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  • Cracked did an article on How 8-bit Characters Would Really Look, referenced above.
  • From Cracked, here's some fridge horror of some old videogames...
  • Sunday Funday is a Christian NES game about a kid trying to get to Sunday School, while apparently every non-church-going person in his way tries to kill him before he can get there. Also, you aren't allowed to play the game peacefully; in order to advance much of the time, you have to kill everyone in the stage, sometimes violently with explosives. It's no real stretch to say that the game is, unintentionally or not, trying to teach kids that non-Christians are the enemy and must be destroyed.
  • In Chocobo's Dungeon you can kill enemies by kicking bottles at them, yielding you a bottle of red liquid. The implication being that the cute little birdie just bottled up his victim's blood. What's worse is he can drink it.
  • Imagine being a soldier in a unit, all of whom are traveling cautiously through the woods in a deep fog. You are ambushed by a massive gray blob that, before you can even act, overwhelms and devours you instantly. That was the fate of the poor Infantry unit in Advance Wars: Dual Strike that was trapped by the first Oozium unit encountered in the game.
  • Onmyōji: Even though this game is already given the straight-up "Horror" label by Google Play Store, it still has its Fridge Horror moments. One such moment is the possible fate of Yōko's kidnapping victims beside Koi-no-sei. She obviously isn't his first and only; Kappa has told the onmyōji of yōkai going missing before Koi-no-sei is abducted herself. At the end of the chapter, only she is seen rescued. Who knows what happened to the other victims and what Yōko might have done to them…
  • Star Fox Adventures: In DarkIce Mines aboveground, there's an area that you can't go through on foot. You can go through with a Snowhorn, but you have to keep walking over Alpine Roots along the way or his energy will run out and you'll have to start over. After arriving at your destination, you use him to do one thing and then leave him at the platform. Okay. Now what? There's not much there, so I'm sure he'd want to go back at some point... except he already ate most, if not all, of the roots along the way! Now, maybe they'll grow back, but who knows how long that'll take. Hope he can live on Magic Gem plants...
  • Undertale: The Neutral ending may not seem so bad, until you realize that you effectively screwed over everyone, including Frisk. The entire underground is in chaos because of the death of Asgore, all of the souls are gone, and nobody is prepared to handle it. Even though Frisk escaped, they're still probably traumatized permanently from being stabbed, burnt, crushed, impaled, concussed, corroded, and tortured. More or less, it sucks to be anyone.


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