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Memes / Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

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If you thought Danganronpa 3 had the most memes of the franchise, then you've still got a ways to go.

  • Basically everything relating to Ouma has become a meme since the reveal of his talent, especially his Panta.
  • "I have recording functions. I will sue you later for your discriminatory remarks."
  • The face Kaito is seen making during the class trial trailer immediately went memetic for being even more hilarious than Kazuichi's.
  • Even the game mechanics have gotten their own:
    • The most obvious is the new ability to throw objects around when looking for monocoins, so you don't need to worry about what you've already checked. A common gag is to have Kaede presented as a one woman wrecking crew in her pursuit of money much to the concern of her friends, further notable since despite being the character you're more likely to have been doing this for longer Shuichi being presented this way is a lot rarer.
    • Jokes have made about the "Brain Drive/Psyche Taxi" mechanic in this game which is similar to the Logic Dive mechanic in Super Danganronpa 2 but the main character is now driving a car and picking up hookers instead of riding a snowboard.
    • It took a very short amount of time for fans to start mocking "Improved" Improved Hangman's Gambit, one of the series' most despised mini-games, for now making the letters invisible. Only time will tell if it's a Scrappy Mechanic like the last two times or actually better than it sounds.
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  • Literally any time Tenko calls Shuichi or any other male student a degenerate male, and the face she makes while doing so.
  • "The protagonist spot, Kaede."note 
  • Who is Kaito Momota? Never heard of him.note 
  • "Hey, do robots have dicks?" note 
    • After this scene Miu had with Ki-bo, many jokes have been made about Miu knowing the answer to Kokichi's question.
  • Datamine thing. note 
    • Among the datamined things, this sprite of Miu has gone memetic. You have exactly three guesses as of why. (Warning: NSFW) Giving up?  
  • Towards the release of the game in Japan, many, many jokes were made over a variety of fake leaks. Come the actual game release, even more jokes were created after numerous people attempted to put some conflicting spoilers out most notably this game taking place in an Alternate Universe to the point where many fans have zero idea what is actually true.
  • Magical Girl Kaede note 
  • [X] is a crossdresser. note 
  • Tenko Tenko Ten! note 
  • RIP Kiibo's Ahoge note 
  • Komaeda Discourse 2.0 note 
  • With this image showing Rantaro painting Kaede's nails with Shirogane looking at them with a grumpy face along with how Shirogane killed Rantaro and let Kaede get executed for it, many jokes have been about Shirogane not shipping Rantaro and Kaede.
  • Kiibo died for our/the Danganronpa fandom's sins WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS 
  • Welcome to the club, Shuuichi. Spoiler 
  • The NDRV3 opening goes with everything note 
  • The Megumi Squad note 
  • Don't trust the fashion industry Spoiler 
  • Nishishi note 
    • Kukuku note 
  • Soon note 
  • Meat On The Bone, Meat Off The Bone note 
  • The Holy Trinity note 
  • (Object related to the character's talent) Out, people Spoiler 
  • (Character's Name) Protection Squad note 
  • FICTION Spoiler 
  • KIBOU DA! ZETSUBOU DA! / Hope! Despair! Hope! Despair! Spoiler 
  • With the amount of Ho Yay shipping in the fandom along with the LGBT Fanbase, there was many sprite videos where the cast sang Gay or European?.
  • Is Ouma [X] today? note 
  • Weeby Newz is Kaede note 
  • Kokichi Oma is a grandmother. note 
    • No More Grandmother Jokes note 
  • The Famitsu Poster note 
  • K one B zero note 
  • Following the reveal in Chapter 3, everything regarding Korekiyo - dubbed 'Salt' (塩) by the Japan fandom, 'Tulpaman' by certain Western imageboards, and 'The Folklore Cunt' by segments of the Western fandom thanks to Vidya's Abridged Series - has become a meme. Common jokes include salt, the concept of tulpas, sister complexes, and the idea of giving '100 friends' to people.
  • But that's Kayayday's lie, isn't it? note 
    • In general, a bunch of fans falsely theorized Bryce Papenbrook was voicing Ouma after that one line resulting in a lot of memetic content.
  • Gonta telling truth/Caveman Gonta note 
  • A new killing game with begin again.note 
  • Korekiyo's love of Seesaws. Spoiler 
  • Atua, Angie's cult deity, being used in place of "God" in phrases or as an all purpose answer much like Angie does in game.
  • Generally speaking, when at least two fans have a disagreement on certain things, it is common for somebody to state to try to solve things via a "Scrum Debate".
  • Comparing Rantaro Amami to an avocado is common due to his light green hair. There's also jokes about how the avocado got turned into guacamole in regards to his death.
  • Shuichi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing. Spoiler 
  • Still Got a Ways to Go.Explanation 
  • Humanity is beautiful Explanation 
  • "Damn normies! Go backflip onto a landmine and explode!" Explanation 
  • Claire De Lune. Explanation(possibly a Spoilered Rotten one) 
  • This guy should have died instead of Kaede.Explanation 

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