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  • Housepets! is surprisingly loaded with Fridge Horror for such a light-hearted strip, and sometimes Rick doesn't just hang a lampshade off it... he adds a matching ottoman and credenza.
  • Schlock Mercenary had it invoked In-Universe while naming a ship:
    Kevyn: The more I think about it, the creepier it gets.
    Tagon: Perfect. Get me a champagne bottle.
  • Why did Venus Envy end of all of a sudden? It's from Zoe's point of view. She can't tell a story if she's dead
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent has this in every suit.
    • The trolls. Oh gods, the trolls.
      • Each troll is made of multiple infected humans, and can not only survive loosing a limb, but said limb can still operate alone. The Fridge Horror comes from the limb's head calling for help. A 90-odd year old head, saying "help me" as it tries to kill you.
    • Finland. Tuuri has revealed it to be a place where the people are barely hanging on, where each summer people will go out trading. Only sometimes, they come back with the same goods because the town they went to was just... gone.
  • The Last Cowboy: The disease that's wiping out humanity? It doesn't cause sterility in females, it causes their bodies to reject the fetus. In other words, they can get pregnant, but usually lose the baby. Since the human race is shrinking rapidly, every woman would be under intense pressure to conceive as often as possible. In other words, in this world, most women spend their entire child-bearing years either having miscarriage after miscarriage, or being under intense societal pressure to do so.


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