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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • During the introductory cutscene, the cop sitting in the passenger seat of the police car has to get out of the car to go pee. After he finishes peeing, his words upon getting back in the car are "Sorry it took so long."
  • Leon's first encounter with one of the locals isn't exactly cordial.
    Ganado: ¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón! (Translation: "The fuck are you doing in my house?! Scram, you bastard!")
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  • More Mood Whiplash, but hardly ever stops being funny as after the intense and, particularly for new gamers, panic-inducing siege in the village that saw EVERY resident bearing down on Leon's ass, including one with a chainsaw, Leon's response when they give up and leave at hearing the church bell is the perfect blend of smartassery and utter disbelief.
    Leon: Where's everyone going? Bingo?
  • When you first rescue Luis in Chapter 1:
    Luis: ...Okay. I have one, very important you got a smoke?
    Leon: (shrugs) ...I got gum...
  • The second special costume mode gives Ashley a suit of full plate mail, whose helmet visor noisily closes when you aim at her. Developers' Foresight is in play, since she is literally invulnerable to everything the game can throw at her, and they took that into account with how she reacts to it all. Cue leaving Ashley at the mercy of powerful enemies as they wail on her over and over to no effect other than lots of amusing animations and pained squeals from her. Give them a chance to try carrying her away, and then watch them stagger and collapse under the weight. Then pull out your special weapons and try those out on her; it takes a long, long time before any of this stops being funny.
    • When Leon catches Ashley (in the costume mentioned above) as she jumps off ladders and ledges, Leon will stagger a little and clutch his back in pain.
  • The trophy for rescuing Ashley the first time?
    "Secure the Ballistics"
  • Checking the hanging meat in the kitchen during the Island Arc will prompt Leon to say he "could really go for a fat, juicy steak right about now". It takes a veteran Resident Evil character to come upon a rotting slab of meat and still have an appetite.
  • This:
    Salazar: I've sent my right hand to dispose of you.
    Leon: You're [sic] right hand comes off?note 
    • Made even better when you realize that, given all the weirdness Leon has seen, that is a perfectly valid question.
    • The whole scene involving that is a sequence of funny moments.
      Salazar: (after dropping Leon into a death trap pit, listening into an earphone) Hmm...where is the satisfying sound of one's impalement?
      Leon: (hanging from his grappling wire) Won't fall for this old trick... (aims his pistol at the other end of the earphone)
    • The best part of it all, though, is that Salazar, a Smug Snake of the highest order this whole time, flat-out flips his lid after that.
  • Leon casually throwing his knife at Salazar, pinning his hand to a nearby column, after they meet at the start of the final tower. There's a full five seconds before you're even sure what happened, because Leon does it so casually, and Salazar's Delayed Reaction is priceless.
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  • Another good one comes when Leon meets Luis, and he shows the Spaniard a picture of Ashley.
    Luis: Okay, let me guess. She's the President's daughter?
    Leon: That's too good for a guess. Wanna start explaining?
    Luis: (ominous voice) Psychic Powers
    Leon: (is legit wondering if that's Not Hyperbole)
    Luis: Nah, I'm just kidding with you, amigo.
  • Using the PRL-412 on the Final Boss without charging it has amusing results.
  • When Leon shoots an enemy off a ledge or a projectile out of the air while escorting Ashley, she'll do a cute little fist pump in victory.
  • Jump off a ladder (without catching Ashley) and aim up at her, and she'll call you a pervert and cover up her skirt. The funnier part is that, probably unintentional on the designers' part, if Leon gets knocked on his back by an enemy near Ashley and happens to be positioned just right, she'll similarly react as if he's trying to intentionally look up her skirt. It's hysterical to hear Ashley chastising Leon for being a pervert while he's getting his brains bashed in. Made even better when Leon's decapitated head or mashed body falls under or into her skirt, and she calls him a pervert even as the game fades into the bloody "You Are Dead" screen.
  • In the original GameCube version, there is a bug that allows Ashley to Suplex the zealots if you bash a door into them and they fall to a knee. It's pretty hilarious AND can make that part of the game easier, as Suplexes are a One-Hit Kill on any Ganado not wearing a helmet. This bug was however fixed in later ports.
  • A moment of unintended hilarity can happen with Luis if you're wearing Leon's first alternate costume:
    Luis: So, are you a cop or something?
    (looks at Leon wearing his Raccoon Police Department outfit)
    Luis: Nah, you don't look the type.
  • Similarly, in the same scene where Leon and Luis get tied up, the latter talks about how he used to be cop in Madrid until he quit. Leon then says he was only a cop for one day. Luis gets the impression that Leon either screwed up very badly or did something to immediately get fired from the police force.
    Luis: And I thought I was bad.
  • In the military island base, there's an oven containing a Ganado. Most first-time players won't know what to do (and take double-damage if the fan-nicknamed "Oven Man" grabs them), but those expecting should step back immediately as soon as Oven Man bursts through. He dies of his own burns shortly after. Even Leon himself wonders what the hell was up with that, and what he was doing inside the oven.
  • Every time a Ganado blows himself up with his own dynamite like he's friggin' Wily E. Coyote. It gets even better when said Ganado is standing amongst other Ganado, having just moments ago ordered said other Ganado to kill Leon while pointing at him with the sparking stick of dynamite still on hand. To the point where if you encounter a group of Ganados using dynamite, a perfectly valid strategy is to simply back up, and just let them blow each other up.
  • Always fun to watch a Ganado climb up a ladder, only to kick it down the moment he gets to the top. And then watching them setting the ladder back up and trying again. You can also shoot or knife them when they're close to the top, but that's not as funny.
  • In an amusing easter egg, if you shoot at fish in the lake just before the fight with the lake monster, it bursts out of the water and eats you.
  • Ada barely manages to avoid being a ritual sacrifice by the Ganados, and only gets a cut on her thigh. However, this is enough for her to shoot a Death Glare at the Ganado who did it, who (despite being Brainwashed and Crazy) is visibly taken aback by it.
  • The fact that one of the Ganados steals Leon's jacket. Even Ada is bewildered when she examines the Ganado wearing it. That was a nice jacket. And then you consider they steal his jacket, but let him keep his gun.
  • The Laser-Guided Karma punishment for shooting Luis multiple times. On the last bullet, the game stops, and plays a cutscene where Luis yells "Adios, Leon!" and nails him with two bullets from his own gun.
  • Playing as Leon you get a few humorous comments if you look at items. Playing as Ada? It's dialed up to Aya Brea levels.
    On finding the officer in the village: "Is this what passes for police work these days?"
  • Ada: "The bulldozer is broken. Must be Leon's handiwork."
    • Doubly funny when you remember that this time, it was not Leon's fault, but you'd be forgiven to think it is given his track record.
  • Ashley's reaction after Leon matter-of-factly says they have to leave before the island blows up:
    It's gonna WHAT?!
  • Even the credits gets one. After the CAPCOM logo shows up, it shows a message that the copyright of the game is held by the Raccoon Police Department, and that anyone violating it would be prosecuted by S.T.A.R.S members. And then some.
  • Upon reaching Saddler's throne room a "?" interaction appears. Use it and Leon will actually sit in the chair and lounge around villain-style.
  • After knocking Ashley back in the ending, in the post-credits sequence, Leon tries hitting on Hunnigan, who reminds him that he's still on duty. She smirks as he says this gem.
  • Leon's habit of screwing physics up the ass shows on the island prison where he and Ashley try to escape down a garbage chute.
    Ashley: Ugh, it stinks...
    Leon: Sure does. *smiles innocently*
    Ashley: No way Leon.
    Leon: Way. *grabs a screaming Ashley and jumps off*
    Ashley: *after they land* Are you out of your mind?!
    Leon: I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt.
  • Luis's commentary during the siege (it's even his bottlecap quote!):
    Did you send those invitations? I told you, no more than fifty people!
  • In a VERY dark example, when Leon starts coughing in the mines and Ada comes out of nowhere to ask if he's ok, he regains his composure, fixes his eyes on Ada and starts approaching slowly. Ada thus far has something resembling a faint smile on her face and looks excited, and as Leon is about to reach her, she raises her left hand as if to touch him. For all intents and purposes, it seems Ada thinks Leon's going to kiss her. Cue Ada's VERY surprised reaction at Leon suddenly trying to strangle her, sporting red eyes typical of the Ganados and a creepy grin. Ada escapes the situation (by heeding Leon's advice about knives, no less) and Leon regains his mind, but it is still hilariously silly to notice she was expecting some sugar; for all her suave demeanor, Ada holds Leon in very high esteem and may be the only person in the franchise she would lower her defenses for, but still, context is a thing.
  • Leon's internal commentary when he finds a woman impaled in the head with a pitchfork in a shack at the beginning of the game:
  • Everything about the merchant is so out-of-place it's funny. Why is this guy even here? Why does he sound like a pirate who sells mostly to orks? Why does he appear to be one of the evil monsters yet have perfect control over himself?
    • A popular fan-theory makes it funnier; one of Luis' notes mentions that Las Plagas heightens the desires of those they infest. That could mean The Merchant is a full-blown Ganado who had money on his mind so much, he sells weapons to the enemy because the enemy is the only person nearby who's willing to buy stuff.
  • A good funny moment comes if you know what you are doing. The Verdugo, supposed to be an unkillable, unstoppable killing machine, who has a very tense and frightening fight, right? Wrong, buy an RPG from the merchant just before and watch as one nitrogen canister and an easy RPG shot later, it's on the ground in pieces.
    • Also funny is the fact that this is actually almost called back on just a short bit later. Salazar, completely annoyed with Leon by now, decides to merge with the remaining Verdugo in an effort to kill Leon and is vulnerable when the flower opens up to reveal his body. Guess what he's weak to…
  • At the end, Saddler laughs at Leon's belief that he's going to rescue Ada and Ashley and escape, saying the concept of America Saves the Day only occurs in Hollywood action movies and it's time for Leon to accept reality. The rest of the game plays out exactly like a Hollywood action movie, starting with Leon filling Saddler's smarmy ass with a big All-American boot.