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Fridge Brilliance

  • Based on his concept artwork, Kid Ultra seems like a Kid-Appeal Character that at worst could be described as an obvious cash grab. However, he also happens to be part of the Last Light Consortium, the faction that cares more about making money. Therefore, his basic concept makes sense in this regard.

Fridge Horror

  • While to us, Wolf's death seems more of an opportunity for some seriously black comedy and further proof that Kleese is a bitter bastard, when you remember that AI's (or a "Magnus") are considered sentient beings and of equal status to the other characters, you start to understand why so many of them are very apologetic to outright mournful of the fact that Wolf's going to be sacrificed at the end of the mission. He isn't just some robot to these people; he's a person, one that happens to be made of metal and thinks in zeroes and ones, and he's completely, absolutely unable to grasp the fact that he's going to die—with thanks to Kleese.
  • ISIC provides some In-Universe fridge horror in some of his lines in the conversation that can pop up wherein Ghalt tries to Logic Bomb the Magnus and it backfires.
    • In one line that can pop out, ISIC points out that the Varelsi appear to be consuming stars at such a speed as if they're running away from something. Considering that the they're a seemingly unstoppable legion of cosmic horrors, what exactly would they be running from?
    • In an alternate line that can pop out, ISIC points out the hard truth regarding the Battleborn's mission. Even if they save Solus, the star is still eventually gonna burn out.

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