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Fridge Logic is found at the main Headscratchers page.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Although the Kreate-A-Fatality is one of the most criticized things about this game, there is some Fridge Brilliance involved here. The other games were, more or less, formal tournaments, and even those that weren't were bouts between kombatants. Armageddon is different. Here, it's a chaotic free for all. Would the warriors really have time to perform elaborate fatalities on each other on the field, or would they just settle for hacking at each other until somebody dies? In the case of the latter, that's what the Kreate-A-Fatality seems to be simulating.
  • The Gambit Roulette has a spot under What an Idiot! because it was revealed that the Mortal Kombat Tournament would lead to the end of the world as the realms' most powerful warriors grew in number and strength, yet the Elder Gods let it continue. It's understandable where they were coming from, but the point is why the Elder Gods wouldn't halt the tournament. Several things have been implied: Armageddon is likely the reawakening of the One Being, an event that would destroy all realms. It has also been implied that this nearly happened in Deception when Onaga nearly fused the Kamidogu. It has also been implied that the reason for the tournament's inter-realm existence was because of the Elder Gods attempting to slow Kahn's konquest of the realms — ten tournaments spanning ten generations makes for a lot of time. Without the tournament, Kahn and his army could simply march in and complete a direct konquest, which isn't that hard for them. Therefore, by not halting the tournament, the Elder Gods actually protect the realms for a longer time by choosing the lesser of two evils until a true solution can be found.
    • Nothing about the One Being was really ever implied in Armageddon. Its story pretty much ended in Deception. What happened was that around fifty guys with magic powers got in one place to fight each other, and the universe would probably tear apart from all that magic in one place. Argus and Delia didn't make the trial so that they could stop the One Being, it was only said that the kombatants were growing "too numerous, and too powerful".
    • It is revealed in MK9 that simply walking in and taking a realm is all gravy with the realms; it's the merging that is forbidden. So, it is to prevent the One Being from re-awakening, but raises the question of why bother merging the realms in the first place, if you can just take 'em.
      • Going with the whole realm identification thing up there, there could be a few reasons. Shao Kahn can't grab everyone's souls (something necessary to make his sorcery more powerful) unless he merges the realms or it could be that any fighter from a conquered (but not merged) realm wouldn't be fighting for Outworld, Shao Kahn likes having the biggest realm around, etc.

Fridge Horror

  • It's pretty much established that Shao Kahn wins, but remember that part of the story where Shang Tsung claims that everyone who pledged allegiance to him will return from the dead to continue serving him? And now that the Forces of Light are killed off....
  • In his bio, it's revealed that Shao Khan can revive allies of his who had once sworn allegiance to him, and if he died, so do they. Now, let's list all of the characters who had allied themselves with him: Kintaro, Motaro, Goro, Shang Tsung, Baraka, Reptile, Reiko, Mileena, Kitana, Sindel, Jade, Kano...
    • Also, in that same game, it's revealed by Fujin that, when a god is destroyed, they're revived as a "blank state", forgetting all of their past life in the process. Note that this is not what happened to Raiden after his attempt to take Onaga with him at the beginning of Deception. So, what happened? According to Epileptic Trees, he was corrupted by Onaga in the attempt.

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