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Fridge Horror

  • The front page text says that player characters are souls entrapped in the Nexus struggle. Entrapped. Once you die in your world and wake up in the Nexus, there's no way out, no refuge from the struggle, and no way home. In fact, if you're in the Nexus at all, it means your world ended - possibly multiple cycles ago - and no longer exists to go back to. You'll keep respawning in battlefield after battlefield, time after time, until your soul succumbs to apathy or despair. Various story arcs have explored people or groups of people who tried to hide out from or escape the struggle once inside it, and it never, ever ends well for them.
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  • The mortal plane of Valhalla is always a major city that had hundreds of thousands or millions of inhabitants in life. By the time the events of the game happen and the city is pulled into the Nexus to become the new Valhalla, it's always utterly devoid of inhabitants. We never get an explanation for what happened to those people, but given the nature of the setting it's unlikely to be anything good.
  • For that matter, imagine being one of the few people from the previous world who wake up and find that their city has become Valhalla. Nearly everyone you know has vanished, strange newcomers and horrible monsters are fighting it out in the streets, and not even death is an escape. And unless you join the bloodshed, you'll never find out why any of it happened.
  • If you search long enough in a Stadium, there's a very very small possibility of finding a diamond engagement ring.

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