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Because, surely, with such a subtitle, any player would expect the Silliness Switch to be cranked Up to Eleven in comparison to its predecessor. Here are many examples:

The Game

  • The English dub makes Asahi hilariously casual-and Nanashi an even more hilarious Straight Man Silent Snarker.
    Asahi: We're real-deal hunters now! Do the thing!
    Game message: Asahi is looking at you expectantly. You have no idea what she's talking about.
    Game message: Asahi's silly explanation gives you a better idea what she's talking about. (Nanashi activates the map analysis, which indeed beeps before releasing a grid of squares as it scans.)
  • Continuing on from the previous game, Dagda's pretty disgusted at the food they serve at the Hunters' Associations.
  • Encountering "Nozomi" (actually Napaea) for the first time, who keeps on referring to her as a separate person and tries very hard to pretend that she's just a Third-Person Person. One of Nanashi's options upon seeing her flounder is "Walk away from this hot mess".
    • The description of the quest, written by her, tells you to "pleez kum."
    • She later issues another quest, to bring Yamato-no-Orochi to the Fairy Forest for some "duder". Said duder turns out to be Take-Mikazuchi, one of Japan's more powerful and respected gods. Napaea ends up in a squabble with him over paying the rent.
      • In fact, Napaea takes the Ditzy prize for being a demon who, as the interaction above shows, understands absolutely nothing about others of her own kin. And yes, this does extends to other fairies on occasion!
      • And, to top it off, shortly after such a shining display of capability, someone leaves her in charge of an armory. The one from the Hunter Association's main base, even!
  • Oberon creates the Jade Dagger and needs to pawn it off on someone to avoid angering Titania again, but since it's a weapon only usable by the dead, only Navarre can take it. Oberon proceeds to ham it up and make him think that he's going on an epic journey that he buys completely.
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  • The game's narration using Purple Prose to describe King Frost of all people!
    Noble hair spills from beneath a towering crown, falling to a gentle rest atop a flowing red cape... He defines refined, embodies elegant. Truly, his is the dignity of a king! The regal snowman strikes the ground with his scepter and gestures toward the group.
  • Asahi can't seem to remember the name of the Ame-no-habakiri, calling it "Ame-no-habanero" and "Ame-no-hibachigrill".
  • The first encounter with the Spirit of the Spring, who is wearing only a veil:
    Asahi: Wh-What are you staring at!? Just hurry up and do whatever you need to do, Nanashi.
  • Navarre reveals how he died: He was peeking on a female Hunter, and fell and drowned in the water. Hallelujah and Nozomi are not amused.
    Hallelujah: ...
    Nozomi: ...Pig.
  • Navarre's preferred method of expressing surprise is screaming "WHAAAAAAAAT?!" with a comically exaggerated look on his face.
  • During the fight with Medusa, she pulls an I Surrender, Suckers and tries to get you to gaze at her. Like in the previous game, allowing eye contact will petrify you, while giving her the side glance infuriates her over being humiliated the same way twice. But if you pick the last option...
    Medusa: Gyaaaaaahhh! You really did it this time, you little bastard! Didn't your parents teach you any manners, you ***!?
  • Isabeau the Yaoi Fangirl. As if her manga obsession couldn't possibly get more Adorkable.
    • To the point that, once you've defeated Merkabah and Lucifer at the Yamato Reactor, effectively bringing an end to the ongoing war, the first thing Isabeau comments (over the phone's messages) is that she can finally get back to her reading without being interrupted all the time. The elite of the Samurai of Mikado, ladies and gentlemen!
  • The few quests involving Maruo and his group are so surreal that everyone is baffled by the experience. At the end of the quest line, you fight everyone's favorite Gag Penis-on-a-golden-spiky-carriage, Mara "in all his rigid glory" (as the game helpfully describes him).
  • There's an NPC in Midtown near the rock on the first floor (actually a dormant Tenkai), claiming it's relaxing to be around it. After you talk to Tenkai and he leaves, the rock is gone, and the NPC is a little disappointed over its disappearance, surmising that maybe someone stole it and he wouldn't blame them because it was a pretty "cool" rock.
  • The infiltration of Mikado has the party puts on disguises to look like Samurai. However, several of them look too young to pass off as one. Nozomi goes and applies makeup to Asahi and Toki. Hallelujah goes for a fake mustache, and is completely convinced it makes him look older.
    • It gets followed by a tense moment where Asahi is held up by the Power guarding the door. He condemns the makeup she's wearing as a "corruption invented by Fallen Angels"note , and for a horrible second you think he's going to deny her for it. After all, angels consider reading manga a mortal sin. But then...
      Power: You also look... dreadful. Like a tarted-up clown. Ease back on it. Hurry along, you're holding up the line.
    • Afterward, Hallelujah laughes at Asahi getting fashion advice from an angel, resulting in a Dope Slap by her for his troubles. Nozomi tries to calm the younger girl, but is also having trouble containing her laughter.
    • It's even referenced in one the relic descriptions, of all places:
      Rouge: Makeup applied to ones cheeks. Someone should teach Asahi how to use this.
    • A bit before that has a moment where the female members split up to change into their disguises behind a barrier, and Nozomi warns the males to not peek. Navarre, wearing a very eager look on his face, goes to do just that, but is immediately berated by Nozomi. Even the game itself calls him out on his creepiness.
  • During the first battle with Lucifer, Flynn asks you to distract the Demon Lord for a sneak attack. Smack talking is an option and yes, it works.
  • At the end of the Bonds route, each one of your party members steps forth with a Badass Boast about The Power of Friendship. Then when it's your turn to say something, you can choose something slightly different. Everyone is a little annoyed.
    Nanashi: What do you think, Satan?
  • After the Final Boss on the Bonds route, Jonathan and Walter give a mostly tear jerking farewell. After Jonathan's wishes that everyone reincarnates as friends and firm rivals, however, Walter can't help but use the opportunity to take a hilariously heartwarming shot at Navarre.
  • In the DLC expansion of Twisted Tokyo, one can fight Mot an enemy. He has Guardian's Eye, Makakaja, and Antichthon. In Nocturne, the most infamous boss besides Matador was Mot with Beast Eye, Makakaja, and Megidolaon. Essentially, Mot from Nocturne got buffed and turned into a regular enemy.
  • The description of the Apocalypse difficulty when selected: The highest difficulty. It is beatable. In theory.
  • After Toki officially joins the crew and immediately starts horning in on Nanashi, Asahi barely manages to swallow her jealousy, and begins mumbling about the 'advantages' she has over Toki. Her rambling continues off-screen in the background as the other characters continue to talk, kind of like Tayama's Villainous Breakdown from the last game!
  • Relic hunting returns as the primary source of income. The previous game's relic humor comes from the fact that the pseudo-Medieval Flynn has no idea what most of the stuff is. Nanashi knows what everything is... but the apocalyptic state of Tokyo colors his perception of everyday objects.
    Toaster: Device used for toasting bread. A demon might attack while using it...!
    Soccer Ball: Ball used for playing soccer. You have also seen people use a demon head.
    Ropes: Tool for restricting a person's limbs. You got in trouble for tying up Asahi once.
    Sugar: One of five basic Japanese seasonings. Asahi mistook it for salt once...
    Nail Polish: Makeup applied on one's nails. Can also serve as a form of glue.
    Microwave: Device for heating up food. Might explode if you put demon meat in it.
    Hairspray: Presumably for styling one's hair. But also can serve as a flamethrower!
    Sweater: Superb at conserving body heat. Weak to Agi attacks, so caution is needed.
    • You can find Slidenafil, aka Viagra, as a 4 or 5 ranked medicine.
  • There's a "Lewd Hunter" NPC who says "I'd like to come with Flynn, even just once."
  • After the defeat of the Divine Powers, the Cosmic Egg actually becomes something of a tourist spot.
  • In the Mephisto DLC, Navarre and Gaston get increasing aroused at the Asahi and Nozomi, before collapsing when they see Toki, who is wearing the least revealing outfit.
  • In the Cleopatra DLC, Asahi is abducted by Cleopatra for her nose, and if you say that Asahi's nose is beautiful, she will reply that this is not the time for that sort of thing but she appreciates the compliment anyway.
  • Like in SMTIV before it, you can use conversation skills on bosses. Yes, this does garner unique reactions from them.
  • Just as in SMTIV, Mido is hammy as hell. This time, he belts out a "WHOOAAAAAAAA!!" every time you unlock a new Special Fusion recipe.
  • Nanashi can dance for demon recruitment—with Dagda.



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