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Tear Jerker / Resident Evil 4

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  • In Acts II & III when Luis Sera and Chopper Mike, the only people who actually help Leon (save for Ada), get killed horribly by Saddler.
    (After Mike saves Leon again with his twin Vulcan cannons)
    Leon: Thanks. When we get out of here, the drinks are on me.
    Mike: Yeah! Hey, I know a good bar!
    (Saddler's nearest mook on the ruin's battlements finally grows a brain and uses his RPG, blasting Mike's copter into a fireball)
    • While some people would find it Narmy, Leon constantly yelling out the names of dead people he hardly knows isn't that much of an overreaction. After fighting through an entire village to save Ashley, just for her to get kidnapped again, he has to go through an entire castle and defeat all the enemies there. Then Luis, one of his only allies in the game, shows up with a cure to the parasite that's slowly turning him and Ashley into mind controlled Ganados, just for him to get killed and the virus stolen. Then he has to fight through an island of enemies to save Ashley who was kidnapped again, at one point coming close to killing his love interest Ada due to said parasite. By the time Mike shows up to offer him some much needed assistance, just to die by way of rocket launcher, it's really surprising that Leon hasn't snapped.
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    • It's also a pretty accurate portrayal, in desperate situations people can easily get emotionally attached to people they barely know, they latch onto someone or something to hold onto their sanity. Yes, in the game it's done in a cheesy way to the point where it becomes pretty hilarious, but when you stop to think how Leon must have actually felt, the character deaths become quite poignant.
  • 4's ending credits...Damn. Seeing how the villagers had a normal life before Saddler started to use them for his own plans brought a tear to more than one gamer's eye.
    • Also how you see the villagers had children before Saddler arrived and injected them with the parasites, and there are no children to be seen in the actual game. There are, however, human bones in the fireplace of the first house you visit. Little human bones. Word of God eventually explained that the village children were also injected with Las Plagas by Saddler's cult, but they soon discovered that the childrens' smaller bodies were unsuitable hosts, and none could survive the procedure for very long once the parasites began growing.
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    • Watching the credits and seeing the little cutscene between Leon and Hunnigan at the end of it can feel very nostalgic for old Resident Evil fans. It's been over a decade...

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