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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Rivalries between schools, where spells from a particular school cause boosted damage to an enemy of the rival school. Now the ones that are obvious are Ice vs. Fire and Death vs. Life, but the one that's always been odd was Storm vs. Myth, until you remember that the Storm School represents creativity and science, while the Myth School represents imagination and fantasy. It's Science vs. Fantasy!
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  • At first the defeat of Lich Malistaire seems like a Deus ex Machina but if the player was paying attention they'll realize that it was just the center of the dueling ring that breaks, this means that all the summons that the player used cased enough damage to the ground to cause it to break off of the comet.
  • Mellori seems to be named after Corvus Mellori, a species of Raven. Since it was revealed that she's the daughter of Grandmother Raven in Mirage, this makes sense.

Fridge Horror

  • Throughout the game, everything you fight against are fairies, ghosts, skeletons, demons, talking fish, golems, walking trees, literal cat burglars, and a massive number of other creatures as you get closer to Malistaire. When he's defeated, his ghost finally reconciles with his dead wife and leaves for the afterlife. He was quite alive before you got your hands on him.
    • Similarly to Malistaire, Krokhotep is alive and well before you fight him, but is a ghost when you meet him again later in the Tomb of Storms. In this case, thankfully, defeat helps bring him to his senses and he becomes your ally in the fight to recover the Krokonomicon.
      • Made even worse by the reward for the mission where you have to defeat Krokhotep. The reward is a plaque that looks like you mounted his head!
  • In Krokotopia, the only female Krok is Krokopatra, and there are no female Manders. So where did they all come from again?
    • Actually, a few of the Krok guards in Krokopatra's dungeon are wearing feminine-like outfits.
    • In one of the new dungeons that have been added there was a female mander.
    • Also, neither crocodiles nor salamanders in real life have distinguishing gender characteristics externally (you have to check internally to know) so it's possible they differentiate less overall or we did meet a lot of females, but didn't know. After all, neither species has mammary glands, so some Krok guards/Mander slaves without shirts could have been female without alerting censors.
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  • Many Krok Mooks sport youth sidelocks. Are the Tuts using Child Soldiers?
  • For one of the quests in the Chamber of Flame, you're asked to kill some flame servants so that the excavation has eternal flame to combat the darkness with. At first, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Then you realize, non-sentient creatures aren't usually called servants and in fact the Manders were called servants before in their history when they first became slaves. And what part of them would be eternally burning after they're defeated? Best case, you've just given the guy some flamey hearts that can morbidly keep things lit. At worst, well those might be souls.
  • After defeating Belosto ToeBiter, he questions who will feed his babies. If what he says is true, then you just possibly doomed some children to death by starvation (granted, he was planning on feeding them King Pyat MourningSword, but still...).
  • Close to the end of Mirage, we're asked by Grandmother Raven herself to destroy Grandfather Spider at all costs. But just a scene earlier, we discover that Grandmother Raven used Grandfather Spider's heart to charge the Spiral's essence. And that killing him would also mean the destruction of the Spiral. When Grandfather Spider reveals that his Chaos heart can't continue charging the Spiral if he is dead, we refuse to kill him. This leads Grandmother Raven's daughter, Mellori, to attack him with an energy blast, which would have killed him in his weakened state. At the last second, Spider catches the energy blast and kidnaps Mellori. While you may feel bad for her, you suddenly remember that if Grandfather Spider hadn't caught her energy blast, the whole Spiral would have lost its main source of power and eventually die.

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