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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is the Blot only staying in the Wasteland? It's due to a loophole: The requirement to be in the Wasteland is to be a forgotten character, nobody else knew about the Blot, and Mickey forgot he even did that, so, Yen Sid couldn't remove the Blot, and he wasn't forgotten himself, meaning he can't get in his own creations, meaning that he can't get rid of the Blot because if the Blot isn't remembered, then he can't be destroyed. Mickey being brought into the Wasteland was probably a bad idea for this reason; it means that the Blot will be destroyed because Mickey remembers his mistake, and is going to fix it.
  • This image, which features Mickey meeting Oswald, was drawn by Walt Disney decades before this game was released.
    • Wow... Oswald looks pissed...
  • A lot of people are asking why the Song of the South animals aren't going to be in the game. Then you remember Splash Mountain and the film's infamy and constant demand for a home release, and you see why.
  • There are no Beetleworx in the World of Gremlins, the only chapter without any. This is most certainly because the Gremlins, being mechanically adept, have dismantled them all.
  • Using the French version of Sleeping Beauty Castle was perfect, since Disneyland Paris is the most neglected and reviled of the Disney Theme Parks, so it falls under both "forgotten", AND "unloved".
  • Why is there not going to be an Epic Mickey 3 anytime soon? Not just because Disney closed the studio that made the games, but everyone knows and loves Oswald now. He's out of Wasteland!
  • While watching the opening cinematic to Epic Mickey (video released by IGN), I noticed that Mickey's calendar was changing pics, each representing a screenshot from his cartoons, all the way up to "The Prince and the Pauper". The image last torn before that was from "Mickey's Christmas Carol", which if I recall correctly, was the first cartoon to have Wayne Allwine voice Mickey Mouse. The image was of Mickey holding Tiny Tim's crutch in sadness, and it made me realize: he's also mourning the loss of Wayne, who passed away in 2009!
    • This one speaks for itself, in the E3 demo one of the quests given in order to get a compass from one of the pirates you have to find his treasure up in the treehouse, there's nothing up there but a teddy bear but the pirate takes it anyway explaining that he named his bear Treasure.
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  • Where's Fannie, Oswald's rabbit girlfriend... probably killed in the Thinner disaster. Dammit Mickey!
  • Why does the Mad Doctor have such a knack for singing everything he says? He was able to do it in the cartoon he debuted in!
  • Why are the citizens so apathetic? They don't feel obligated to help someone who hasn't bothered to remember them while climbing up in the world, and think that the villain's victories are a forgone conclusion.
  • In this game, paint thinner is green and can kill any toon. Sounds awfully similar to the Dip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, doesn't it? The Dip said to be made of turpentine, acetone, and benzene in the movie — all ingredients in paint thinner!

Fridge Horror

  • Remember the dip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Remember that shoe melting in a big vat of it? This time you, The Hero, will be wielding the dip...
  • Also for artists, just imagine if you're Walt Disney playing this Video Game. All of the pre-development ideas or early concepts/characters you've ever happened to forget are all alive in this world, each harboring a deep resentment against you for rejecting them.
    • Oswald becomes even more sympathetic when you realize that Walt didn't have to abandon him — if he had just sucked it up and took the budget cut, Oswald might have been just fine (and certainly wouldn't have fallen into the Dork Age Walter Lantz put him through in the 30's). Uncle Walt, we love you, man, but..... what the Hell?!
      • To be fair, Walt didn't actually own Oswald in the original shorts — Oswald was a "work for hire", owned by the producer. Both the Alice Comedies and Oswald fell victim to the bottom line when their respective producers decided that decent artwork and animation were just too expensive; Walt was unable to cut the budget far enough while maintaining a quality product, and the replacements (usually family of the producer) weren't good enough to make up for the loss. (Oswald lived up to his "lucky" moniker in being resold to Universal and handed off to Walter Lantz — the only survivor of the Alice Comedies is Pete, and even then only because he's such a versatile villain.) After losing two successful franchises this way, Walt created Walt Disney Studios, just so he wouldn't have to go through losing yet another "child".
  • When Mickey spilled the Thinner jug on the map, it directly landed on what was once Alice's Curious Labyrinth... no Alice characters show up in the game. Imagine the Gyphon and Mock Turtle slowly melting away...
    • The same principle applies to the Bunny Children, Oswald's 420 adorable children... who can very easily fall into a pool of thinner on Mickeyjunk Mountain. (And then melt.)
  • Oswald's 420 children. Not them directly, but it suddenly gets twisted with horror when you realize that since cats have broods of 3-5 offspring, this means that Ortensia must of had to go through the agony of birth at a bare minimum of 84 times. Then there's also the both physically and mentally exhausting task of raising all of them at once.
  • Some cartoon characters are shown to have families. Now, imagine only the parent remains popular or only the kid. Also consider how they don't seem to be aware that Wasteland exists, so as far as they know their loved ones just disappeared without a trace.
  • Props from Disney's live action films appear, like the Nautilus, but no live action characters. Considering the state of Wasteland in the game...

Fridge Logic

  • All Oswald wants is to be loved by audiences around the world, right? Well...he already is.
    • Yeah, but he doesn't know that. One can only imagine that he hasn't had an x-ray in a while, so if he had a heart, he wouldn't know it.
      • According to the novelization, losing and gaining a heart is something you physically feel.
  • Yen Sid created the Wasteland, only to have Mickey accidentally destroy it. So... why couldn't Yen Sid fix it again in the 90 YEARS between then and now?
    • Probably to teach Mickey a lesson on meddling with someone else's work?
      • So he choose to keep a lot of people suffering just to teach his apprentice a lesson?
    • Alternately, it could be because the bottle of thinner fell into the world as well, and Yen Sid would be unable to correct the mistakes Mickey made without it.
  • If Oswald The Lucky Rabbit has been relatively popular in Japan, then what's he doing in a world for completely forgotten characters?
    • Trying to figure out how to attract the attention of the ±200 other countries.
  • I really have to ask this. Why are Smee and Captain Hook in this game? They are far from forgotten! They've appeared in every Kingdom Hearts game (even in the one Peter Pan didn't) and Peter Pan is still a well loved movie, having spawned sequels and remakes of varying quality. So why on earth are they here?
    • Smee is a rejected concept version of the character and Hook is an animatronic.
      • If I'm remembering correctly, he's the original Hook turned into an animatronic.
      • Possibly not; he doesn't get turned back with the rest of the pirates and (if I remember right) doesn't have any paint-parts, suggesting he was an animatronic the whole time.
      • Why would there be an animatronic version of Hook? The only reason why animatronic versions of Mickey's friends exist is that Oswald asked the Mad Doctor to build them so that they would be his friends.
      • There actually was once an animatronic hook that popped out of a barrel in The parks, which is reflected in Hook constantly popping in and out of Toon Barrels in his boss fight.
      • It's possible that Smee and the other pirates asked the Mad Doctor to build the Hook animatronic because they needed someone to keep them in line/take charge of things. If they all had the mindset that Hook is Da Boss, and nobody could do better.... (Let's face it, neither Barrie nor the Disney movie seemed aware of the Codes.)
  • Why isn't there a black and white Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, etc. if black and white versions of characters are left behind by their color versions?
    • Most likely because they are still too popular and still too recognizable as the characters to be there.
  • What Happened to the Original Shadow Blot? he was set to appear (his hooded version takes the place of Mad Doctor in early versions of the intro) and is still pretty much a forgotten about character.
    • Though that looks incredibly similar to the Phantom Blot, that's still the Mad Doctor. He's wearing the hood that he used as a disguise when kidnapping Pluto in his original cartoon.
  • If Alice's Hedge maze was destroyed, why are there card soldiers working as Oswald's minions in Mickeyjunk Mountain?
    • Those card soldiers are the ones from Thru The Mirror, a Mickey Mouse short based on the world of Alice In Wonderland.
  • If One can broadcast themselves to the cartoon world, why doesn't anyone do this to gain their recognition and therefore their hearts?
    • Its very well possible that only the Mad Doctor was aware of this, and discovered it through his experiments.
  • Why is Mickey's phone a boy in one game and a girl in the second?
  • Where the hell did Pete Pan, Petetronic, Small Pete, and any other associated Pete come from? Pete isn't forgotten, and even his Pegleg incarnation has gotten a credible base with roles in recent movies and shorts. If any Pete were going to appear shouldn't it have been his Bear incarnation from the really early disney shorts?
    • I read somewhere that Bear Pete does appear, as one of the characters that have been sucked by the Blot and are now inside him, turned into mindless blottings named Lost Characters ? As for Small Pete, he isn't a Pete but Pete's little brother from a Paul Murry comic.
  • Why are the Alice Comedies excluded from this game?


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