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Fridge Brilliance

  • Overlaps with Genius Bonus. The sermon on Pastor Jeffries church is Jeremiah 23:16 a.k.a "Do not listen to what prophets are prophesying to you: they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord." Is there a more appropriate Bible passage to speak of?
  • A massive case of this combined with Fridge Horror is Joseph Seed's actions. His attempted takeover of Hope County and forcing everyone into the cult makes sense if he's trying to force them all into his bomb shelters, confiscate their supplies, and prepare everyone for what is probably going to be a long underground stay in confined quarters. It's just his three heralds are all batshit insane and torturing the people he's trying to save. Joseph actually tries to tell the Deputy this during the second Bliss vision-quest but it just comes off as insane ranting.
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  • Why is Hope County not getting rescued by the United States government? Willis Huntley says the President is being blackmailed by Joseph Seed. There's also a national crisis going on. Combined with the fact you are the authorities who were sent to pick him up (the leader of whom is on the side of the cult due to Bliss), it makes sense things are not presently being dealt with. The cult has also blocked all the roads in and out as well as destroyed all telephone wires/cellphone towers.
  • One of your earliest Bliss journeys has you jump off of Father's statue and survive where so many other cultists died. What's the difference? You probably have a parachute.
    • Notable fact, this takes place in the same universe as Assassin's Creed. You, thus, make a Leap of Faith. Becomes Fridge Horror when you realize this was Faith trying to get you to murder yourself and that she has set up a big Eden's Gate cross at the bottom like a bullseye.
    • More probable is perhaps the fact that the jump was merely a hallucination, otherwise the Marshall's body would be down there too. And besides, how would Faith physically get the Deputy to the top of the Father's statue? It's more probable they laid him down among the other bodies to try and convince him that Faith speaks the truth. Alas, as quoted by many characters in the game, never trust Faith.
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    • There are actually at least two locations where you can wake up after the jump: in the pit of corpses, or in a field of Bliss flowers a considerable distance away. It's not clear what trigger decides which one you get, but given at least the second case, it's obvious that the entire sequence was a hallucination that never happened.
      • The location you wake up in is based on whether you've killed any of the other heralds yet. If you didn't, you wake up in the Bliss flowers and if either John or Jacob are dead you wake up at the base of the statue.
  • Throughout Faith's region, you'll sometimes see a hallucination of her dancing in the field due to all the Bliss. But quite notably, your reticle turns green when its aimed at her. Likely a subtle attempt to brainwash you into thinking she's on your side.
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  • Jacob's actions are completely at odds with the rest of the cult as they want to save everyone but he is determined to "cull the herd" and "kill the weak." The thing is, Jacob is the only trained soldier in the group and he's also facing the only actual army (or at least militia) in the White Tails. Joseph is thus letting him play soldier against the only real threat to their plans.
  • Joseph Seed says the Seals will be broken and there's a lot of apocalyptic things coming from the Book of Revelations. One notable passage from said book is: "I saw when the lamb opened the first Seal, and I heard, as it were the voice of thunder, one of the Four Beasts say 'Come and see!' And I saw. And behold it was a white horse and hell followed with him." He is arrested by Sheriff Whitehorse and you are behind him—the man who slaughters all of his congregation.
    • The Seed family represents the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as well with John representing Famine (stealing all the crops), Jacob representing war, and Faith representing Pestilance with her diseased Bliss. Joseph, himself, represents Death. Alternatively, and more in keeping with the actual passage about the 4, Faith could just as easily represent Conquest (since pestilence was originally just an aspect of Famine) given her association with white and how Bliss is one of the "peaceful" methods that can completely consume a person's mind.
    • The Fifth Seal is a reference to great numbers of martyrs who might represent the cult of Eden's Gate or the people they've slain.
    • The Sixth Seal is a great earthquake with nuclear war certainly involving that.
    • The Seventh seal involves seven angels and you have seven allies who turn on you in the finale.
  • The game has a tendency to wrongly depict weapons as being rapid-fire when they're actually only semi-auto in real life, but in the case of the Tec-9/"A-99", it makes perfect sense: It's a gun that was infamous in real life for having an extremely simple full-auto conversion.
  • The intro of the game shows Marshall Burke deciding to try and bring a three-man squad to try to arrest Joseph right from the middle of his compound. Beyond the obvious inclinations of being Too Dumb to Live, there's probably a real reason for this; the only information directly known of what Eden's Gate were doing was the video that kicks the game off, something Burke seemed to be shrugging off. While Sheriff Earl tries to warn him that they're diving into something real dangerous, both he and Burke are taken off-guard by the sheer number of cultists and the size of the compound. Considering the police dispatcher's The Mole status that likely covered up the authorities being stranded shortly thereafter, Joseph's probably controlled and silenced enough information that even a genuinely large assembly of police wouldn't have had any idea of what they were in for.
    • Just as well, Burke isn't off the hook considering his actions. To further compound this, later in the game he just opts to try to let the Bliss work itself out of his system and hope for the best. This backfires so horribly that it's very easy to intuit that Burke in general is very bad at making a solid judgment call in high-tension situations.
  • May overlap with Fridge Horror, but if you take the in game news reports regarding Moscow into account, recall how in Far Cry 3, Agent Willis mentions "Task Force 141". Depending on what year the game is set, the chaos going on in the world at large may be the work of one Vladimir Makarov...mind you this would set up a posssible intercompany crossover if this isn't a mere Shout-Out, but you gotta admit it's uncanny.
  • There's repeated mention of how the cult's armed rather well, and for the most part it's easy to rectify their arms simply by the black market providing the majority of their equipment. However, their possession of attack aircraft and flamethrowers might throw some people off. It can be rectified by remembering that John Seed bought out the majority of farms in the region. By excusing the aircraft as crop dusters and the flamethrowers for burning off dead brush and vegetation, John Seed easily laid the ground for the eventual fighting through Hope County.
  • Why don't the Judges attack the cultists? Because they've consumed Bliss, which is based on scopolamine.
  • Dmitri's bunker has a red star on it. The red star is one of most known symbols of Russia.
  • Why most of the Chosen use compound bows as a standard issue weapon instead of having guns like previous "elite enemies"? Because it's the best weapon! It's silent and its ammo can be reused. And it's also 100% legal to have one. The Chosen are the most important assets for the Peggies, so they wouldn't risk their most important soldiers getting caught by police.
  • Why is it so hard to tell the Angel's gender? Because "real" angels are supposed to be genderless.

Fridge Horror

  • Inverted with the "Resist" ending. While it sucks the Deputy has been captured by Joseph Seed and everybody died, the simple fact is that he/she has already been captured by the Seeds 5-6 times already and managed to escape every single time. As Vaas would say, what is the definition of insanity?
    • Played straight with the fact the Deputy and Joseph both wanted to save everyone in Hope County but only succeeded in saving each other.
      • There are Unfortunate Implications for the Resist ending if the player has a female character as you are the 'last' woman on earth, or at the very least in Hope County, and he's a religious nut, the implications of an 'Adam and Eve' scenario is evident. Mind you, his dialogue is identical to a male Deputy, but still, one wonders if Seed has once more "found his Faith..."
      • Arguably, it is another bit of twisted religious symbolism in a game full of them, a cynical reinterpretation of the Eden Apple; a woman resists the control and plans of a evil man, grows more skilled during the fight back, is unfairly vilified for it and blamed for all the sins he committed.
  • Another inverted example is the fact the nuking of the world may mean Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon could be canon.
    • Alas, no since Blood Dragon 3 is an in-universe movie and it's set in 2017 (the actual Blood Dragon is set in 2007) not 2018 like what the game suggests.
      • Except for the fact that Takkar was able to find a Blood Dragon Skeleton in the Mesolithic Era, long before the Blood Dragon movies would have started production. This means they can't be entirely fictional.
  • Faith is probably physically present next to you when she's taking you on your Bliss journeys. Either that or she has psychic powers.
  • At least four Faiths existed as a Selene, Rachel, Lisa, and the original Faith all existed. What happened to them? Did they die at Joseph's hands or due to the Bliss? Or did they die at the hands of each other?
    • A note in a Prepper Stash reveals the previous Faiths have all been tossed into a mass grave, alongside the Angels.
  • Rewatching the opening scene of the game, you realize that you can very clearly see the telltale white particles of a Bliss hallucination almost immediately after escaping the downed helicopter. It seems that you've been subtly exposed to Bliss from the very first moments you set foot in Hope County...
  • In the "walk away" ending, you might think you managed to avoid getting everyone killed... until you realize that, by this point in the game, you've already destroyed all three of the cult's bunkers. If those nukes are incoming, then you've already doomed everyone no matter which choice you picked. Only this one is arguably worse because you and Joseph will probably die as well.
  • Go back to the exit of Faith's bunker after you've destroyed it, and you can clearly see that it's STILL spewing massive amounts of Bliss fumes into the air even after you've supposedly destroyed the means of Bliss production. There's still something down there continuing to pollute Henbane River's air supply with Bliss, and now that it's buried under tons of rubble, there's nothing you can do to stop it.
    • Although previously true, this was fixed in an update. Destroying Faith's bunker will now stop the Bliss fumes for good.
  • To the south of the Sacred Skies Youth Camp, you can find the Administrator's Cabin. You can't enter the cabin itself, but, in a boarded-up storage shed nearby, you can find a recording of what sounds like a child crying.
  • On the off chance you decide to approach a lone Angel without attacking them, you'll realize that they aren't actually hostile. It's hard to say exactly how their AI works, but it seems like they only attack you if you attack or aggro someone first. Otherwise, they'll just leave you alone. The fridge horror hits when you realize most players will simply gun them down or bash their skull in without a second thought. Just how ethical is it to be gunning down unarmed, brain-damaged people who rarely attack you unless provoked?
  • In the "nuke" ending, Joseph would still be "defeated", even if he survives, his two own brothers are still dead, and they cannot be replaced like Faith, which means he won, but lose the things he loves most.
  • If the "resist" ending is canon, consider that both the Protagonist and Joseph have been exposed to a nuclear blast. They would probably die from radiation poisoning.
    • Well, They have been confirmed to appear in the sequel.
  • The government knows full-well the sheer scale of what's happening in Hope County. Even after the botched arrest, remember that there's a second Federal agent on the ground in Hope County. And what's his primary mission? Recovering the Piss Tape. Whoever's in charge of the Federal government considers recovering blackmail material a greater priority than sending help to save the people trapped in Hope County. John Seed wasn't kidding when he died. Look who's in charge indeed.
  • The "walk away" ending ends with the officers leaving, and cuts to the end credits just as the player starts to react to hearing the song "Only You" on the radio (the same song that Jacob conditioned her to respond violently to hearing). Now it is possible that a disaster have been averted if the Sheriff turned off the radio immediately (he could have simply thought the Deputy was sick and turned off the radio thinking quiet would be better for them). But assuming the radio wasn't shut off there are two logical outcomes, neither of which is especially optimistic. Either:
    • 1. The Junior Deputy turns on their former allies (the same ones they worked so hard to save) without any control over themself and ends up killing all of them.
    • 2. The Junior Deputy turns on their allies, tries to kill them, and the the other officers are forced to kill them in self-defense.

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