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Fridge Horror

  • Towards the end of "Choose", several commenters pointed out that while Jonah and Nera finally (after between 27 and 40 attempts) escaped Anisigma, Jonah never broke the time loop/universe skipping that happens when he dies. Especially chilling when you consider the otherwise-uplifting montage strip where he gets a glimpse of his future, and then imagine how, after that happy life together with Nera, he might well grow old and die peacefully surrounded by his loved ones...and wake up back at age 16 in the Anisigma theater watching the shoe-regulations movie.
    • The entirety of "Choose", really. As one commenter put it: "I think TV Tropes calls this Fridge Horror: The realization that, though Jonah gets to respawn, Nera doesn’t, combined with Sergio’s explanation that this is not conventional time travel, but skipping sideways across alternate universes. So when they die, Jonah’s consciousness survives and moves on to sitting in the auditorium in another universe, and he ends up being a sort of gestalt of all the Jonahs from all the universes he passed through to get to the end. But that doesn’t help Nera. Her consciousness doesn’t get shuffled into the next universe over when they die. There’s another Nera in the next universe Jonah visits, but this Nera, and every other one of the dozens, maybe hundreds, of Neras in all of the universes along the way, until the very last one, is a dead girl walking."

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