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  • Al.
  • Just about anything involving Hex, given that she straddles the line between hilarity and terror. In particular, the exchange between her and Bob where she reveals the truth about her relationship with Megabyte.
    Hexadecimal: We are from the same viral strain.
    Bob: The same family?
    Hexadecimal: (dramatic) Oh, much worse than that, Guardian. He's my brother! (Maniacal Laugh)
    Bob: But you're always trying to destroy each other!
    Hexadecimal: (casual) Oh, that's just sibling rivalry.
    Bob: What would happen if you join?
    Hexadecimal: The next de-generation! (laughs again)
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  • Her lines from the Medusa Bug are outrageously funny, but this may very well steal the show:
    Hexadecimal: (melodramatic) Oh! Did you see that Scuzzy!? (about to burst into tears) How... sad... all of Mainframe... doomed. (joyful laughter) WHAT'S THIS!? (raw anger) BOB THE GUARDIAN!? Oh No! OH NO! (zooms in her mirror so she can get a close-up of his ass) Oh...yes!
  • "Painted Windows" deserves its own section for Hexadecimal's antics alone:
    • In a Black Comedy sort of way, the episode really plays up her Psychopathic Womanchild persona with her simply messing around with the Paint program by using Mainframe as her canvas and not caring how innocent bystanders could get affected by it.
    • Turning Megabyte's Tor into Van Gogh's Sunflower painting, and making the virus himself into a clown, even painting his mouth shut after he protests. Made even funnier that Hex was acting less like his arch enemy hellbent on destroying her rival and more like an annoying sister pissing her brother off by messing with his stuff and humiliating him.
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    • Erasing Phong's head and replacing it with an apple. Her pun that follows was also admittedly good.
    Hexadecimal: Oh my dear Phong, now you really are the keeper of the core!
    • Hex completely letting her guard down when Bob and Mike come into Lost Angles under the pretense of interviewing her, especially after coyly asking Bob if he came to foil her plans (which was exactly what they intended to do).
    • Even the Al gag works its way in when Hexadecimal is pursuing Mike while Bob is trying to undo all of her work.
    Mike: Next week on the program, Al's Diner! Slow food, art form, or indigestion?
    Hex: WHAT?
  • This little gem in Firewall after Scuzzy comes to Hexadecimal's rescue:
    Hexadecimal:(sweetly) Scuzzy! (puts on angry face) It's about time! Where have you been?!
    Scuzzy: (shows the firewall on his dome)
  • "Nullzilla" and just about everything involving the Humongous Mecha that the cast are given to fight it.
    • This exchange from the same episode:
    Hack: We're looking for a null.
    Slash: That's right, uh, have you seen one?
    Mike: Have I seen one? Have I seen one?! ...That's a joke, right?
    Hack: Hey, whadya mean "joke"?
    (Hack and Mike just stare at him)
    • An earlier exchange from the same episode:
    Hack: (to Megabyte) You rang, your hugeness?
    Slash: All ready and waiting, oh evil one! Oh! (to Hack) Did I say "evil"?
    Hack: Oh, what a giveaway.
    Slash: I said "evil" once but I think I got away with it.
    Hack: Three times!
    Slash: What?
    Hack: You said it three times!
    Slash: What, "evil"?
    Hack: That's four!
    Slash: Oh, I hate that.
    • The moment when Nibbles "runs" away:
    Slash: What a good boy. Look, now he is going for a walk.
    Hack: Uh, what phase number is walking Nibbles?
    Slash: Dahh... there is no number for walking Nibbles.
    Hack: Well, that means he just ran away.
    Slash: Yup, that is right. He ran away, alright.
    Hack: He's gone.
    Slash: He is. Look at him go.
    Both: Ahhh!!
    • Really, pretty much any time Hack and Slash are on-screen in "Nullzilla" are CMOFs. Another example is when they reluctantly travel to Lost Angles to look for Nibbles before going into "camouflage" mode (complete with Hack being unable to pronounce the word "camouflage" and settling for "stealth" instead) - made even funnier by the fact that since they were emulating nulls, their colors were so incredibly garish they'd stand out anywhere else. And then Slash starts singing "I don't like L.A...".
    • Phong being Crazy-Prepared for the situation, despite constantly replying to Bob that Mainframe isn't the Super Computer:
      Phong: Do not worry. I have prepared something for just such an emergency.
      Bob: You're prepared for a giant monster made entirely of nulls STOMPING AROUND MAINFRAME?
      Phong: That is correct!
      Bob: How do you plan for that?
      Phong: Ah, lucky guess?
    • The team all get a morphing call, including Frisket.
      Frisket: Woof woof woof woof woof!
    • Mike takes issue with his super outfit.
      Mike: Look at me! I'm a g-nat! What's a g-nat?
  • This song from "Between A Raccoon and A Hard Place".
  • "Glitch! Um...anything!" Glitch then turns into a lamppost, which Megabyte slams headfirst into, flooring himself.
  • Apparently Glitch comes with censorship powers: as Bob is jumping off the Dragon piloted by Al and his waiter in "Quick and the Fed", just before nearly crashing through the stained glass window, he shouts "Glitch, B S 'n' P!", separating the pieces of glass to create a safe opening and then rebuilding them after he's jumped through itnote .
  • In "Bad Bob": In the "Mad Max"style game Enzo explains everything that happened to Bob. The Guardian attempts to call shotgun in Enzo's car by (unsuccessfully) shooing Frisket away from the front passenger seat. Cut to a displeased Bob riding in the car behind Enzo and Frisket, the latter smugly grinning at him.
  • The very beginning of "AndrAIa", with the "True Stories of Mainframe" re-enactment of the episode "Quick and the Fed". The way one of the Binomes portrays Megabyte has to be seen to be believed.
    • In particular, there's the fact that the magnet prop thrown at the Megabyte binome suffers Special Effects Failure and he has to pick it up off the ground and hold it in place. And then he falls off the ledge on a "hidden" mattress and bounces off.
    • And the 'preview' of the next episode.
    Bob Actor: I know everything. I'm a gardener.
    Stagehand: (off-screen) Psst! "Guardian." "Guardian!"
  • Megabyte totally checking out Mouse's backside in "The Great Brain Robbery".
  • Nearly the entirety of "Enzo the Smart". Gotta love the dumbed-down Mainframers's antics.
    • Special mention to Dumb Bob's many antics, and Dumb Dot imitating a kitty-cat.
  • This great variation on the "This is bad. This is very bad!" Catchphrase:
    Phong: This is bad.
    Bob: Is it... very bad?
  • Pretty much everything revolving around Megabyte's spies and their ridiculous Spy Speak and disguises.
    • At one point, Megabyte stops being annoyed by the Spy Speak and just electrocutes the spy with a push of the button.
  • Late in season three, Megabyte walks in on Herr Doktor tucking into a sandwich as he's working. Cue the latter's highly unconvincing attempts to cover up the fact that he's eating said sandwich.
  • Hack and Slash recovering Phong's body for him:
    Hack: Ooh! We found it!
    Slash: Yes we did.
    Hack: It was in the trash—
    Slash: I tripped over it.
    Hack: And it smelled...
  • Near the beginning of "The TIFF", when Bob and Dot start arguing, the camera focuses on a group of binomes, who are quietly sitting there, watching them argue, whilst eating popcorn. Cecil is also watching intently. After a few moments, Cecil actually steals the zero binome's popcorn and also starts eating.
  • Bob Getting Crap Past the Radar... in an episode that had already spent half its running time openly mocking the censors.
    Bob: Glitch! BFG.
  • Bob is working on his car. While singing along to some music. He turns around and the software pirates make off with Glitch (which was on the table)and whatever else that wasn't bolted down, including his car. The look on his face when he turns around is priceless.
  • After intentionally letting a User win a game in "System Crash", the main cast decides that all they can do is wait.Suddenly...
    Hex: *suddenly appears in the room* OOH! What are we waiting for? I LOVE surprises!
  • Bob's saved the system from crashing, he and Dot are about to FINALLY kiss after three season... And then that cockblocking raccoon appears from no where and kisses her instead.
    Rocky the Rabid Raccoon: The girl's tasty, but where's all the food?
  • Grrovvy
    • From the same episode, we get this gem from Dot.
    Dot: I don't even want to think about that...I mean what kind of sick creature gets enjoyment out of playing this sort of game?!
    (Dot and Enzo turn to face the Camera, looking directly at the viewer with angry expressions.)
  • Bob in web disguise walking down the pirate ship stairs to see AndrAIa, Frisket is growls at the 'stranger'. Bob says "Hi Frisket," causing Frisket to pause, sniffs... and resumes growling. Bob shrugs, his pose practically shouting "typical."
  • The entire scene where the Web Riders party with the binome pirates. The best part when the surfer bumps into Matrix and he reacts instictively with violence, the Surfer tries to speak in web language to calm the Web Riders. The Surfer ends up saying, "Handbag... Teakettle... Barbeque..." The Web Riders are smart enough to figure out whats going on and not make the situation worse.
  • A ploy Megabyte couldn't have honestly expected to work when he hires Mouse for a job in "The Great Brain Robbery."
    Megabyte: Really, Mouse. Who do you trust more... Bob or me? *Slasher Smile*
    Mouse: That's it. I'm pulling the plug.
  • Earlier, Matrix and Turbo had blown apart some of the infected Guardians drones after asking "Do your drones have personality chips?" (or, in plain DOS, are your robots sapient). Later, AndrAIa and Frisket meet the Guardian leader. Frisket growls and AndrAIa translates: "He was wondering if your drone has a personality chip." The drone flees.
    • And then, disappointed, Frisket drops to the ground, looking bored while AndrAIa and the Guardian have an Old West style showdown.
  • "System Crash." Mike The TV's only cameo in the season goes a little bit like this:
    Everyone else: NO.
  • Hexadecimal in 'Daemon Rising,' and her blatant affections for Bob. Two in particular, the look on her face and her extremely put upon "Hello, Dot" when Dot checks in on Bob once the invading Guardians are gone and finds Hex draping him over her and this immortal line:
    Hexadecimal: You need some down time. We... could go down together.
  • A group of Daemon's infected servants, all wearing Spawn-esque masks, rise behind Daemon... and break into a celebratory gospel song about the Word. With Mike the TV on lead vocals.
  • Megabyte asks Herr Doktor how long they can keep Hexadecimal tied up. The good doctor is so unsure about the variables because of Hex's power and her messed up mental state that he proposes that Hex is already capable of escaping, but doesn't because she actually likes being tied up. Megabyte doesn't even want to think about that.
  • The Mainframe Strolling Players singing the recap of season 3. Particularly all the Special Effects Failure stuff.
    Background: Don't roll farther than this.
  • From "Quick And The Fed." A game cube falls while Bob is being chased by Hack & Slash. Just for his own petty amusement, Bob sends them a Vidwindow during the chase.
    Bob (via Vidwindow): You aren't going to catch me before the game wall closes.
    Hack: Oh yeah?
    Slash: Heh heh heh!
    Hack: Why?
    Slash: Yeah. Why?
    Bob: Because you stopped. (takes off to the game)
    Hack and Slash: LOGIC ERROR! (go back to chasing him)
    • It ends with a hilariously awful Hope Spot:
      Hack: We're gonna make it!
      Slash: Yeah, we're gonna make it!
      (Cut to Megabyte, watching the chase to get into the Game)
      Megabyte: (disgusted) They're not going to make it.
      (The Game wall slams down, and Hack and Slash slam into it, completely disassembling)
      Megabyte: (taps a key, bringing up a maintenance binome) Clean-up crew, section one.
    • Just as Bob is checking his surroundings after entering the game, a knight casually passes by his side and decks him in the face:
      Bob: *looks around* I know this game. Looks like Castles and *POW* KNIGHTS!
    • Enzo taking out the User by throwing his megaphone at him. Made better by Dot's shocked expression.
  • Mood Whiplash at its finest - Dot and Matrix have just had an utterly heartbreaking and emotional reunion, and then he says that they found Bob. They turn - to see Mouse has yanked Bob into a kiss.
  • A hilarious combination of My Significance Sense Is Tingling and Captain Obvious occurs when Bob kicks the back of Hexidecimal's throne, almost knocking her into a Medusa-infected Scuzzy.
    Hexidecimal: "Strange. I sense a presence."
  • Why can't they just turn Mike the TV off? His remote control ran away.
    Dot: Can you blame it?
  • In "To Mend And Defend", the game both Dot and Matrix is a zombie-shooter based game where they both have to survive against a cameo Ash Williams courtesy of Evil Dead with Matrix transformed to look like the zombie Michael Jackson from "Thriller" and Dot being transformed into skimpy outfit to look like Elvira Mistress of Darkness. Their dialogue is a blatant You Bastard! to Users/players of zombie killing games and they even look directly at the audience for good measure.
    Dot: He's just standing there shooting at things!
    Enzo: I know! And in the next level, Sprites are zombies! They've got flesh on their bones!
    Dot: I don't even want to think about that. I mean what kind of sick creature gets enjoyment out of playing this sort of game?! (both Dot and Matrix look the audience with disapproving glares)
  • The opening of "Firewall" has Enzo and AndrAIa in a skiing game as snowmen. The User? Is Santa Claus.
    Enzo: 'Ho ho ho'? What kind of lame catchphrase is that?
  • Phong getting in a sticky situation with Bob and an alarm conveniently interrupt their talk.
    Phong: Oh! An alarm!
    Bob: Huh, saved by the bell.
    Phong: No, that is a klaxon.
  • Bob and Dot rebooted into Fish People with telepathic mind-reading.
    Bob: (admiring Dot's tail and thinking) Nice tail.
    Dot: I heard that too!
    Bob: D'oh!
  • In "The Medusa Bug", Bob and Enzo literally dragging the workaholic Dot away from Dot's Diner and tossing her into Bob's car to force her to take a break and attend the promised picnic with them.
    • Look closely in the background of their next scene, and you can see the diner not too far away. Bob's car only made it a few blocks before breaking down.
  • In "Mousetrap", Ray Tracer tries to break up an altercation between Matrix and the Web Riders. Unfortunately, he's a bit rusty at speaking the Web Riders' Starfish Language, which sounds like dial-up modem sounds.
    Ray: Handbag... Teakettle... Barbeque...
    Web Rider 1: What in the web is he talking about?
    Web Rider 2: I think he wants us to calm down.
  • In a pre-series flashback, Bob says that Turbo called his ideas "radical," in a tone of voice indicating he is thinking the wrong definition of the word applies.


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