO AHO AHO AHO AHO Explanation 
  • Kiyotaka is a crybaby. Explanation 
  • Sayaka is a snake. Explanation 
  • Sakura Oogami is a pretty princess. Explanation 
  • I can't believe it's not butter. Explanation 
    • Eat up, aniki. Explanation 
  • The culprit is Hagakure! Explanation 
  • Yasuhiro's hamburger. Explanation 
  • Anime Peter Griffin. Explanation 
  • My... Name... is... CELESTIA LUDENBERG GODDAMMIT!Explanation 
  • DONUTS Explanation 
    • Also, because the anime adaptation was running at the same time as Free!, jokes were made that Aoi was in the wrong series, and she was even shipped with series lead Haruka Nanase.
  • Kyoko Kirigiri loves touching corpses. Explanation 
  • Bacon Hands Explanation 
  • Ramenhead Kyoko, the Ramen Fairy, or Makoto's ramen fetish. Explanation 
    • "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLWAYS!!" Explanation 
  • "Corn Hair." Explanation 
  • Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the Ultimate Despair. Watch out for her. Explanation 
  • Yasuhiro Hagakure is the Ultimate Protagonist. Explanation 
  • The dick only makes it better! Explanation 

    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair 
  • Nagito Komaeda. Explanation 
    • What The Hell, Komaeda. Explanation 
    • Here we are at Seaworld, Hinata-kun! Explanation 
    • Did somebody say HOPE?!/Haha Time for HOPE/You wanna hope with me? Explanation 
    • I really want Ko. Explanation 
    • I want Ko to run. Explanation 
    • Nagito loves bagels. Explanation 
    • Do you like boats? Explanation 
    • Hinata-kun is cheating on me... Explanation 
    • Feed me, Hinata-kun! Explanation 
    • Ultimate Bullshit Explanation 
    • I want Hinata-kun's hope/I need more of Hinata-kun's hope/Show me your HOPE, Hinata-kun! Explanation 
    • Ultimate Asshole Explanation 
  • AVRIL LAVIGNE. Explanation 
  • Ibuki knows that you're reading this! Don't say anything bad about Ibuki! Explanation 
  • Ibuki's song from Chapter 3. Treads into Accidental Nightmare Fuel territory, and also gives an insight on why she broke up with her band over creative disputes, as stated in her Free-Time events.
  • "How's it hanging, Ibuki?" Explanation 
  • Spoiler-kun is banned. Explanation 
  • Hajime Hinata loves orange juice. Explanation 
  • Titty Typhoon Explanation 
  • Hajime Mulaney. Explanation 
  • Whoa! Explanation 
  • Meat On The Bone. Explanation 
  • "JEEEEEEEEEEEZ..." Explanation 
  • Mikan: Ultimate Fan Service Explanation 
  • Banana Loli. Explanation 
  • Since Kazuichi seems to bring up Sonia almost every time he talks and states that she will eventually become his girlfriend, only for Sonia to be seemingly interested in Gundham, not to mention creeped out by Kazuichi's attitude towards her, a lot of jokes have been made about Kazuichi being a huge simp for Sonia.
  • Jokes have made by the fandom about Fuyuhiko starring in The Boss Baby with the most common one being "I can't believe Fuyuhiko is getting his own movie." This became an Ascended Meme in Danganronpa V3, with Kokichi full on calling him the Boss Baby in Ultimate Talent Development Plan.
  • The fandom is prone to making jokes about Hajime being a complete moron, thanks to the fourth trial requiring him to do a Hangman's Gambit to remember the word 'elevator'.
    • "What's an Octagon?". Explanation 
  • Sonia Nevermind’s last name has lead to many Who's on First? jokes within the Fandom.

    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls 
  • 'X has a sibling" has become popular due to a large amount of the new characters being relatives of characters from the first game (many of whom were never explicitly mentioned before).
  • Making jokes about the game being in the Yuri Genre, often supplied with a screencap of Ibuki talking about girls love.
  • Calling Monaca trash and/or expressing a desire to throw her down a flight of stairs. Fans later settled on referring to her as Satan.
  • Izuru punching through Shirokuma and Kurokuma in the epilogue. Fans proceeded to run with his now canon Super Strength, labeling him a Memetic Badass.
  • Nagisa Shingetsu did nothing wrong. Explanation 
  • DID YOU JUST SAY THE G-WORD?! Explanation 
  • Ball Monokuma Explanation 

    Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School 
  • WHY NO SDR2 ANIME. Explanation 
  • Puberty hit Makoto like a bus. Explanation 
  • Watch Twogami Run Explanation 
  • Chandelier. Explanation 
  • Ishimaru is the mastermind. Explanation 
  • Rotten Oranges. Explanation 
  • Everything about the Aphrodisiac scene. Explanation 
  • Tomato sauce. Explanation 
  • Everything is Sakakura's fault. Explanation 
    • Even when Sakakura does the right thing, he still ruins everything. Explanation 
  • "Local X Ruins Everything" Explanation 
    • "Local X Does Something Right for Once." Explanation 
  • Nagito is a terrorist/"Hope akbar" Explanation 
  • The Mastermind's motives better not be complex. Explanation 
  • The Ultimate Bullshit. Explanation 
  • The scene of Hinata staring at a computer in Despair Arc Episode 3 has for whatever reason become a magnet for parodies.
  • Munakata is Kaneki. Explanation 
  • Dr Hopper. Explanation 
  • Dewicious Explanation 
  • Believe in Weedman Explanation 
  • Dear boy, we hereby arrest you. For treason. Explanation 
  • "Nyek Nyek Nyek Nyek!" Explanation 
  • "Boring." Explanation 
  • Time to rewatch Episode 6 for... investigation reasons. Explanation 
    • The same has been applied to the otherwise horrifying Episode 7 of Despair Arc, thanks to Nagito's Waterfall Shower in that episode.
  • X is the 13th Branch Head. Explanation 
  • First we need to consult the bagels. Explanation 
  • They Smoothed Him/Smoothgate Explanation 
  • Episode 7 too raw Explanation 
  • Third wheel Juzo. Explanation 
  • Google it up, shitlord. Explanation 
  • After Junko enforced Soundtrack Dissonance for the first mutual killing, fans have joined Junko in the fun by playing similarly unfitting music over the carnage.
  • In episode 8, the room where Kyoko's group is now has a huge Bottomless Pit. With all the hate generated by Ruruka, a lot of people have taken up mimicking the scene of 300 where the messenger is kicked in a pit. Usually with Kyoko or Juzo kicking her.
  • The scene where Komaeda pulls a gun on Kamukura spawned a truckload of parodies and jokes, being dubbed "Komaeda's new shot through the heart event"
  • The Meet Cute/Love Bubbles scene of Izuru and Nagito was the target of a lot of jokes even by Spike Chunsoft's twitter:
    Nagito: My nose is stuck... achoo!
    Izuru: If it's sinus medication you need, I have that too.
    Nagito: K-Kamukura-kun... *blushes*
  • The scene in which Ryota opens the video of the First Mutual Killing Game has spawned various parodies.
  • The infamous amount of delays concerning the subs has lead to some joking that it's Funimation's Forbidden Action to release them on time.
  • Junko is Delta Explanation (spoilers for Zero Time Dilemma
  • Ryota: "Anime was a mistake"Explanation 
  • John Travolta! Explanation 
  • A Clockwork Orange Explanation 
  • Izuru, Ultimate X Explanation 
  • SHSL PR Guy Explanation 
  • Fire Extinguisher: The true hero of the series.Explanation 
  • Chisa the Child Slayer Explanation 
  • Who loses their jacket next? Explanation 
  • "Lost Waifu Week" Explanation 
    • Local waifu cheats death Explanation 
  • "The Rumor Come Out" Explanation 
    • "Why couldn't Munakata open doors? To see that Juzo was hiding in the closet!" Explanation 
  • "Kamukura, Kamukura, YASS QUEEN~!" Explanation 
  • SHSL Redeemed Explanation 
    • Connected to that: "Juzo died for our sins" Explanation 
  • The ending of Future Arc Episode 11, where Mitarai gets a phone message from the supposed to be dead Tengan, has seen tons of parodies, usually involving giving a gag response to the message itself.
  • Goodbye Komaeda. Explanation 
  • "Memes." Explanation 
  • Ryota vi Britannia Explanation 
  • Being Munakata is suffering. Explanation 
  • Friendship ended with X, now Y is my best friend. Explanation 
  • Yeah, I don't get this either. Pretty sure I died. Explanation 
  • Danganronpa 3 Official Abridged. Explanation 

    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 
  • Basically everything relating to Kokichi Oma has become a meme since the reveal of his talent, especially his Panta.
  • The face Kaito is seen making during the class trial trailer immediately went memetic for being even more hilarious than Kazuichi's.
  • Even the game mechanics have gotten their own:
    • The most obvious is the new ability to throw objects around when looking for monocoins, so you don't need to worry about what you've already checked. A common gag is to have Kaede presented as a one woman wrecking crew in her pursuit of money much to the concern of her friends; interestingly, Shuichi being presented this way is a lot rarer.
    • Jokes have made about the Psyche Taxi" mechanic in this game which is similar to the Logic Dive mechanic in Danganronpa 2, but the main character is now driving a car and picking up hookers instead of riding a snowboard.
    • It took a very short amount of time for fans to start mocking this game's iteration of the Hangman's Gambit, one of the series' most despised mini-games, for now making the letters invisible.
  • Literally any time Tenko calls Shuichi or any other male student a degenerate male, and the face she makes while doing so.
  • "The protagonist spot, Kaede."Explanation 
  • Who is Kaito Momota? Never heard of him.Explanation 
  • "Hey, do robots have dicks?" Explanation 
  • Datamine thing. Explanation 
    • Among the datamined things, this sprite of Miu has gone memetic. You have exactly three guesses as of why. (Warning: NSFW) Giving up?  
  • Towards the release of the game in Japan, many, many jokes were made over a variety of fake leaks. Come the actual game release, even more jokes were created after numerous people attempted to put some conflicting spoilers out, to the point where many fans have zero idea what is actually true.
  • Magical Girl Kaede Explanation 
  • [X] is a crossdresser. Explanation 
  • Kaede hanging out with Ibuki.Explanation 
  • Tenko Tenko Ten! Explanation 
  • DO NOT FUCK THE ROBOT. Explanation 
  • RIP Keebo's Ahoge Explanation 
  • Komaeda Discourse 2.0 Explanation 
  • With this image showing Rantaro painting Kaede's nails with Shirogane looking at them with a grumpy face along with how Shirogane killed Rantaro and let Kaede get executed for it, many jokes have been about Shirogane not shipping Rantaro and Kaede.
  • Keebo died for our sins! Explanation 
  • Welcome to the club, Shuuichi. Explanation 
  • The NDRV3 opening goes with everything Explanation 
  • The Megumi Squad Explanation 
  • Don't trust the fashion industry Explanation 
  • "Neeheehee!" / "Nishishi!" Explanation 
  • Soon Explanation 
  • Meat On The Bone, Meat Off The Bone Explanation 
  • The Holy Trinity Explanation 
  • (Object related to the character's talent) Out, people Explanation 
  • DO NOT THROW THE ROBOT! Explanation 
  • (Character's Name) Protection Squad Explanation 
  • FICTION Explanation 
  • Hope! Despair! Hope! Despair! / KIBOU DA! ZETSUBOU DA! Explanation 
  • With the amount of Ho Yay shipping in the fandom along with the LGBT Fanbase, there was many sprite videos where the cast sang Gay or European?.
  • Is Oma [X] today? Explanation 
  • Weeby Newz is Kaede Explanation 
  • Kokichi Oma is a grandmother. Explanation 
  • The Famitsu Poster Explanation 
  • K one B zero Explanation 
  • Following the reveal in Chapter 3, everything regarding Korekiyo - dubbed 'Salt' (塩) by the Japan fandom, 'Tulpaman' by certain Western imageboards, and 'The Folklore Cunt' by segments of the Western fandom thanks to Vidya's Abridged Series - has become a meme. Common jokes include salt, the concept of tulpas, sister complexes, and the idea of giving '100 friends' to people.
  • "But that's Kayayday's lie, isn't it?" Explanation 
    • In general, a bunch of fans falsely theorized Bryce Papenbrook was voicing Kokichi after that one line, resulting in a lot of memetic content.
  • Gonta telling truth/Caveman Gonta Explanation 
  • A new killing game with begin again.Explanation 
  • Korekiyo's love of Seesaws. Explanation 
  • Atua, Angie's cult deity, being used in place of "God" in phrases or as an all purpose answer much like Angie does in game.
  • Generally speaking, when at least two fans have a disagreement on certain things, it is common for somebody to state to try to solve things via a "Scrum Debate".
  • Comparing Rantaro Amami to an avocado is common due to his light green hair. In regards to his death, there's also jokes about how the avocado got turned into guacamole.
  • Shuichi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing. Explanation 
  • Still Got a Ways to Go.Explanation 
  • Humanity is beautiful Explanation 
  • "Damn normies! Go backflip onto a landmine and explode!" Explanation 
  • Clair de Lune. Explanation 
  • This guy should have died instead of Kaede.Explanation 
  • #Kokichi2020 Explanation 
  • The Ouma Piss Fic. Explanation 


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