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For a boy band, *NSYNC sure is hysterical.

Music Videos

  • The music video for their Europe-onlynote  single "U Drive Me Crazy" is four-and-a-half minutes of pure hilarity. The boys ham it up in front of the camera intercut with them trying to get the attention of a music executive (played by their real-life manager). As part of their increasingly futile attempts to get his attention, they disguise themselves as a Hair Metal band, a rap group, the Jackson 5 (complete with Funny Afros), and the Spice Girls.
    • What makes the Disguised in Drag gag even funnier is that they weren't even bothering to put any effort into their disguises. They clearly looked like five young men in dresses and Chris and Joey didn't bother to shave. Lance once put it that his disguise made him look like Miss Piggy.
  • The "Here We Go" video is all sorts of dorky hilarity, including Joey getting hit in the head with the basketball because he was flirting and Lance stuffing the ball under his shirt while surrounded by the opposing team.
  • The original European "I Want You Back" video in all its cheesy No Budget glory, with awkward dance movies and clothes, and badly CGI-ed spaceship.
    • The American version features Justin threatening Joey with his pool cue followed by Chris attacking JC with his pool cue, Justin and Chris goofing off at the basketball court, and Joey pushing Lance into the lake.
  • "I Drive Myself Crazy" has the boys hamming it up in the sanitarium for all its worth, especially JC who goes bug-eyed at the sight of a talk show on TV and attacks it, since it was a clip of his girlfriend cheating on him.
  • The "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" video, with a cameo from Gary Coleman as Santa's helper, very obvious green screen work, and the boys pretending to hold on for dear life because Joey is driving the reins.
  • The music video for "It's Gonna Be Me", with the band as toy marionettes fighting with G.I. Joe dolls and getting suckered into a trap by Barbie dolls. Justin explicitly states that it's intended to be a funny video.
  • While "Gone" is a mostly subdued video, there is a brief moment of the boys in the "old-timey" segments, where they break into a dance party...and JC does the worm.

In Concert

  • When they performed their tribute to the Jackson 5 on their Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now tour, they dressed up in tacky 70s outfits, with huge afro wigs and all.
    • Speaking of that tour, a running gag was that at the end of "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You", Justin stops short of singing the last line as the boys bow and lets the audience scream their hearts out...for at least two minutes before Chris and the others start cajoling him to finishing.
      • There has been at least one time where an audience member simply wasn't having it, though.
      Boy: Can you please finish the damn song!
      Chris: You're gonna get escorted out with that kind of language, young man.
  • Their performance of "Just Got Paid" for the 2000 Billboard Music Awards was 4 and a half minutes of campy goodness.
  • Any time they perform "Space Cowboy" is an exercise in surreal hilarity. The dance routine includes pinching their noses as they shimmy from side to side and includes gunslinging sounds. The PopOdyssey version includes denim chaps, zip wires, and mechanical bulls.
  • It's hard not to laugh when they run into gaffes during live performances.
    • Lance's mic is incredibly unbalanced at the beginning of their 2000 VMA performance, making it really obvious when it suddenly gets turned down.
    • Lance's mic was also pretty unbalanced at the beginning of their HBO special. You can actually hear him breathing and when he actually sings on certain parts of the opening numbers.
    • Chris' mic is similarly unbalanced in this performance of "It's Gonna Be Me", and you can practically feel the sound engineers scramble to turn down his mic after his vocals completely overpower Justin's.
    • When they performed "It's Gonna Be Me" for the 2002 Olympic Concert Series they all messed up the timing of the intro, causing Justin to let out a goofy laugh.
    • Lance(?) apparently forgets he's supposed to be lip-synching during this performance of "I Want You Back". His too-small shirt keeps riding up too, the poor thing.
    • It's unknown whether this early European performance of "I Want You Back" was supposed to be lip-synced or not but after half a verse of Justin singing sharp his mic was eventually shut off. JC also falls on his butt after Joey flips him.
    • Speaking of flips, Joey and Chris completely screw up this flip during "You Got It". Poor Chris falls flat on his back. For some unintentional hilarity, get a load of the incredibly inaccurate video title and info.
    • JC momentarily loses track of the choreography during this performance of "Here We Go''.
    • Joey accidentally drops his mic during this performance of "Tearin' Up My Heart".
    • Their reunion for the 2013 VMAs began with Lance, JC, Joey, and Chris rising up from trapdoors in the stage. They were supposed to drop back down at the end of their performance, but unfortunately for Chris, his trapdoor stopped working, leaving him stranded and having to make his exit by inelegantly dropping down Joey's trapdoor. Lance recalled that he actually pointed and laughed at Chris as his own trapdoor was going down.
    Lance: [snickering] He was so pissed, he was so mad at me.
  • The interludes on their 2001 PopOdyssey tour are hilarious.
    • The video before "Space Cowboy" featured Lance and Chris as cowboys speaking in exaggerated Texas accents and had the rest of the boys in cowboy getup goofing off in front of a bonfire.
    • And just after Justin finishes singing "Gone", Chris attacks Justin with a giant inflatable glove. Justin retaliates by punching Chris in the groin with the glove, segueing into "It's Gonna Be Me" as the other three and their dancers start bringing out gigantic toys.
    • The interlude before "Celebrity" had JC on the phone, but he's interrupted by Joey chewing celery, Lance imitating the infamous Budweiser commercial, and Justin and Chris trying to rope JC into a three-way call...while Justin is on a speedboat.
  • Their 2000 HBO concert special has its moments.
    • The video interlude before "Just Got Paid" is one long moment of funny: the band relaxes backstage, which resembles a huge circus and once they plop down to watch some television, a robot pops up where Lance should have been sitting and the boys are surprisingly nonchalant about it. (Also doubles as a shout-out to Mystery Science Theater 3000!)
    Chris: [Record Needle Scratch as he looks up from his comic book] What the heck are you? [Justin turns to look and then turns on the TV] Looks a little like Lance. Cut his hair.
    Justin: Imposter! That ain't Lance!
    Chris: You ain't Lance?
    [Several seconds pass as Justin continues flipping channels]
    Justin: Can I get you something? [The robot shakes] No? Okay.
    • The opening bit of "It Makes Me Ill" has the boys in lab coats while pretending to use a defibrillator on Justin. Even funnier is that Joey keeps on the surgical cap the entire time.
    • The beginning of "This I Promise You" has Chris attempting to leap into the audience only for Justin to yank him back and drag him across the stage.
    • The beginning of "Tearin' Up My Heart" featured a cameo from then-popular MTV VJ Ananda Lewis doing a riff on TRL voting featuring "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Row Your Boat".
    • Justin decides to show off his beatboxing skills...before the drummer of their backing band decides to join in, much to his annoyance.
  • One gag they did on the Celebrity arena tour lampshaded the Vocal Dissonance between Lance and Chris, with Lance hiding behind Chris and doing deep notes when Chris opened his mouth.
    • During the rearranged version of "I Want You Back", they pause just before singing the final line and Justin declares that JC should sing it. JC hems and haws before Chris convinces him.
    Chris: Pretend that everybody is in their underwear. [The audience screams] Except for that guy.
    JC: Oh my God.

Public Appearances

  • This compilation of clips from their No Strings Attached promo in Japan. Featured are them singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a random Japanese man, goofing off during interviews, singing a rather pained rendition of "Help!", and finishing off with an impromptu vocal cover of "Also sprach Zarathustra".
    After being asked if there's anything their fans don't know about them.
    Chris: My nipples explode with the light.
    Justin: It's not a true statement, but it's something he's never told anyone before.
  • Their cameo on Saturday Night Live, where they were played a boy band named "No Refund" and did the Running Man while singing about food innuendos.
    • They made a second cameo on the same episode, playing boarding school students who reacted to "Show and Tell" completely deadpan. Joey played the Camp Gay student and Lance and Chris were the snotty Jerkass students.
  • At the 2001 American Music Awards, they were backstage and getting ready to present a segment of the show. When the camera panned to them, Joey suddenly grabs JC and starts twirling him around in a slow dance as Chris prays to the ceiling and Justin and Lance make goofy faces at the camera.
  • The guys attempted to pull a prank on Donny and Marie Osmond when they appeared on Donny and Marie to promote No Strings Attached, which unfortunately failed when their prank pen failed to explode.
    • Also during the show, they were shown pictures of when they were younger, ending with Joey dressed up as Cher which he desperately tried to explain while everyone else proceeds to crack up.
  • A commercial they did for McDonald's had them playing Spin the Bottle with Britney Spears. Lance spins the bottle, and it lands...on Justin.
    • In another McDonald's commercial, Lance can be seen in the middle of a sea of people holding up a sign that says "Lance is cool too".
  • An anti-drug PSA they did was basically them goofing off in the front of the camera and concludes with Chris yelling about sticky things and JC chasing him off-screen.
  • The teaser for their Superbowl performance? They were in the middle of going to the bathroom.
    • The introduction skit done with Aerosmith just before their joint Superbowl performance; Aerosmith is rehearsing "Dude Looks Like A Lady" when the boys suddenly sing the titular line, garnering an unimpressed stare from Steven Tyler. Plus, as they were running out of the locker room, it was probably one of them who slapped the "Kick Me" sign onto Ben Stiller's character's back.
  • Apparently, any time they appeared on Canada's MuchMusic, they (Chris especially) liked making host Rick Campanelli their personal Butt-Monkey.
  • When asked about how he broke his hand during an appearance on The Tonight Show, Chris made up a story about rescuing a kid in a canoe, which then evolved into two kids, and then a bus full of school children.
  • When they made a rare appearance on a talk show in Mexico, the host invites them to dance along with him. They do...except for Lance, who predictably does not join in.


  • TRL deserves its own section because any time they show up, there was bound to be something amusing happening, especially if they make Carson Daly the butt of their jokes.
  • A favorite thing of theirs was to make one of TRL's infamous shoutouts, complete with requisite frenzied screaming.
  • One 1999 episode had Chris and Joey hosting while wearing pajamas and respectively sporting Backstreet Boys and Britney t-shirts underneath.
  • On the day they premiered the "Bye Bye Bye" video, they bum-rushed the stage before Carson could even say their name, with Chris twerking for the camera and Justin running a circle around the stage as JC jumps up and down as he mugs for the camera.
  • When they premiered their video for "This I Promise You" on TRL, Justin breaks and starts tackling the other members offscreen one by one as Lance continues talking without missing a beat.
  • This fake blooper reel has Chris, JC, and Justin repeatedly screwing up something as simple as saying their names.
  • Not specifically about the band, but still infamous amongst the fandom is Tiffany, the diehard Backstreet Boys fan.


  • The Armagedd'n Sync skit they did for the MTV Movie Awards.
    Justin: We're the best rag-tag group of pretty boys on the planet!
  • From the making of "Pop":
    Justin: [eating a sandwich] Peanut butter and jelly.
    Lance: I think he's trying to say we had a great first day.
    Justin: We had a long first day, but the body has given up. Confucius say, "Only man who go to Wayne leave with pain."
    Lance: [Aside Glance and shrugs]
    Justin: [to their driver] That's when you're supposed to go, man. Go.
    Lance: That was good.
    • A golf-cart-turned-on-foot chase between Justin and Chris.
      Justin: It seems that the pursuer is an old fart! [After Chris fails to catch him and is seen heavily breathing] He's too old for me.
    • Chris jokingly standing amongst a line up of potential leading girls for the video.
    Wayne Isham: [pointing at Chris] What about the black leather pants? You kinda feeling that?
    Assistant: She's a mess.
    • They also spent a bit of time ribbing their choreographer Wade for standing in for an injured Joey.
    JC: [to Wade] You're gonna get sexified! You're getting Joe-ified!
    Lance: [to Wade] See, Joey would have eaten that shrimp. Get into character.
    Chris: They're painting a beard on Wade because he's only 12 and he can't grow a beard yet. The question is, does he look like Joey? Not at all!
    • Chris taking a scooter meant for Joey on a joyride.
    • Chris mocks JC's hair.
      Chris: Can you see me past JC's hair? I want to know.
      Wayne Isham: Nah, you'd get way lost.
    • From filming the club scenes:
      Justin: Money, baby! That's the money shot! I make miracles happen! [Beat] I don't know what the hell I just said!
    • JC sluggishly drags himself to the set, commenting that he's barely awake...and walks right into a cargo case. Justin, having witnessed the whole thing, starts braying with laughter.
  • These bits from the making of "Bye Bye Bye":
    JC: We're excited to do our own stunts and test our insurance policies!
    • Director Wayne Isham storyboards the video for them:
      Lance: We want to do our own stunts.
      [The background music cuts out]
      Lance: JC especially wants to do the car crash. [JC Death Glares at him]
      Record executive: You guys still have more recording to do.
      Lance: Is the train really going?
      Wayne: You're going to be scared shitless.
      Lance: :D
    • When the boys film getting cut from their strings, the camera follows them as they land normally...except for Joey, who lands on the padding with a resounding thud.
    • After Chris and Joey filmed their segment of the video:
      Chris: Hold on a minute.
      Joey: What?
      Chris: Did you see how fine that girl was just chasing us?
      Joey: Yes.
      Chris: Why are we running?
    • Lance and JC's segment:
      Lance and JC: We do our own stunts!
      Lance: [completely deadpan] Wow, we almost died.
      JC: [Stage Whispers to the camera] Lance broke the car!
      Lance: [snickers] I did!
      JC: Keep it on the down-low!
    • At the end of the episode while the credits are rolling, Chris and Joey pretend to flub their introduction lines.
  • From the making of "It's Gonna Be Me":
    • Justin's semi-Painful Rhyme:
      Justin: You're basically telling her that if you don't step up to the plate, then it's gonna be too late, I see we could have had a date...that's not so...great. [makes a face]
    • Chris's Dr. Evil impression as his puppet, handled by Justin, mimics him.
      Chris: Today, we are talking about our "video". And in our "video", we have a concept of being in a toy store. Isn't that right, Mini-Me? [The puppet nods] Very good, Mini-Me.
    • Chris makes faces and mocks JC behind his back as JC describes their performance area.
    • Somehow, they got the bright idea to swing Lance around like a human Skip-It, with Joey doing the swinging and Chris jumping over him.
    • Chris and Justin make noises about groping the model...and then it turns out they were groping each other as she steps aside.
    • Director Wayne Isham pranks Chris by rigging the box's plastic so that Chris can't punch it.
    • JC on the fight scene with the army dolls:
      JC: I'm gonna kick some tail, man. That's all I'm saying, I'm throwing down, man. [Later after they lose] Did you see my kung fu grip?!
    • At the end of the episode, while the credits are rolling, Chris starts complaining about the process spoiling the video's effects to an unimpressed Lance, who points out the shelves are wood, not metal.
  • On MTV's New Year's Eve special in 2002, they premiered their video for "Girlfriend" while clearly drunk.
    Lance: Happy New Year's, MTV!
    Chris: Happy New Year's!
    Lance: [JC and Joey cram into the frame, pushing him out of frame] As a special New Year's gift, we're gonna give you the premiere of "Girlfriend"...right now...check it out.
    Joey: Yeah!!! [blows raspberry]
    JC: Hey, show your face, J!
    Justin: So...when this airs right here, this part, in the little corner down at the bottom, I want you to put "Director: Justin Timberlake". [The camera obliges as Chris pops up behind him and flashes the V signs] That was revolutionary! [grins]
  • Speaking of drunk, they once hosted an entire music video dedication special for MTV's Spring Break clearly three sheets to the wind with margaritas and chips littered around them. Justin, Chris, and Lance wore hats and sunglasses and looking like they were about to roll off their spots the entire time while Joey wrapped himself up in a blanket like a burrito.
    • When they first greet the camera, Lance waves his foot at the camera as the boys re-enact the infamous "WAZZUP????" meme.
    • Before cutting to commercial:
      Lance: Heck yeah...and coming up, we've got a dedication going out to a poolside babe in a desperate plea for [suddenly very loudly] PURE ANIMAL SEX!
      Justin: [immediately does a Double Take] Whoa.
      Chris: Don't cross the streams!
      Justin: Did someone say "sex"?
      Lance: [slurring] And now that I've got your attention, keep it right here and we'll be right back.
      Chris: [pokes Lance with a skewer] Hey Lance, does this get your attention?
    • Joey runs off to the bathroom clutching a copy of Rolling Stone magazine with the guys on the cover.
    • Their game of "liquor fishing", consisting of JC, Chris, and Lance sticking limes onto long skewers and dunking them in the margaritas, as all five sing "The Hokey Pokey". Chris dares Joey to eat one by dangling it in front of Joey while making it sing.
      Joey: [points to the lime] Lemons are dancing.
    • During a dedication that played Destiny's Child's "Bug-A-Boo", Chris pulls out a dictionary to look up the word and claims that it's a real word. Lance then asks him if the word's definition includes pagers.
    • Justin's impression of a drunk frat boy during Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca". The boys clamor onto the bed and dance as well as sing along to the video.
    • Joey's impression of a frat boy during "The Thong Song", followed by Chris and Justin pondering what "dumps like a truck" really means.
    • During the video for "The Bad Touch", Joey pretends to be a lion and attacks Chris, pretending to be the lion tamer.
    • JC's What an Idiot! face after one particular spring breaker decided to dump his girlfriend by dedicating "Bye Bye Bye" to her.
      JC: On national TV! You break up with your girlfriend? Check this out, what are you going to do when you go home? [makes a "you dumbass" face] "I'm just saying!"
  • During a special leading up to the release of No Strings Attached, the guys played a game of group trivia involving fans cutting the strings of life-sized marionettes of each member. The guys went on to beat up the Joey-marionette after he and his partner won the game while Chris and Lance chucked the Chris-marionette into the crowd of fans and looked on in horror as the fans tore it apart in excitement.
  • MTV aired a behind the scenes special about the making the 2001 Superbowl halftime show. As part of a joke, Chris hits on Britney, only to be tackled by Justin as Joey watches, holding up a boom mic.
    • They also lampshaded the fact that MTV kept tapping them for behind the scenes specials.
    Justin: MTV, boy. They just milk it, don't they?
    JC: They'll make anything!
    Justin: Make the Video, Make the Tour...
    All: [beat] Make the Halftime Show!
  • On their very first MTV interview with Carson, they literally introduced themselves to each other.
  • On the Snowed In special, Carson gets a bit of revenge by calling Justin, with all seriousness, beautiful.
    Carson: You're so beautiful.
    Justin: [scowls after a Beat] Man! [Everyone starts laughing at him]
    • Chris argues with Carson over the proper mockery of their name, *NStink or *NSuck.
    • In the behind-the-scenes special leading up to Snowed In, Lance greets the camera by um, lifting up his legs and showing off his crotch.


  • When asked about their frenzied fans:
    Chris: The first thing you learn in *NSYNCology 101 is: if the fans chase you, do not run. It creates a frenzy. You go over and put up a newspaper and act like you're reading, or you put a lampshade on your head and pretend you're a lamp pole.
    Lance: So they pull your string, then you enjoy it.
  • One of Lance's solo interviews:
    Cenk Uygur: I thought it was for sure the Backstreet Boys. It was *NSYNC?
    Lance: It was *NSYNC, yes. I get confused myself, like, was it 98 Degrees? Backstreet? I always had to google it myself to make sure.
    • He recalls a story about how a fan thought he was in love with her and that his orientation was a joke:
    Lance: She thought this whole gay thing was a joke, that I was basically lying about it.
    Dave Rubin: Was it Miley Cyrus?
    Lance: Damn it, you caught me.
  • Chris and Joey spent a few days filling in for the hosts of the morning show of Orlando's top 40 station, XL 106.7. One bit had them strap an electric collar to Chris's leg and giving him a shock if callers gave wrong answers to trivia about the band. Chris was shocked multiple times, especially after one caller thought Lance was Lance Armstrong.
    Kate [the assistant host]: Alright, whose first career goal was it to work with NASA? Out of the five guys of *NSYNC. It’s an easy one.
    Marissa [the caller]: I don’t know. Gimme a hint or something.
    Joey: ♪ I’m coming out! I want the world to—
    Chris: Joey.
    Joey: Sorry.
    Chris: OK, listen though. Do you know any of the other guys’ names?
    Marissa: Umm…
    Chris: OK, well, let’s talk about it now. The two stupid ones are in the studio right now: Chris and Joey, OK?
    [Jeopardy thinking music starts playing]
    Chris: There’s Justin, who has a record out. There’s JC, who had a record out. And then there’s one that was on People Magazine for coming out. And his name is Lance.
    Marissa: Oh! Lance Armstrong!
    [Joey bursts into hysterical laughter]
    • Joey admitting he taught his then-5-year-old daughter fart jokes. His daughter even manages to worm her way onto the air.
    • At end of their stint, a caller sounding suspiciously like Justin faking a bad accent tells them they sucked, grading them from a D to a Z. Kate mentions that the caller sounded strangely familiar while Chris and Joey snicker and drop the matter.
  • The boys amuse themselves before an interview with a foul-mouthed teddy bear that belongs to Joey.
  • Justin gently pokes fun at Aaliyah after a photoshoot.
    Justin: [somberly] Wow ... totally bringing the whole energy down Aaliyah, thanks. [Lance snickers]
    Aaliyah: You know what? Look at what I have to deal with, the only "mature" under-21 person here. [All three laugh]
  • While doing promotion for their Atlantis concert special, they were basically stuck in a featureless room for an entire day. So to combat the boredom in between the interviews, Justin and Lance start quoting the drive-thru scene from Dude, Where's My Car? while JC kicks Chris's chair. Chris and Justin also entertain themselves with batting around the pom poms on Chris' beanie and they get momentarily distracted with the names of two Illinois towns.
    JC: Wow, that was a mouthful.
    Chris: Sweet, Kankakee Waukegan.
    JC: [laughing] We're doing our next special in Kankakee Waukegan.
    Chris: In a gingerbread house in Kankakee Waukegan.
    Joey: See, you can say that but you can't say "Sasquatch?"
    Chris: Skasquash?
  • While rehearsing for a Spanish MTV interview, the boys' interpreter walks them through introducing themselves in Spanish...except for Chris, who just responds with "no sé" ("I don't know").


  • Chris filmed a cutscene for one of Britney's drag as Britney.
  • One photoshoot for Teen People had them play tug-of-war. In a behind-the-scenes clip the magazine had posted on their site, JC grabs his end of the sheet and starts whacking Chris with it while Chris and Joey make noises about Chris getting spanked. Lance immediately gives a WTF? to the camera.
  • *NSYNC singing Do-Run-Run.
    • All of The Reel *NSYNC, for that matter. Special mention to that one fangirl who sent Chris a love letter consisting of enough pages of "I Love You" to span nearly an entire hotel hallway.
  • Their lovely rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, in which JC and Joey bounce around, Chris messes up the lyrics, Justin monkeys Chris, and Lance pretends he doesn't know these idiots.
  • Justin fails at preparing for Christmas and Joey says the wrong thing.
  • The band fails at recording a Christmas message for their website. It also sums up their dynamic perfectly.
    Justin: [giggling at Chris] He's 30!
  • Their appearance on The Simpsons, where they lampooned themselves and shipped JC off to the navy without his knowledge.
  • James Van Der Beek recounted a story where Justin and Lance (who were both underaged) tried to sneak into a club using his ID. He only managed to sneak Justin in before the bouncers cottoned on.
  • "It's Gonna Be MAY" is coming.
  • The Tonight Show's suggestion box presents Lance Bass, the singing fish. BoJack Horseman would actually make him a fish.
    • And before that, when Jimmy was hosting Late Night, he celebrated the series finale of Breaking Bad by creating a supercut of the show set to "Bye Bye Bye".
  • On Lance's wedding special, he asked JC to sing the song for his first dance. JC agrees and then in the middle of singing, invokes the Melismatic Vocals for laughs, cracking "That's for making me a wedding singer!"
  • Not directly involving the guys, but the website Mashable came up with the bright idea to rewrite their lyrics in the style of William Shakespeare.
  • When the first teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron first popped up, the trailer included a clip of "I've Got No Strings" from Pinocchio. So someone came up with the bright idea to photoshop Ultron into the other most famous reference to "no strings"...No Strings Attached.
  • For the one who has some taste of Black Humor (or who hate NSYNC, One Direction, or boybands in general, this parody post will make you chuckle. Note the post was made in 2015 and it is correct that every member has pursued an independent career but it is officially on "hiatus". Well, History Repeats.

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