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After a long DECADE, she's finally with her kids.

  • After physically losing Lena, it's sweet that Webby almost immediately found another best friend in Dewey.

    The Most Dangerous Game...Night! 
  • Remember the painting of Scrooge, Donald and Della fighting pirates from the pilot? Duckworth is seen taking the portrait of Prospector!Scrooge down from the foyer fireplace and replacing it with said painting. This suggests that Scrooge has finally come to terms with Della Duck being part of his past.
  • Dewey and Webby spend the whole episode celebrating how well they work together thanks to their friendship, with Webby now even having her own verse in Dewey's song.
    • The two get confused during the climax when their teamwork doesn't go as smoothly before, since they were getting on each other's nerves so much. Scrooge clarifies that's because they're not really best friends, they're family, and family drives each other nuts sometimes. Webby and Dewey get the message: they're not just best friends, they're like brother and sister now. Note that, at this point, Scrooge is swinging Donald around on his cane and using him to beat their enemies just to prove his point.
  • Donald & Scrooge's relationship in the episode. Sure, they may have been estranged for years but they still clearly love each other. Scrooge even calls them Team Uncle.
    • Hell, there may be more to it that that! According to The Last Crash of the Sunchaser, Donald, Scrooge and Della went around the whole goddamn world together and Donald hasn't died yet. Scrooge probably picked Donald because, yeah, sure, Donald can be a dope, but he knows how to survive, which often means you can come from behind and win, especially with Scrooge's insatiable lust for money on your side...
    • It's actually much simpler than that: Scrooge trusts Donald.
  • Dewey and Webby hug briefly when they team up, excitedly (and simultaneously) declaring each other as teammates.
  • Louie thinks Scrooge is going to let him have it at the end, but instead Scrooge is proud of Louie seeing all the angles and formulating the best plan for success. His siblings may be tougher than the toughies (Dewey) and smarter than the smarties (Huey), but Louie is sharper than the sharpies ("People forget that one"). Scrooge presents Louie with the golden idol he found as a present, saying that if Louie applies himself, he may be even richer than Scrooge one day.
    • Let that last part sink in - Scrooge, established as a competition nut who can't stand losing, acknowledges that Louie might become an even savvier billionaire than himself.
    • It's also worth noting that Scrooge makes a point of telling Louie that his mother demonstrated the same kind of cleverness and capacity for Awesome by Analysis. Considering that Louie was measuring himself against his mother earlier, it was just what he needed to hear.
    • Back in "Jaw$", Louie was clearly annoyed with Scrooge's policy of putting all of the treasure the group collects into the money bin. Now, Scrooge has finally relaxed the policy and gives Louie one of the artifacts he worked so hard to obtain.
  • Donald and Scrooge may have been estranged but Donald is still in Scrooge's will, despite everything.
  • The temple that Scrooge and the nephews and Webby are in at the beginning of the episode seems to be the same one Goldie was pictured in front of in The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains. Either Goldie didn't go there to steal that artifact (probably because, as Louie reveals, it unleashes a lot of crap and she values her existence!) or she left it for Scrooge to find, knowing his insatiable lust for Gold would take him there eventually.
  • Scrooge reveals at the end that after diffusing the conflict Louie gave the Gyropuddlians the Scroogeopoly board as a much more stable place to live.

    The Depths of Cousin Fethry! 
  • One of Scrooge's phone lines is to Dismal Downs, where his parents live.
  • A small one, but unlike Donald's Brutal Honesty in his low opinion of Fethry and his antics, Scrooge has the courtesy to try describing Fethry in a tactful manner to Huey and Dewey — while he can be open to the kids about his dislike of smug, lazy, self-centered Gladstone it's really hard to justify his indifference of Fethry, who's actually a nice duck even if his eccentricities exasperate him.
  • Cousin Fethry is definitely a Cloudcuckoolander, but he clearly cares about Huey and Dewey, affectionately calling them "Little Donalds" and protecting them from danger.
  • Huey and Dewey learning to appreciate Fethry's eccentricities, and realizing that being weird doesn't make him a bad person.
  • Most of Huey and Dewey's interactions. Normally, we tend to see them at odds. This episode shows what they're like when they're on the same side. They tease each other, but there's no venom behind it. When one demonstrates their own eccentricities, the other just smiles fondly. It's all very sweet.

    The Ballad of Duke Baloney! 
  • Webby's immediate response to an amnesiac Glomgold, despite all the villainous things he's done, is to worry he might have serious brain damage and insist they help him regain his identity. And later on, Scrooge is genuinely glad to see his arch-nemesis happy with his life and says they should just leave him be.
  • We see in a flashback that Glomgold, or Duke as he was known back then, met Scrooge when the latter was resting from an adventure and hired the young Glomgold to clean his spats for him. To pay the boy, Scrooge tried to give the duckling his very own "number one dime" to teach him the value of working hard for his fortune, much like Scrooge was taught as a child. Too bad Duke was not grateful at all for the gesture.
  • Seeing how happy and at peace Glomgold was as Duke Baloney. He had a simple, yet fulfilling life as a hard working and honest fisherman. His obsession with Scrooge made him a miserable person, but in those 4 months he was probably happier then ever since his childhood. It becomes a Tear Jerker when he gets his memories (and Jerkass personality) back.

    The Town Where Everyone was Nice! 
  • Scrooge, of all people, says Donald shouldn't be ashamed that he's not successful as Panchito and Jose. He refers to Donald as a family man and "a boat owner." The latter may seem like Damned by Faint Praise, but when you consider that the boat is where Donald lived with the triplets for ten years, what Scrooge meant was home owner, which is nothing to sneeze at either (even if the boat is in constant disrepair). He's also completely right that raising children is as noble an endeavor as a successful career.
  • Donald's reunion with José and Panchito is very much this. Upon seeing them, Donald immediately gives José a big hug and the trio proceeds to perform their old secret handshake without missing a beat. It's definitely the happiest Donald is seen onscreen as since the show began.
    Three Caballeros: Squawk, crow, quack. I've got your back!
    • Even better? According to the timeline, the last time Donald and his friends saw each other was approximately eleven years ago when the Triplets were still eggs. Donald still remembers that handshake. Also, this meant that Donald wasn't alone when he walked out on Scrooge with the kids after the Spear of Selene incident.
  • Huey assuring Donald (or trying to, anyway,) that he's not a failure because he did the most meaningful thing possible: Raise three boys on his own.

    Last Christmas! 
  • Donald's enthusiasm for the holiday season is downright infectious.
    Donald: ♪ Deck the lawn with tons of snowmen! Fa la la la la, la la la la! ♪
    • On a similar note, Webby's enthusiasm on decorating the tree. Although it turns out rather lopsided, it's the thought that counts. Additionally, Huey tries to talk to her about "ornament distribution"... and then Webby abruptly hugs him.
  • Dewey getting to see his mother in the flesh for the first time, as well as hug her, by traveling back in time with Scrooge and the three Christmas spirits. Della, being a kid at the time and unaware that Dewey is her future sonnote , does find it a bit awkward though.
  • As shown in a flashback to the past, after Donald and Della make up, they trade presents. They both laugh at the fact that Donald's Christmas jumper is too big for him before sharing a warm hug.
  • When Dewey and Scrooge come home, Donald hugs Dewey and tells him "Welcome back", implying he knew exactly when Dewey has been.
    • This is especially heartwarming because we do not get to see much Donald/Dewey interaction in the show. However, this scenes displays perfectly why Donald Duck is Huey, Dewey, and Louie's father in every way that matters.
  • Mrs. Beakley dancing and clearly having a good time at Scrooge's first Christmas party.
  • When Dewey comes back from his adventure and the other kids see him, they all dog pile on him in a display of sibling loving and affection. Dewey did not even have to apologize to them for the way he acted earlier, they are just glad he's with them now.
  • Scrooge's loving and affectionate smile when Dewey hugs him and begs him to go back to their family. It's clear as day that he loves Dewey very much.
  • Scrooge's determination to get back to his family after the Ghost of Christmas Past attempts to trap him in the past and keep him from his family forever.
    • In a roundabout way, Past did teach Scrooge a lesson: that even if your family is overwhelming sometimes, it's worth it for all the good times you spend together.
  • When they return to the present day, Scrooge decides, instead of choosing one over the other, to celebrate Christmas with both his family AND the three spirits, inviting the latter to join his family at their Christmas party. Even the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  • In past Christmas where a young Donald opens his present from Della, it's a sweater that's several sizes too big for him. Cut to present day, he's still wearing it, but this time, it fits him perfectly.
    • It also turns out that Della's blue scarf was a gift from Donald during the same Christmas, and that she never goes anywhere without it. Including the Moon.
  • A meta-example, the fact that they brought back Russi Taylor to the DuckTales family to voice young Donald essentially doing her Huey/Dewey/Louie/Webby voice.
  • The reveal that Della, realizing that the boys are down on Earth, has put serious effort into getting back, wishing them a Merry Christmas and saying she will be back soon.

    Whatever Happened to Della Duck?! 
  • The determination to return to Earth and see her children again is what keeps Della alive on the Moon. Some of the video messages she creates for her boys are really endearing.
  • The second Della learns the Moon Mite only seeks to feed its baby, she gives up (what she believes is) her only source of rocket fuel, and soothes the baby mite with a lullaby. After all, she too is a mother.
  • After Della sadly accepts that she seemingly can't fix her ship to return home, General Lunaris immediately offers her a place in the Moon Planet city, no questions asked. This is quite touching - the first time you watch it, anyway. It's later revealed that Lunaris had immediately conceived of a plan to use Della in order to launch an invasion of Earth, and that his compassion was all an act.
  • The beloved Moon theme from the old DuckTales game is worked into the episode at several points as an encouraging piece of music when Della finds her resolve at various points to make a bold attempt at returning home. The real clincher is that In-Universe, the very same arrangement is used as Della's lullaby for her sons.

    Treasure of the Found Lamp! 
  • Upon discovering that there is no genie in the lamp everyone wants to know why D'jinn was so obsessed with getting it. Turns out that the lamp did have a genie: D'jinn's eighth great-grandfather, whose master fell in love with and freed him rather than use him for wishes. The two were married and went on a ton of adventures.
    D'jinn: Though [the Genie] no longer had any magic, he granted her every wish as her devoted husband.
    • D'jinn happily saying that the adventure of getting the lamp will serve as wonderful stories to tell his descendants.
    • What's more, you realize the Fridge Brilliance of D'jinn's name when you discover he's descended from an actual genie, and his ancestors probably were given the same name in his honor.
  • The Duck family celebrating D'jinn's birthday with him.
  • Scrooge, realizing thanks to D'jinn that sometimes the wealth of some items is the stories they hold, deciding to open a museum exhibit filled with relics from his adventures so the kids, and the public, can hear about all the amazing things he did.

    The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck! 
  • Although they're still in Slap-Slap-Kiss mode for most of the episode, Scrooge and Goldie do get a few cute moments together, and it's obvious she's covering up a genuine attraction to him underneath the antagonism.
  • At the end of the episode, Goldie implies that she followed Scrooge all the way out there because she wanted to see him again. She makes him blush by going in for a kiss...before hitting him in the face and running off.
  • Playedfor Laughs, while Louie opts to learn from Goldie on how to be more "shifty", the fact he chose her over being the Con Artist speaks for his core character.

    The 87 Cent Solution! 
  • Donald Duck sobbing over Scrooge's apparent demise. The funeral turned out to be fake to get Glomgold to confess, but nobody told that to Donald. Even though their relationship has been strained since Della's disappearance, it's clear he still loves his uncle.
  • Roxanne turns up to Scrooge's funeral, despite regularly painting him as a bad guy and trying to stir up drama about him just because it makes good TV. In fact, she even gets royally annoyed when Glomgold turns up, gloats about his victory, dances to DJ Khaled rap music and tries to twerk on Scrooge's casket.
  • The Reveal that Scrooge and family were Faking the Dead to get Glomgold to admit his scheme to ruin Scrooge's credibility in the financial community so he could win their bet. Scrooge eventually admitted that Huey was right and needed to get some rest, while Huey after looking more closely at his guidebook realized that somebody was Gaslighting Scrooge. Scrooge's sums it all up nicely.
    Scrooge: See, you could never beat me Flinty, because I have my family to keep me grounded.

    The Golden Spear! 
  • After noticing Donald's awful stressed condition, the whole family decides to give Donald a full paid vacation and assuring him that the triplets would be fine in Scrooge's care
  • Della fixing Penumbra's spear.
  • The Moonlanders helping Della fix her ship.
  • The reaction of Donald Seeing Della's spaceship crash. He immediately goes there to check her and he's not angry or disappointed, he is just full of excitement and pure joy for meeting his sister again. Unfortunately, he accidentally activates the ship while looking for her and ends up being thrown into space.
  • Despite her initial mistrust, Penumbra genuinely grows to like Della. Too bad it only came just as Lunaris reveals his true colors.
    • For example, as Della is about to leave, she delays getting in position to give Penumbra a hug. Keep in mind that her rocket was just set off moments ago and she risks missing it, which would result in her completely missing her chance to escape, just to say goodbye. Bonus points for Penumbra not getting angry. She just stiffly returns the gesture.
  • Two words:
    Della: I'm home.

    Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! 
  • After 11 years being apart, Della reunites with her uncle and sons.
    • Scrooge drops the Cartographer's Quill at the first sight of Della after 11 years apart, after giving an epic lecture about how valuable it is and the fortune, adventure, knowledge and mystery it can bring. It shows that Scrooge still cares more about family than anything.
    • Just how tightly and long Scrooge and Della hug each other upon reuniting. It really brings home how they are surrogate father and daughter.
    • Scrooge scolding Della for her tone like a true dad, and even when they both argue about how Scrooge didn't "look hard enough", Della immediately drops the argument and is just happy he's scolding her, which Scrooge reciprocates. There's also the little moment where Scrooge shows shock at Della's robotic leg, but then switches to amazement that she was able to move past something as traumatic as amputation.
    • The Group Hug between Della and the boys and Webby's Played for Laughs Tears of Joy. One will notice that Della (following this episode too) will always stroke her sons's heads gently and hold them in her palms. Aaaaw!
      • During the hug, one can see that Dewey and Huey are not only hugging Della but they also wrap their arms around Louie. Since Louie was by far the most emotional upon seeing Della again, they likely knew that he needed an especially big hug.
    • Special mention when Dewey runs into her arms: As Della strokes his head, all he does is put his hands around her wrists, like a young baby holding onto his mother for the first time.
    • One nicely subtle touch: Scrooge makes sure he gets Dewey’s name right while introducing the triplets.
  • Della tries so hard to be a good mom to her sons that she tries to makeup for her past mistakes and lost time.
    • Dewey doing everything he can to make sure she doesn't get discouraged by her mishaps, including trying to pretend he's not sick from her cooking despite being visibly in pain.
    • When the family meeting is going on, Dewey is arguing for Della more than anyone else. Despite having only known his mother less than 24 hours, Dewey not only loves Della but absolutely adores her.
  • While Della is annoyed that Donald ignored her choices for the boys' names, she never tries to force those names on them, despite presumably having been calling them Jet, Turbo and Rebel in her head for the past decade. She always corrects herself whenever she slips up, and by the morning seems to have come up with a system to get their correct names into her head, which she partly recites to herself after getting Huey's name wrong again. It's a subtle affirmation that, despite her difficulties adjusting to being a mom, Della fully values her kids for who they actually are, not any imagined ideal from the years of separation.
  • In a nice touch, the episode premiered on the day after Mother's Day.
  • One of the images of Donald and the triplets has a newspaper in it saying "Blizzard"; the triplets are tucked together in an inflatable water-bed... which Donald is filling with tea to keep them warm. Judging by the looks on their faces, they have stayed up to watch said approaching blizzard.
    • Another image is of Donald sitting on the three eggs to keep them warm like a mother duck would.
  • Donald keeps a picture of himself and Launchpad on the houseboat, showing that while they don't spend much time on screen together, he considers him a good friend.
  • Upon seeing pictures of Donald caring for her sons, Della says he deserves the vacation the family gave him.
    Della: *with heavy thankfulness in her voice* You did a great job, earned that vacation.

    Raiders of the Doomsday Vault! 
  • Just the mother-son relationship between Della and Dewey throughout the episode.
  • Della and Dewey singing "Stand Out" together and even dancing to it is adorable and will bring a tear to the eye of many older Disney fans, especially those who grew up seeing A Goofy Movie
    Della: (after finishing the song) Nailed it! (ruffles Dewey's head-feathers)
    Dewey: (smiling) Mom, stop! No I'm just kidding, keep going.
    Della: (kisses him on the forehead)
  • Near the end of the episode, Glomgold accuses Scrooge of trying to get one over him by taking the money tree for himself. Scrooge's response?
    Scrooge: I don't care about the stupid tree! My family's in danger!
  • After escaping the Vault, Dewey breaks down in tears thinking he disappointed his mother by not being the adventurer she is. Della assures Dewey that she will always believe in him, but Dewey will never have to prove anything to Della.

    Friendship Hates Magic! 
  • The fact Webby still tries to find a way to bring Lena back from the Shadow Realm is a mix of heartwarming and heart-wrenching.
  • Lena obviously cares for Webby deeply, and despite clearly missing being able to interact with her, expresses, multiple times, the wish that Webby stop messing around with potentially dangerous magic, even if it could free her.
  • The episode shows that Violet isn't as threatening as she comes off to be, coming off as a genuinely nice person who seems to want to start a friendship with Webby through mutual love of the supernatural/magic.
    • To put things into perspective, she may not know Lena like Webby does, nor has she known Webby long enough, but she sensed from the beginning this was clearly troubling Webby. In fact, it is Violet who convinces her to not give up on bringing Lena back, understanding just how important Lena is to Webby, just enough for Violet to undertake this suicidal endeavor.
  • Webby was bending over backwards the entire episode to try and make friends with Violet. The moment Violet grabs Magica's amulet and blasts Lena? Webby drops everything and demands to know where Violet got that. And the moment Violet implies that the two might have a way of restoring Lena? Webby (who at this point has been terrified of anything magical happening during a sleepover due to how it went down the last two times) does not hesitate. Despite trying to move on, Webby will never stop caring about Lena.
    • When Lena is still wary of Violet, she makes it clear she loves Webby dearly, even saying furiously "She's mine!"
    • Lena, after realizing that her jealousy has caused the problem, does not hesitate to join hands with Violet to unleash the magic need to save Webby, in a Call-Back to "Jaw$!"
  • In a strange, if sad way, the reason the Tulpas take Lena's form: she's so scared and worried Webby will forget about her while she was trapped in the Shadow Realm.
  • The ending: Webby, Violet and Lena returning back from the Shadow Realm...and Lena back with them. Lena finally gets a chance to be back home. She's even later on shown being on good terms with Violet as the three hang out for their sleepover.
    • At first, Lena wasn't going to make it back to physical form - but Webby and Violet joining hands with her is what unleashed enough power for her to do so. The hug the three girls share after this happens is incredibly sweet.
  • The sub-plot where Launchpad and Beakley bond over Darkwing Duck, to the point where she actually joins him into filming a fan fic he wrote about the implied show finale. The best part is she was the one who wanted to film it!
    • We see Beakley and Launchpad watching an earlier episode before and she is very much not into it, but by the next time we see them she's just as invested in it as Launchpad. It's honestly really cute.

    The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee! 
  • Fenton having no less than six people helping him out with his date with Gandra.
  • When Mama Cabrera hears that Fenton is going on a date, she brings out an old suit that used to belong to his dad back in the day.
    • Said suit is about thirty years out of fashion but Fenton wears it anyway when he goes to pick up Gandra.
  • Launchpad acting as chauffeur for Fenton. His attempts to set the mood with music doesn't go so well, but it's the thought that counts.
  • As Fenton charges up Little Bulb with his Fentonium ball, Gyro gives an approving smile. It's immediately ruined by him noticing that the entire lab is wrecked, but it's still the nicest Gyro has ever acted towards Fenton.

    The Duck Knight Returns! 
  • Jim Starling isn't enjoying his past-prime autograph gigs at local sofa dealerships since he's getting older and can't relive the glory days, but he perks up when Dewey appears, because it means new young fans still appreciate his show and knows he's still loved even a tiny bit. Despite being washed up in his eyes, he still loves talking about his show. His enthusiasm for it hasn't faded one bit.
  • While Dewey forces several bizarre ideas onto the Darkwing Duck movie like a musical number, he does make sure to include a few beloved elements from the original series that Borswan initially left out, such as adding Megavolt as the climatic villain.
  • At first Launchpad wants to stop Drake from filming the Darkwing movie because he believes only Jim can play the role. But when he realizes how big of a fan Drake is the two end up bonding and playing with his toys in his dressing room.
    • Jim never calls Launchpad by name, calling him things like 'dummy' and 'hey you'. Drake always calls Launchpad by name. Made all the sweeter in that this is a clue on who is the real Darkwing Duck.
  • The reason Drake wants to make a movie he knows isn't that good is that when he was a kid he was inspired by Darkwing to always get right back up. And he hopes that maybe his face will be the one that inspires some young kid to get back up when they are down.
    • The comic panel depicting Drake as a child watching the show while eating cereal and dressed up as the character is just adorable.
    • This is what makes Launchpad, despite being talked by Jim Starling into trying to sabotage Drake, decide to give him a chance to play the role.
  • When Jim Starling points a fully functioning lightning gun at the director, Launchpad immediately runs in front of the director to shield him. Launchpad may have thought the director was ruining Darkwing Duck, but he still understood that nobody deserved to get hurt over it...even if the aggressor was the person he looked up to the most.
  • Though it ultimately ends in tragedy, Jim Starling is convinced by Drake and Launchpad that he should try to live up to the ideals of a hero. His last act as Darkwing Duck is to save their lives.
  • Launchpad telling Drake after the movie is canceled that there is another way to honor Darkwing... to actually become him and fight crime for real. Drake isn't sure but Launchpad encourages him to give it a try.
    • Not to mention that Launchpad, despite being a major fan himself - and seeing the chance to take Darkwing Duck to the next level - concludes that Drake Mallard's better suited for the role.
    • He also encourages him by saying "Do it for Jim". While in context this means Jim Starling, out of context it's clearly a reference to Jim Cummings, with the line holding significance for Chris Diamantopoulos who is taking over the role of Darkwing Duck.
    • Likewise, Negaduck's line of "Happy to play the part" is a twisted one in context, but out of context it's Jim Cummings being fine with turning over the role of Darkwing and just being happy that he still gets to play Negaduck.
    • Launchpad gets Drake to sign his Darkwing Duck poster, the same poster he wanted Jim Starling to sign at the beginning of the episode but failed to due to fainting. It says a lot about how much faith he has in Drake being the new real-time Darkwing Duck, despite his lifelong obsession with Jim being the irreplaceable representation of his childhood hero.
    • And on a minor note, even Jim's descent into villainy is driven by his genuine concern over Launchpad, furious at how his fan was supposedly put in danger as part of a plot against him.


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