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Fridge Brilliance:

  • This one bothered my forever; in Futures Trading why did the Nasaghast think the dinosaurs weren't a threat until after they impaled Goodrich? One potential answer: because the dinosaurs are also astronauts!
    • And if your argument is that Nasaghasts only attack those who harm NASA astronauts, think again. Chuck Goodrich, the one that the Nasaghast did not want, has gone to space, and for a version of NASA that hasn't happened yet. And never will, thanks to the split timelines.
  • In the latest story arc, King Radical turned all of Cumberland into a giant, ghost fueled robot. Now, where have we seen a robot powered by ghosts before? Maybe the tennis machine in the Inocktek temple? You know. The one built by King Radical to protect the secrets of Radical Land?
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  • As detailed in this post on the Unofficial Dr. McNinja Forum, King Radical is a commentary on the nature of the comic strip itself, in how it could easily turn into a load of random nonsense for the sake of an easy joke. What makes absurdist humor funny is that it is a foil to a setting that isn't so absurd. King Radical, however, represents a setting where all manner of random things happen without limit or subtlety.
  • It isn't until one looks real, real close that one discovers that, well, give him some shades, a kickin' beard, and long gray hair, and Chuck looks an awful lot like King Radical... And it was quite brilliantly foreshadowed by being played for laughs here and here.
  • King Radical's obsession with killing divergent-timeline Chucks, including the Alpha-timeline Chuck. He knew that two came after him. He caused the one meant to stop him to paradox out of existence. That leaves one who saved his future and decided to stay in order to stop King Radical.
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  • The huge focus the strip gave on Frans not being able to become President here suddenly becomes forshadowing for when King Radical succeeds in doing so here.
  • The time portal was destroyed, so a time travelling Chuck coming to save the president would be odd. It's a hint that this Chuck actually faked about being from the future and is King radical.
  • Remember way be when, when Frans Reynor complained to Doc about how "The bullets are faster than you and you know it?" Well, Mcninja wasn't dodging the bullets; he was dodging away from Frans' barrel. The bullet speed doesn't matter if the other guy can't aim fast enough. The good doctor even says as much!
    Dr. Mc Ninja: The problem with your gun is you have to point it where you want to send the bullets, and I can see that.
    • Except as Frans points out he shouldn't be able to move away from the barrel before the bullet goes out, which is precisely what the Doc is shown doing (Frans won't shoot if he moves out of the aim).
  • How is mass murder/genocideRadical, in-universe?
    • Too Lame To Live: A normal boring human is so uncool but if he blows up in a firework and that gives birth to skateboards that's radical.
  • Chuck Goodrich, including King Radical, is always selected to save the world. Now why would that be? If the very last page of the comic is any indication, it's because Chuck Goodrich is actually Dr. Patrick "Goodrich" McNinja's descendant.

Fridge Horror:

  • Also Fridge Tear Jerker. As we learned in Space Savers, Chuck Goodrich will always come back to prevent the apocalypse. As optimistic as that sounds, it means that our favorite ninjas, sharpshooter, dinosaur, and gorilla WILL be caught in the apocalypse. The nature of McNinjaverse time travel means that nothing can help them when it happens.
  • The last Belstein is a crippled, inbred invalid. His chances of mating are next to nil. So unless he planned something with the Mc Ninjas, the next time the demon appears...
  • Lumberjackitis. It's happened to numerous kids before and they have all been hunted, killed, and turned into giant Taxidermy advertisements.
  • Rad's destruction of the Capitol Building and Congress with it. Made even scarier if you think about it due to the fact that he's clearly done and is still doing all of this damage and harm and yet nobody but the Doc cares. Sure, it's obvious the Doc has a personal beef with him, but even when it's made obvious that he's doing bad things, the Doc's grudge is still portrayed as him simply being obsessed with taking Radical down and nobody else takes it seriously. He's threatened people, used blackmail, turned an entire city into a giant robot thus killing who knows how many people and causing who knows how much property damage, killed even MORE people using them as as personal portals to summon his subjects from the Radical Lands—which reasonably could very well have only been dying off because his obvious racism and prejudice against all that is "uncool" seriously ticked off certain folks who are fully capable of fighting back, initiated a number of plans to kill the President, and now effectively killed off any other power in the government that could have held him in check. And how do the people respond to these very obvious and very dangerous actions? They think he's awesome.
    • This might be an allusion to what the comic's world is really like. The kind of weirdness that happens in Cumberland could be happening all over the world, only without someone like the Doctor to keep it under control. Radical's actions could very well be seen as bringing order and stability.
    • Ignoring the state of the McNinja!world, it's the fact that there were still hundreds of innocent people inside the building at the time. Reporters, pages, police, and office staff. Not to mention that if Radical had wiped out the Congress, he pretty much also wiped out the multiple office buildings used by the Congress. Worse than that, how do we actually know that the nation approved of the destruction of the Capitol Building? Radical is a criminal genius, how hard could it have been to force the major networks into submission with death threats and coercion?
  • Ron's death, If Radical guess about him being sent to the afterlife of this world, purgatory is already a low circle of hell for someone of the radical land. He has to wait in a restaurant to eat his sins for centuries.

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