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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
Leon vs. Saddler in their final round.

There's plenty of moments to cheer whenever something awesome occurs, same with Resident Evil 4 (Remake).


  • Many bosses, when stunned, usually have a window for Leon to perform a cool Action Command, such as the fight with El Gigante and the final boss. Leon jumps onto the final boss' back and stabs him in the eye with his knife!

Main Game

  • To start with, the opening cutscene reveals that the US government finally destroyed Umbrella. How? By taking advantage of their status as a Mega-Corp - they put sanctions on Umbrella's business activities and exposed their involvement in the destruction of Raccoon City, causing their stock prices to implode and driving them out of business. There were some serious repercussions for this, but it's still satisfying to see Umbrella finally die.
  • The game's Signature Scene, the village attack. Leon is pitted against the entirety of the village's people, all armed with axes, knives and pitchforks. In addition, while he gets his hands on a shotgun during the attack, there's still barely enough ammo for him to hold out as long as he can. And yet, he does.
  • Leon vs. El Gigante. Damage it enough, and the parasite within will protrude from the monster's back. A normal hero would shoot it. Leon runs up the giant's back and attacks the parasite with his knife.
    • It's also a Moment of Awesome for the dog if you rescued it earlier: instead of running off, it comes back to help Leon by standing up to the giant mutated monster and barking at it to distract it from attacking Leon.
    • Somewhat badass for the player, too, since using the shotgun is easier—but a real Moment of Awesome for the player comes in the mines, when you fight two Gigantes and kill both of them this way. Perhaps even dropping one of the bastards in lava.
    • In the VR version of this fight, slashing at the giant plaga that emerges from El Gigante is done in first person.
  • The fight with Del Lago. It brings to mind Jaws and Gyorg's boss fight. Hurling harpoons at the bastard is quite the change of pace from blasting away at Ganados, but it's an exciting spectacle early in the game.
    • In VR, you don't hurl harpoons. Instead, you're given a goddamn harpoon gun. And it rules.
  • Halfway through the village, Leon runs across a note from one of the higher-ups that says something to the effect of "You have to do something, or he's gonna kill us all!" Congratulations, Leon, you and your pistol have made a village of humanoid abominations fear for their very survival.
  • The cabin seige is one of the game's many Signature Scenes. After being trapped in a cabin with an army of Ganados heading their way, Leon tells Ashley to hide. Cue Luis pulling out a Mauser, twirling it, and putting on a smirk.
    Luis: Okay... It's game time.
    • After about ten minutes of slaughtering the enemies, it's the Ganados who decide to retreat.
  • The fight with Mendez. Before the fight begins, Mendez locks Leon in the barn with him by twisting the metal latches together, bare handed. Leon then knocks over a barrel of oil nearby and lights it on fire with a shot from his pistol, igniting the oil and sending the whole barn up in flames. Cue the One-Winged Angel Mendez and Leon fighting to the death in a burning building. Even when Mendez is rendered Half the Man He Used to Be, he still keeps coming at Leon until he's filled with enough lead to kill an army.
  • Even Ashley deserves a mention in the Castle section, in her only playable section. After breaking free from a trap she fell into, she's forced to make her own way back to Leon, while a few Zealots and Armaduras attempt to capture or kill her. During this nerve-wracking segment, Ashley is utterly defenseless (save for a few lanterns she can throw at the Zealots), and yet she manages to outwit them all and reunite with her rescuer safe and sound.
  • Salazar sends Leon down a trap door with spikes at the bottom. Leon manages to get his grappling hook out in time and avoids impalement. When Salazar tries to eavesdrop on his death screams, Leon shoots the listening device, nearly deafening the former.
    • Icing on the cake? Salazar, the cool and collected Smug Snake that he is, gets absolutely pissed.
      • Added in with the prior example, and you can see the chain of events: Salazar goes from arrogantly boasting at him, to pissed off at him, to scared shitless of him. Leon Scott Kennedy 3, Ramon Salazar 0.
  • The fight with the Verdugo. It's just the right type of terrifying and also completely awesome. You can either try to kill it with the use of liquid nitrogen containers and a metric shit-ton of bullets, or you can opt to play the waiting game for the elevator. Which is actually a viable strategy considering how resilient the fucker is!
    • And the best way to take it out is rad as all hell - use one of the liquid nitrogen canisters to freeze it, and then shoot it in the face with the rocket launcher you found in the case earlier in the castle. Hell, even if you're able to kill it at all without running down the clock to the elevator without the rocket launcher, that's impressive.
  • Ramon Salazar prepares to give Leon a speech on terrorism, complete with reaching for an ominously out-of-sight lever. Leon's response? He flings his knife into Salazar's hand from across the room.
    • The Napoleon reacting by crying like a little girl and running away makes this just. Plain. Awesome.
  • "Monsters. Guess after this there'll be one less to worry about." Leon says this after seeing a legitimately unnerving transformation in which Ramon Salazar merges with a Verdugo and becomes a hulking mutated monstrosity. Dude is cool as ice.
    • And then murdering the largest boss in the game with a single shot from your RPG. Anticlimatic? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah!
  • Leon arrives at the Los Illuminados fortified barracks and is hopelessly outnumbered, when suddenly, a helicopter sent by his agency swoops in to the rescue and blows the shit out of the camp. Best accompanied by the song "America, Fuck Yeah!" Like so.
  • The knife fight with Krauser. Considering the fact that this initially released on the GameCube, the animation and voice acting during this sequence is incredible, and still holds up well. And the best part? Leon is the one who walks away from the fight with a smaller wound.
  • The actual boss fight with Krauser is one for the combat knife, considering that it's actually the weapon that does the most damage against him. In addition, Krauser's One-Winged Angel form gives him a giant metal blade for an arm. And Leon still wins.
  • Progressing down an advanced hall filled with death lasers all over the place before him, Leon strides through the openings only to find their patterns outright bullrushing him. When that fails, they then try activating over him which he also dodges. And just when you think it's over, the hall has one last rush towards the elevator door you're infront of - which causes Leon to promptly run off the elevator door and backflip over the wall of lasers. This is pretty much the topping of the Badass Normal cake given the numerous other Quick Time Event sequences throughout the game.
  • The final boss fight against the mutated form of Osmund Saddler. Using the construction equipment to your advantage and knocking him down before leaping atop and stabbing him in the eye is so, ''so'' satisfying. Ada then tosses down a goddamn rocket launcher in the usual way of capping off a ''Resident Evil'' final boss.
  • The jet ski ride at the very end of the game, done while the clock counts down to the island's destruction. Despite this, Leon and Ashley escape.

Separate Ways

  • The Separate Ways mode pits Ada Wong against an entire battleship with heavy artillery. Guess whether it's even floating by the end of the level.


  • Krauser in Mercenaries carries an insanely powerful bow as his weapon of choice. And his special wing-blade arm attack? It instantly kills ANY enemy in any map! Have fun going from utterly terrified of the Super Salvador enemies in the waterworld stage to laughing as Jack one shots them for you.