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Fridge Brilliance

  • The drastic personality changes Dora in Questionable Content underwent during her relationship with Marten used to aggravate me, seeing as she went from being sassy and confident to insecure, clingy and almost manipulative at times. Then I realized that she had always shown hints of insecurity and indecisiveness in her personality, but it only started to show when she got to know Marten better, and trusted him enough to let her imperfections and faults become apparent.
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  • Was this comic a subtle nod to Faye later hooking up with Sven?
    Dora: Wait, you can't handle a relationship with a guy you know really well, but you'd bang a dude who has probably slept with the entire female population of Manhattan?
  • Jimbo the trucker writing well-selling romance novels for females? Seems unbelievable at the first glimpse. However, if you happen to be familiar with this topic, you'll know that many of these novels are essentially "emotion porn" and tend to have many scenes about women being overwhelmed by aggressive hypermasculine men. Not surprising that a redneck trucker will know better about this than a hipster Nice Guy.
  • One of the several things Faye teaches Sam after her dad drops her off at CoD is how to make an Old Fashioned. The ingredients of this cocktail, according to Wikipedia: sugar, bitters, whiskey (or brandy), and citrus rind. Sugar? Lemon slices? Normal ingredients present at any cafe. Whiskey? Can you say "Emergency Bourbon"? All they need is a bottle of bitters and they're set! For that matter, if all you need is something bitter, a few drops of strong coffee will do the trick nicely.
  • Hannelore's apartment and Marten/Faye's apartment have the same keys! Think about it: Faye ended up in Hannelore's apartment without realizing (even though the door was locked) and 100 strips later Hannelore appears in Marten's apartment with no explanation. That's how!
    • Melon is specifically described as letting herself into Roko’s apartment using a combination. Elliott’s apartment also has a keypad.
  • In this strip, Hannelore asks how Space-Time Tensor Fields relate to Pokemon. Dialga and Palkia, That's How!
  • In this strip, Marten describes Amanda as a "Vespa, crashing into a stop sign." 545 strips later... Furthermore, Sven is on the receiving end of it long before Vespavenger comes after Steve.
  • In #1011, when Hannelore's dad sends her a humanoid robot to act as a practice boyfriend, Faye mentions that "you don't see fully humanoid robots running around everywhere". But in #1996, Marigold is buying such a chassis for Momo from a storefront in the local mall. But the thing is, (a) you don't — Momo is the only one we've seen on the street so far in the comic; and (b) given that in #1311 it was winter, it's probably been at least four months ... presumably long enough for a mature prototype to enter production. Not to mention they hit The Singularity in the meantime.
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  • All the way back in #1720 Dora says that it's a coffee shop, and as long as they don't show up to work drunk or high they'll be fine. A thousand strips later, in 2879, Faye gets fired for just that.
  • Human characters all have round speech bubbles, while AIs have square ones...with one exception: Spookybot. It's a small touch that draws attention to how different and how more advanced they are from other AIs.
  • Faye's relationship with Bubbles struck some people as being a bit unexpected. But in the beginning of the strip, Faye is by her own admission not ready to be in a relationship with anyone. All her friendships are with people who can put up with her snarking. Rather than deal with her feelings, she drinks too much. She has relationships with Sven and then Angus, but in both cases it's based almost entirely on mutual sexual attraction and little else. She isn't even sure she likes Sven, while Angus has totally different ambitions in life and is willing to put them before anything else. But when she meets Bubbles, Faye has stopped drinking. She starts out working in the same place as her, and finds her fascinating and impressive; then she wants Bubbles to be happier and works hard to introduce her to more friends; then Bubbles starts to value Faye's friendship; then they're best friends; then they start a business together, and only after a months-long process of spending basically all their time in each other's company and never getting tired of each other, does it dawn on them that they actually love each other.note 

Fridge Horror

  • This is more depressing than horrifying, but in this strip, when Marten and Dora break up, Marten appears to be repeating word-for-word his question from this strip - in which Dora's answer was exactly what Marten had been unable to do. It really drives home Jeph's comment that this was "a long time coming."
  • It indeed seemed to be a long time coming, if you analyze the contributors to the break up. One will realize that they stem from certain personality traits and personal issues (some pretty deep seated) that belong to Marten and Dora. These traits were already revealed from past humorous situations and many events which were played for laughs at the time hinted at the deep seated issues (which can now be realized in hindsight). When these traits manifested during their time together, it started to seriously damage the relationship.
  • In-universe Fridge Horror meets Late to the Punchline to devastating effect on Faye in this comic involving her grandmother talking about their ancestors being boarded by "Yankee Seamen".
  • Try not to think too hard about the punchline to this strip, okay? Turns out that there are actually ''are'' AI's in charge of nuclear weapons.
  • At one point, Marigold does some repairs on Pintsize, after having done it before, and asks to talk to him alone to make sure that the cast isn't abusing him. The horror: These AIs only exist to ensure friendship and trust, yet they are apparently abused to the point that standard commonly-known procedures exist for it. Combine that with the fact that all the AIs want is equal rights, and it becomes a horrifying portrayal of humanity.
  • A military droid lost his job and was forced to adapt to civilian life. When new AIs wake up, they get to choose their career paths and can change them at any time. AIs were used in the combat zones, but AI activists hated that because it might scare people. How many AIs lost their jobs because of that and were they actually all combatants or were non-combatants also ejected? Apparently it doesn't matter what those AIs want or that their jobless now and that the only life most of them knew was in the military. There's illegal robot fighting matches for Pete's sake because some robots are desperate for money!
  • Sven's a good guy, but imagine being in May's shoes if he wasn't.


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