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Heartwarming / Skin Horse

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  • In "My House Is Me", from Whimsy's final message:
    "The world we live in would look pretty dull with just humans."
  • Near the end of "Choose", Jonah (along with the readers) gets a glimpse of his medium-term future with Nera, as we see her blushing on a date at a high school football game, dressed in a Tenth Doctor costume at a sci-fi convention, getting dressed again after they have spent the night together, dressed in a bridal gown at their wedding, and sitting at a computer desk as they settle into married life together. Even though the characters were only introduced at the beginning of the arc, it's heartwarming to see the happy future they will share - although Jonah's overwhelmed "Oh boy." when he snaps back to the present does lighten the mood for the last panel.

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