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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Chapter 1, when you get your first plasma cutter (and kill a poor guy in the process), you find large amounts of plasma cutter ammo lying around. Newbies to the game may not understand the Strategic Dismemberment game mechanic, therefore they pound the Necromorphs and waste the ammo given, while those who had played Dead Space 1 save the ammo and money!
  • "Isaac, we're all gonna burn for what we did to you." One might first think that was just referring to the physical torments the asylum's doctors put Isaac through, like the horrible eye-shot that stimulated the memories of the Marker's influence. But it isn't. Keep this in mind: To Isaac, it's only been a few days since the events of the first game. He hasn't had any opportunity to come to terms with Nicole's death; he's still shell-shocked, emotionally drained, still in desperate survival mode, and still clearly suffering. And the asylum has deliberately kept him there. They've been steadily erasing memories repeatedly to ensure that he's in the right frame of mind for their experiments, prolonging his suffering and preventing closure. That's why they're damned.
    • Then add in what Nicole hallucination says near the end, that convergence requires one last body, that of the maker of the marker to be added to it. So not only was he tortured and kept suspended like that for years, ultimately he was to become the catalyst for making whatever the heck the markers are trying to create.
      • Were you reffering that they actually burned in the end, as Convergence started? Because you can see them engulfed in flames.
  • Franco's death/transformation into a Slasher is very gruesome but contains one strange element. His face peels open. However most slashers you'll encounter still have existing faces, so why does only he shows this kind of transformation. Well the peeled face effect does appear on other Necromorphs. The Zealots. Slashers made from believing Unitologist. Now consider that he is a fully devoted Unitologist alongside Diana and that gruesome part of his transformaton becomes forshadowing.
    • Daina also yells that her "brother" died to get Isaac out of that hospital. Franco's black and Daina's white; the possibility of adoption aside, this is most likely yet another slip on her part. He's her "brother" in the sense that he belongs to the same order as her.
      • That would explain his weird hands, when you kill him several times through the game. Ewww...
  • Why does the shop sell a variety of engineering suits, and tools to Isaac? Because on his RIG, he's still classified as an Engineer for the CEC. Obviously if there was an instance where he didn't have a tool for a job, he'd have some form of pay allowance to afford whatever tool was necessary at the time (or he'd simply be able to charge the tool to his project's budget). Given that he's not on a job, he has to acquire the money himself to pay for the tools.
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  • Isaac's Heroic Willpower is much more than an Informed Attribute. Anyone who's played Dead Space Extraction can see for themselves just how rapidly everyone else in the presence of the marker started hallucinating or hearing voices. Which makes him all the more impressive.
  • Why is it that Isaac, an engineer who has never had any real military training or equipment, been able to do so well against the Necromorphs while the Security and Military Forces have been brutally slaughtered? Simple, it's because Isaac is an Engineer. How do Necromorphs attack their victims? By cutting them into pieces, burning their flesh off, and just plain blowing them up, which are all the kinds of danger an engineer would face in his job, albeit not in this particular fashion. The engineers would have suits specifically designed to be resistant to cuts, burns, and small explosions, which could all happen with the loadout for engineers being things like Detonators and Line Guns. And seeing as all of an engineer's loadout are geared towards cutting and exploding (the pulse rifle could be an exception to this, but maybe it's the engineer variant of it), they are the perfect weapons to take on the necromorphs, who only die from having their limbs cut off or being blown up. The Military and Security Forces all have suits and weapons that are meant to fight humans with human weapons, like the pulse rifle. They aren't really built to combat cutting attacks because, really, who would come after someone in a full military grade suit wielding a pulse rifle with just a knife? Unless there is some kind of future Spec O Ps we don't know about who can pull that off, but they certainly aren't on the Sprawl. This would also explain when Isaac gets attacked by the Security Force late in the game he takes so much damage from them. His suit is designed to resist attacks from something like a Plamsa Cutter or something similar, but it certainly wouldn't hold up to a pulse rifle.
    • This is further supported in Dead Space 1 where a rare type of slasher necromorphs, have legs covered in the remains of armored suits, resembling Isaac's own suit. Because of said armor shooting them in the legs does not work, indicating that armored mining suits are indeed resistant to damage from mining tools.
  • How is Nicole able to snap Isaac's neck at the end of the mine level? The answer is simple: She doesn't. Remember, this is all in Isaac's head. He probably does feel hands grasping his neck, but the Marker's influence on his mind is making him believe it's Nicole's hand. Video proof. Pretend Nicole isn't there and notice the position of Isaac's hands. Rather close to his neck, aren't they. With the right level of nerves and adrenaline (which the hallucination helpfully provides), it wouldn't take much for him to snap his own neck.
  • The final battle in 2, according to the main page, resembles the temptation of Christ. Hallucination-Nicole is associated with light, appearing as an almost angelic figure just before the end. Satan was the Angel of Light.
    • This also makes Tiedemann the equivalent of the Pharisees and/or Romans. He even impales Isaac through the hand, after repeatedly trying to stop him in less direct fashion.
  • The reason why the Marker of Dead Space 1 and 2 behave differently. If you look at them closely, you'll see that they're physically different from one another. The reason the Markers behave differently is because they are not the same Marker.
    • The Black Marker (Pre-Game), the original, works as intended - It contains the virus and influences the minds of those around it to keep them from meddling. The Red Marker (Dead Space), its copy, is defective - It still attempts to ward off humans, but does a much poorer job. In addition, it can barely contain the virus. The Golden Marker (Dead Space 2) is a copy of a copy, and it's completely broken - it actively attempts to spread the infection.
      • Jossed in the sequel, seemingly all Markers have a agenda to revive the Brethren Moon that'd been locked in hibernation above Tau Volantis by the extinct alien race or create a whole new Brethren Moon altogether. That said however, it might of been very well possible that the Red Marker in the original might have been possibly been a faulty copy that wanted to do the opposite of it's intended purpose and put the Necromorph outbreak to a sudden halt, though it could be just as likely that it simply wanted to start it's own Convergence Event with the fresh amount of bodies available to it after the massacre that devastated both Aegis VII and the Ishimura by manipulating Isaac by projecting Nicole.
      • That or that the Red Marker never absorbed it's creator which was necessary to finish the Convergence and thus it wanted to stay dormant. The Golden Marker failed in it's task to absorb the creators, but the one that created the Brethren Moon must have succeed centuries ago.
      • Or maybe it just needed to be in the proper spot for Convergence to take place—right next to the nascent Hive Mind.

Fridge Horror

  • Unitology? Every person that has died in the last two hundred years is stored somewhere in deep space, inevitable fuel just sitting there to aid the Necromorphs in expanding across the stars. Their religion is also bigger than any of the religions we know of today. At the drop of a hat, there could be billions of Necromorphs descending upon Earth, and no one could stop it.
    • And that's exactly what seems to be happening in the last few moments of Awakening.
  • The most prominent case of Fridge Horror for this troper was looking at his own weapons. The sniper rifle that fires explosive warheads, obviously intended to cause horrific mutilation and likely death, at first assumed to be a military weapon, is in fact a riot control measure. That's right, Titan's idea of controlling disorderly gatherings is to fire high caliber explosive rounds into them.
    • Might be some Fridge Brilliance here: there's guards standing about 24/7 with these things, each wearing bullet-proof and face-concealing armor... so nobody is allowed near anything that might be used as a weapon. Something that might help fight off Necromorphs. This is why the station is taken over so quickly! Nobody had anything with which to defend themselves!
    • Similarly, Fridge Brilliance suggests this could be a case of Deliberate Values Dissonance. To us living on Earth, the idea of killing rioters outright is horrific and draconian... but think about how much property damage and destruction a riot can cause, and remember that a self-contained environment like a spacestation is a horrifyingly fragile one. If a riot gets out of hand, it could kill everyone aboard the station by damaging the vital systems that keep air and warmth in and the killing vacuum of space out. So, it's logical — if ruthless — to quickly terrorise rioters into submission by killing ringleaders quickly and messily before things can get that bad.
    • Retroactively made even more horrific in the sequel where Unitologist fanatics managed to beat Earth Gov soldiers and police forces, executing innocent people en masse. It's not just horrifying that such a weapon would be considered riot control, but as it turns out it wasn't brutal enough.
  • If you keep your mind on the ball you can get through the entirety of the school section without being too disturbed by everything. However, there’s an achievement for making it through the section alive, which, if you’re trying to suppress the thoughts of distress at the entire section, can really jog your memory of how many kids and babies definitely died in the school (not even counting how many Necromorphs you killed in there, all of which are pre-pubescent.)
  • The only thing worse than watching Issac stick a needle in his own eye is realizing that the machine actually has the capability and controls for self eye-probing.
  • When you use a giant drill machine to get into Earthgov sector, you are smashing a big hole in the only thing that's seperating the necromorphs and everyone else. Including all of the evacuated civilians.
    • Are we sure that's where the civilians were being evacuated to? Since Tiedemann sincerely was interested in their safety, wouldn't it have been easier to send them to some other station rather than gather them into what is not only a classified project, but the project that caused the disaster?
  • The Unitologists were killing themselves before the Marker was there. That means hundreds of people committed suicide and Titan Station did nothing to stop it.
    • Following that same train of thought, Unitology encourages suicide. And perhaps the worst realization: Unitology is not just an accepted religion, it is an accepted religion with power on par with Earthgov. They can do whatever they want because no one can stop them.
  • So Ishimura again huh? And again you have to fix that damn generator. Wait what the hell is that noise? Banging Inside the wall? Oh well no one is crawling out anyway... Yeah i remember that the last time i was there, there was that weird growth on the wall. All that dead tissue and what not. Hold on, is that Necromorph who revived itself inside, or a poor human who slipped and fell down some crevice?

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