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Fridge Logic

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Aliea/Alius Academy. Both names seem to come from the word "alien", but the dub name makes it more clear that they both actually come from "alias". An assumed identity. Because they're not really aliens like they claim.
    • Not quite: "alius" means "other" in Latin, as in they're from "another planet".
  • Fey Rune from Chrono Stone. the word 'fey' meaning "giving an impression of vague unworldliness", which defines Fey's mysterious nature as a time-traveler and his unknown backstory.
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  • It's maybe just a self-made theory but I find it interesting to share: What if Fey's destiny was just a Predestination Paradox? To put it simply, we know that his mother [Kinako has been sent to the past by Asurei in order to protect their son. We also know that Fey is a Second Stage Children and the SSC descended from talented soccer players. Finally Kinako became a member of Chrono Storm proving her skill at soccer. So, it's probably because Kinako was sent to protect her son that made Fey a Second Stage Children. The means used by Asurei to protect his son from Second Stage Children may have ended up creating it in first place! Probably one of the coolest You Already Changed the Past I've ever seen
  • It's always strange to see that in FFI, there were people who could give a bunch of Inazuma Japan's members such a hard time, considering most of their members held up against Aliea Academy, who threatened the world; and actually could dominate the world. Of course, it's possible that the FFI players are stronger than Aliea Academy, though that feels off; even for this series. Then you see the general player stats in IE3 and compare them to IE2note , and this whole time Inazuma Japan members who joined Raimon in the Aliea Academy arc just aren't nearly as good as they were last season. As added evidence; if you played against Neo Raimon in IE3: The Ogre, most of the players are buffed to unfair degrees, which makes sense since they're playing against The Ogre.
    • Inazuma Eleven Reloaded showed us an AU in which Aliea Academy attack never happened or the meteor never existed. Instead of a match against Gemini Storm, they showed us a match between Raimon and Barcelona Orb, the national team of Spain which is considered world class. The result was Raimon losing badly without scoring a single goal or being able to put up a fight while Bardelona Orb got 13 goals without even breaking a sweat. This shows and confirms that the soccer of Japan is weak compared to the world and that the Aliea Academy players were only barely at world level and actually weren't a true threat to the world. Also Aliea Academy focused a lot on injuring their opponents with brute force making them seem more menacing by comparison. However this also dwells into Fridge Horror, because it's possible that world class players are also capable of causing as much destruction as the Aliea Academy players without the power of the meteor and may serve as foreshadowing for the Second Stage Children.
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  • Why would Haizaki join Seishou Gakuen in the first place? The team's sponsor is Kira St★r Seiyaku, a pharmaceutical company, and he wants to save his childhood friend, Akane from the mental torture of the Ares No Tenbin/Balance of Ares project.
  • It has been hinted since the very beginning that Ichihoshi was not Mitsuru, the older brother, but Hikaru the younger brother the whole time. Ichihoshi's eyes are more similar to Hikaru's eyes in the flashbacks due to having a black ring around the blue section in the middle, while Mitsuru's eyes were horizontally split between black and blue.
  • Due to how vast and humongous the galaxy is, it is rather implied that several teams in Galaxy were beginners in soccer, which is why they copied humans to learn about the game and why most members of Inazuma Japan were beginners to give the opposing team a fighting chance, while also training their own team.

Fridge Horror

  • The second season was chocked full of Fridge Horror. For starters, what would have happened if the Aliea Meteorite power went to fuel an army instead of a soccer team? Would it have cause an Apocalypse How?
    • More so by the fact that it seems hinted in the game that the crystal has min-controlling abilities, at least, to a certain degree. More like the ability to emphasize a certain feeling, such as hatred...
  • How many people were killed when Gemini Storm destroyed all of the schools in the Kanto region for losing to them in soccer?
    • At least Raimon students escaped via secret tunnels to the training facility in the games, but that doesn't make it any less Fridge Horror. Spicing it, there's the Nightmare Fuel of Raimon's destruction cutscene in the game.
    • Talk to the students in any of the schools that were destroyed that you can visit, and you'll be told that no one was seriously injured, so it stands to reason that it shouldn't be any different for the other schools.
  • How was Epsilon altered further? And how did it affect the members afterwards?
  • What would have happened to Fubuki if he hadn't gotten over his issues?
    • Hitomiko making him play knowing about his issues mixes this with Nightmare Fuel, when you realize how bad he's taking the whole situation and how unstable he becomes after every match.
  • How did the rest of the original Raimon team become part of The Dark Emperors if they just recently came out of the hospital? How did their bodies hold up to the power of the Aliea Meteorite?
    • This was actually elaborated further in the drama cd. After that match, those that were hospitalized before, like Someoka, were sent back to the hospital to rest and checked upon. But still, to think they played in that condition.
  • What would have happened if The Genesis had won against Raimon the second time?
  • YMMV, but some of Hitomiko's training methods and desitions are full Fridge Horror. As this Tumblr puts it. Special mention goes to let Sakuma and Genda use their Dangerous Forbidden Techniques (it goes specially bad for Sakuma), and it shows when Hibiki calls her out for her lack of concern over the kids.
    Hibiki: A coach's duty is to take care of the players, regardless of their team.
  • In the third season, what sort of tests were done on Demonio Strada and Mac and what other side effects were there other than blindness?
  • In GO, how did SEEDs gain their avatars and what did Shuu's island have to do with it?
    • It was explained in the movie and in the movie novelization. There was a Seed training facility on the island called God Eden. Soccer balls shot out of huge cannons aimed at the kids in order to force them to summon their avatars. What does this say about Fifth Sector? Hmmmm...
  • What else did Fifth Sector do other than control soccer?
    • See above.
  • Chrono Stone: Unless the memory of the alternate timeline's Yuuichi is integrated into the regular Yuuichi somehow, he effectively erases his own existence from the universe by aiding in correcting the history. This also applies to everyone's alternate selves each time they tamper with the timeline.
  • What was the alternate timeline without soccer Alpha created like for the characters from the original series especially for Kidou, Fubuki and Kageyama?
    • Since the big reason Fubuki got his Split Personality was because of an avalanche after a soccer match, he probably wouldn't have suffered the way he did. Of course this doesn't remove the possibility of an alternate way for a similar tragedy to occur.
    • Not to mention Taiyou, whose life is connected to soccer (in his own words). What would have happened to him in a world without soccer...?
  • Jeanne D'Arc in Chrono Stone can give you this when you remember how she died. It doesn't help that she's a Meganeko, trusts in Raimon fairly quickly and warms to them, in particular with Kirino. One has to wonder what Kirino and the rest of the team think by getting closer to her, knowing what fate awaits her.
  • Then there is Shuu's backstory. It's rather obvious that he's a spirit, being from a tribe who lived on God Eden ages ago. With his sister being sacrificed after he tried to cheat her out of the selection, and Shuu still a teenager, it's not too far fetched a conclusion that he actually killed himself in guilt.
  • The newest season, Inazuma Eleven Ares gives one in regards to Tenma. Since Ares takes place in an alternate timeline where Aliea Academy never attacked or formed at all, it means that without Gouenji visiting Okinawa, Tenma would have likely died or disabled from that incident while trying to save his future pet dog Sasuke, the same incident that got him into soccer in the first place.
    • It gets worse, El Dorado plans to send time travellers to eliminate Endou; without Tenma meeting Fei (or for that matter, any member of Feida/Second Stage Children) to save Endou, it may be possible this is a timeline where Endou is dead. Which leads to a massive butterfly effect.
      • The future where El Dorado and Feida originated from would have been bleak, since Raimon would not have interuppted the fight between El Dorado and Feida.
      • Tsurugi wouldn't have been able to pay off his brother's surgery, or he might even still act as sadistic as he was before. Granted, without soccer, Yuichi might not even need the surgery in this timeline.
      • Gouenji might have left socer forever without Endou's influence, but considering he has been confirmed to show up in Inazuma Eleven Ares; this remains debatable,
      • Kidou would have remained by Kageyama's side for a long time, if not forever.
      • So far Fubuki is free from the doom and gloom since Atsuya is alive, meaning he would have never had his problem during the Aliea Academy arc.
      • This is debatable. Ares diverges from the Football Frontier arc, meaning that Endou is around. The original poster may have meant the timeline that Endou is dead in the GO Chrono Stone timeline. That, or wait and see till the Anime airs.
      • A trailer shows a silhouette of who seems to be Endou in a different school so all things assured, Endou is still around and alive in Ares's timeline.
  • With Episode 13 of Orion no Kokuin revealing that Ichihoshi Hikaru was exploited by Disciples Of Orion when he was at his weakest after the death of his father and brother, to work for their cause, it makes you wonder how the other members in Disciples of Orion were recruited, and what lengths the organization are willing to go for their goals. Even Fifth Sector in GO doesn't exploit their SEEDS like they did with Hikaru!