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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • No matter which path you take, they both lead to the one countless Megaten fans have waited well over a decade to fight: YHVH. God Almighty in His purest form, which hasn't been seen since Shin Megami Tensei II. It is rather telling that Atlus used his return as a selling point, particularly in North America where players never officially got to fight him in Shin Megami Tensei II.
  • Krishna revealing Shesha to Tokyo...By having it punch a huge hole through the Firmament's bedrock, granting Tokyo natural sunlight for the first time in 25 years. This cements the Divine Powers as enough of a threat to have Merkabah and Lucifer promptly enter a ceasefire to fight them.
    • To put this into context, the Firmament was originally created by Masakado to protect Tokyo from a full out nuclear bombardment. And Shesha breaks through it without effort.
    • According to a Database entry, Shesha smashing the Firmament open also stops the time distortion that causes time outside Tokyo to tick 75 times faster than inside, allowing both sides of the Firmament to move through time as one again. Shesha restabilized time and space.
  • The battles against Shesha stand out because rather than use a sprite against a trippy background, Shesha's 3D overworld model is being animated as you do battle with it. Also, your demons and attack skills do mere Scratch Damage against it, so it's up to you wielding the Ame-no-Habakiri (and optionally Gaston's assistance) to defeat it.
    • On a related note, both of YHVH's battles are in 3D as well, with him actually moving to perform his skills and attack you as you kick his arrogant ass. And dear Great Will, does it look cool.
  • When Asahi has a Heroic BSoD with her father's death, and believing herself to be The Load, Gaston decides to take it too far and mock and insult her for it. Hallelujah has none of it and slugs him in the face. It's satisfying to see the magnificent ass finally get what's coming to him, not to mention this triggers the beginning of his Character Development.
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  • When you are confronted by Fujiwara and Skins for releasing Krishna, you are given the option to whether promise not to betray them, or you can also tell Skins to "kiss my ass". If you pick the latter, not only does Skins not react badly, he also compliments you for having the balls to say that to his face!
  • Asahi, despite being the White Magician Girl and something of The Load, manages to get two moments during the game. The first is during the rematch with Adramelech, when he is having his Villainous Breakdown towards the end and tries to burn everything Asahi completely heals everyone, negating the attack and causing Adramelech to be shaken over how you could possibly survive his attack. The second occurs when Shesha attempts to kill Nanashi, Asahi jumps in and is killed by Shesha instead.
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  • Shortly after the ceasefire is called off, Skins and Fujiwara have the nerve to to tell Merkabah and Lucifer, who are arguing over who the Hunters will fight for, in no uncertain terms, that they won't be siding with either one and that the Hunters are their enemy as well to their faces! It's a wonder how they stand upright with their steel balls weighing them down.
  • Hallelujah revealing his demonic powers against Azrael and deciding to reject his father. It's the moment that he decide that he'll follow whoever he feels is right and he openly states that if Nanashi goes the wrong way, he'll be the one to stop him.
  • Gaston snapping his spear from Merkabah and awakening, declaring he's fine with becoming a sinner to walk the path he wants.
  • After the Cosmic Egg appeared, the Divine Powers' demon minions are mounting a final assault on the underground districts of Tokyo. Due to Shesha's actions, you're vastly outclassed and another bloodbath is looming... until the Ashura-Kai, the Ring of Gaea and the remaining hunters and samurai (led by Hope!) show up and pledge themselves to the defense of Tokyo.
  • The Massacre Ending may be a Tear Jerker Godzilla Threshold all the way through, but you cannot deny it is completely metal. Nanashi lives up to his title of God-killer with extreme prejudice, killing every deity in the world, including YHVH, permanently, and so permanently frees the world from any form of divine oppression. (Arguable, since you do this in order to become the unrivaled god yourself). It's also the hardest route in the game, so even seeing this makes you, the player, awesome.
    • The start of the final dungeon for this ending cements Nanashi's license in badass. A significant portion of the Hunters, led by Skins and Fujiwara, wage a last stand to prevent you from reaching your goal. You are vastly outnumbered, as they come in the form of many waves of enemy hordes. Dagda's response? "Kill them all. Show no mercy." And you do.
  • The Bonds Ending is even better than the Massacre Ending. Nanashi teams up with the Mikado samurai Flynn, Jonathan and Walter (both restored thanks to Satan, who is comprised of both Merkabah and Lucifer) to take YHVH down. It is revealed that YHVH is a rogue avatar of the Axiom, (known as the Great Will in earlier titles and is SMT's Sentient Cosmic Force) the Axiom is benevolent and Nanashi and Flynn are messiahs created by the Axiom to defeat YHVH and stop him from oppressing humanity. In the aftermath the people of Tokyo and Mikado work together in harmony with the fairies to ensure a long lasting peace.
    • During the fight, each of your battle partners also gets their chance in the spotlight, rejecting each bit of YHVH's divinity to weaken him.
    • Hell, the beginning of the final dungeon on Bonds counts as well. You're preparing to storm YHVH's Universe with your True Companions when Flynn and a shit-ton of Hunters all show up to lend you their support. Then you get to read the four words you've been waiting for the whole damn game: "Flynn joins the party." HELL YES.
    • While most opinions of the final dungeon lean towards "just end this game already!" it also grants you a special ability with Flynn, Messiah Blast. Costing only 30 MP and requiring that Nanashi is smirking and Flynn isn't battling any other demons, the attack consists of Nanashi and Flynn performing a Combination Attack to inflict massive Almighty damage to all enemies!
  • Both endings have Dagda deliver one of the most badass boasts in the game just before the Final Boss fight begins.
    Dagda: I'll lend you my power, kid. LET'S DRAG HIM FROM THAT THRONE!!!
    Dagda: (after the boss is defeated) Your so-called "truth" makes me nauseous! (to you) Enough of this, kid. Put an end to him with your own two hands!
  • Navarre gets a moment of awesome on the Bonds route, after defeating Vishnu-Flynn Krishna and Flynn are separated, Isabeau runs over to Flynn, but is then shocked when Krishna attempts to re-fuse with Flynn. Navarre then suddenly yells at Isabeau to give Masakado's Katana to Flynn, though surprised to see Navarre as a ghost she complies, at which point Flynn one shots Krishna. Yes, Krishna would not have been defeated if not for Navarre.
  • Guess who the most powerful demon of the Divine race is? No, it's not Seraph (He is of the Herald race instead). It's none other than ANGEL.
  • In both neutral routes, you are the last to gain your Awakened Power. Your specific power adds a piercing property to all of your attacks. "Godslayer" indeed.
  • The Diamond Realm DLC is pure fanservice. Nanashi is taken to the Diamond Realm, which marked the end of the beginning of I and was the Brutal Bonus Level of II. In it, he runs into the Hero from the first game, Aleph from the second, the Demi-fiend from the third, and an alternate Flynn from the Neutral ending of the fourth, and yes, you end up teaming up with all of them. At the end, all five fight against a man four of them got to know over their journeys: Stephen, at Level 128. Yes, the genius cripple is not only higher leveled than YHVH, but he also requires five Messiahs to take down rather than YHVH's two.
  • Every time you beat Twisted Tokyo, the dungeon resets and you can fight the Fiends again, except they've become stronger. And you can keep kicking their asses again and again, until their levels are all in the high 900's, with En no Ozuno at level 999 (to compare, the final boss is level 100 and can be beaten with a level 99 party). And yes, people have beaten him at that level.

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