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Heterosexual Life Partners / Fanfic

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  • Holiday Vacation and Lucky Star After Story, portrays original characters Mariko Aratani and Chiyoko Sakamoto as this. Both of them have boyfriends, however, the two girls are almost never seen apart. Furthermore, Mariko and Chiyoko have been best friends since their first day of kindergarten back in 1996.
  • Valkron and Emeth, and Khan and Amaru, in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune.
  • Lightning Bolt and Cloud Kicker from Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles.
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  • In the pro wrestling story A Ring Of Their Own, Ivory and Molly Holly are portrayed like this. Ivory is the one who convinced Molly to finally come out of retirement and wrestle again. When Molly won the FWF Championship, the first thing she did was hug Ivory.
  • In the Star Trek fanfic Heroes, Surak compares Kirk and Spock's relationship to the "warrior bond-brothers" he observed in his own day.
  • In Empath: The Luckiest Smurf, Empath Smurf and Polaris Psyche are considered this, although Polaris is more asexual than heterosexual.
  • The first ten chapters of Sugar Rush Stories seem to exist specifically to make sure everyone is involved in this trope.
  • Ring Man and Magnet Man in Mega Man Recut.
  • The Heterosexual Life-Partnership of Soarin and Braeburn by Draconian Soul. The trope is the title and basic premise of the story.
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  • Alone On The Water uses this trope by name when talking about how difficult it is to define Sherlock and John's relationship. John remembers that Sherlock was amused when Harry referred to them as this.
  • Akane ends up with two in Fist of the Moon: her best friend Ranma and her pseudo-cousin Ami.