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Fridge Logic

  • The Munitions resource for grenades, artillery fire missions and the like kinda makes sense instead of mana, until you realize your troops never run out of ammo for their main weapons and you can later get artillery in the game that uses cooldowns to limit their ability to fire instead of requiring munitions.
    • The Munitions cost for an American frag grenade is only 1/8th of a Howitzer barrage they can also get. As one can see, it doesn't really add up.
    • Some of the Munitions abilities (like the Riflemen squad's Suppressive Fire and the Recon Section's Sniper Shot) have the units firing the exact same ammunition they use in regular fighting.
  • What's with all the Osttruppen in 2? These guys were sent to guard the rear and perform anti-partisan duties, weren't they? So why do they do the jobs that German troops should have been doing, and why show they show up as far west as Berlin?
    • They were supposed to be yeah. But when the front got fluid, the distinction between "guarding the rear" and "fighting on the front" could get rather blurry. Furthermore, a number of foreign troops wound up fighting with the SS all the way to the end. Indeed, something like half the defenders of the Reichstag were natives of France.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Panzer Elite infantry will sometimes talk about how they're not the SS, which makes a lot of sense, since both the SS and the Panzer divisions wore black uniforms and the Allies as well as occupied countries often confused the two.
    • However, this is contradicted by the fact the Panzer Elite ranks for multiplayer actually correspond to that of the Waffen SS.
  • The Arbitrary Headcount Limit isn't really arbitrary. Historically speaking, having more soldiers in your force than you had resources for (Russia's problem in World War 1 and to a certain extent, fuel wise anyway, Germany's problem later on in World War 2) is very bad, which is why you get an increase in pop cap when you control more territory, which gives you more resources.
  • Upgrading to flamethrowers increases the rate at which Engineers/Pioneers get suppressed. Upgrading them with flamethrowers adds big flammable tanks to their backs...
  • The British lieutenant's appearance may ring a bell. He wears the same red berets as the glider commandos.
  • It only takes two demolitions charges to collapse any single bridge. Why the British and Americans use four is either a matter of balance or them making very sure the bridge goes down.
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  • When enough wounded Volksgrenadiers are taken into a medic station, they come back out as a squad of Grenadiers, the regular Wehrmacht infantry unit. They have seen real field experience and aren't "Citizen Soldiers" anymore; they're experienced and professional soldiers now.
  • Why such a low population cap? You're playing Company of Heroes! (though it is not certain the count of your troops will exactly match the population cap as it is, but the population cap itself nonetheless more or less matches what the lower limit of what a company-sized unit would be)
  • One may notice that the Overkommando West Elite Armor Doctrine commander looks rather similar to the Ostheer Luftwaffe Supply Doctrine commander, but a bit worn down and haggard. He probably got transferred to the western front and looks like that because of all the shit he's seen in the east...
    • And if they're pulling an air force officer to be an armor commander, they sure are in desperate straits!
  • On a similar vein to the entry above, the Oberkommando West Sturmpioneer is apparently the Ostheer Panzergrenadier, also worn down and haggard from the hell that is the Eastern Front. Looks like his wish to fight the Westerners as a Pioneer got granted...though the actual situation in the Western Front at that point in time (late 1944) is just as hopeless as the Eastern Front.
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  • In the Soviet campaign of 2, Isakovich's Jewish name has some critics arguing, "Unrealistic!" (anti-semintism being an almost permanent feature during the Soviet era). This was probably why his superior shot the men who rescued him from the collapsed building and despatched him away from his command; he tolerated Isakovich as a credit to the Jews, but the moment something goes wrong, he threw Isakovich under the bus.
Fridge Horror
  • For the Soviet campaign in 2, one cannot discount the possibility that Isakovich being Jewish could have contributed to him encountering so many "dark secrets":
    • His superiors may have consciously saddled him with all the moral dilemma decision making, so that they can make him a convenient scapegoat.
    • They could also have Cassandra Truth in mind: Even if Isakovich does somehow tell others about the atrocities being committed, he is less likely to be believed simply because he is a Jew.

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