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  • Just take a minute to mash the stomp button for a minute or so. The following Cluster F-Bomb you get from Isaac is pretty hilarious.
    • After being jumped by a necromorph or surviving a really frustrating battle, it's also a very good stress reliever.
    Isaac: stomp stomp GOD DAMMIT! stomp stomp stomp MOTHER! stomp FUCKER! stomp stomp FUCKING! stomp DIE!
  • The ending. Especially considering how the first game ended.
    Issac sits in the shuttle cockpit, unwinding from the day's events. A look of apprehension flashes across his face, as he recalls the ending from Dead Space 1. Ominous music plays, he hesitantly turns his head...
    Ellie: (sitting idly at the controls, sees Isaac staring at her) ...What?
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  • This little exchange.
    Ellie: It looks like the Necromorphs are starting to swarm into the Ishimura, through the Medical Bay. Thankfully, you don't have to go through there.
    PA: Unexpected Obstruction ahead. Emergency stop initiated. Welcome to: The Medical Bay.
    Isaac: Crap.
  • Hot wiring the drill. Ellie calls out that she thinks she's fixed it and Isaac doesn't get a chance to correct her.
    Ellie: I'll try to get it started from up here.
    Isaac: (under his breath) Or maybe I just rewire it from down here...
    Ellie: What was that? I didn't hear you.
    Isaac: Uh, nothing. Nothing.
    • After hotwiring:
    Ellie: Hey! I got it!
    Isaac: Uhhhh-
    Ellie: Isaac! Hurry up and get on!
  • This little exchange off-screen between Ellie and Stross after Stross has stabbed out Ellie's eye with a screwdriver - she's not happy, to say the least:
    Stross: The patient's not cooperating!
    Ellie: Fuck you!
  • The reward you get for beating 'Hardcore' mode. Ever wanted to fight necromorphs while acting out the playtime of a 10 year old boy? Well, now you can!
    • "Primary fire: go bang bang. Secondary fire: go pew pew pew"
  • When Isaac is first battling the Stalkers:
    Daina: Isaac, I-
    Isaac: NOT NOW! (gunfire)
  • When Daina's attempt to capture Isaac get's interrupted by the EarthGov Gunship, keep an eye on the Unitologist goon still trying to hold Isaac in place. His expression when noticing that Isaac has a suit that is space worthy (for a few minutes anyway) while he doesn't is priceless, considering they're getting sucked into space. Made all the more funny when Isaac stops fighting him, looks at him, the goon looks at him in fear, and Isaac proceeds to punch him in the face. You can almost imagine Isaac saying, "Really man, really?"
    • Plus, Issac's (and potentially, the player's) reaction following his escape from the gunship, and the subsequent appearance of a new enemy.
    OK, that was not cool. But at least I'm safe now. It can't reach me from here. Now how do I get out of-OH COME ON!
  • All of Isaac's and Ellie's scenes in the mines. From their banter on who really got the giant drill started, to how much fun he's having fighting off waves of Necromorphs ("Oh yeah, fun times..."), Ellie apologizing about having to mine through more goo, and then this crowning cherry:
    Isaac: So how do we get in there?
    Ellie: Straight ahead. We do have a giant drill.
    Isaac: You know I'm riding on top of this, right? Ellie? Ellie? Ellie! Ellie!
    [cue rumbling and cut to Isaac launching face-first onto the ground]
    Isaac: Holy crap, that hurt.
    Ellie: We can compare bruises later.
  • This earlier exchange:
    Isaac: You're CEC?
    Ellie: Heavy equipment pilot Class 4. You?
    Isaac: Engineer.
    Ellie: (nods) Nerd. Figures.
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  • In Severed:
    Gabe: Balls!
  • The introduction and pre-fight dialogue to The Battle in the Center of the Mind with Marker-Nicole can be pretty hilarious.
    Marker-Nicole: Thank you Isaac... now, time to die.
    Isaac: What?
    Isaac: (earlier) But Stross said we could destroy the Marker!
    Marker-Nicole: Not if we consume you first!
  • It's hard to tell if it was intentional, but at one point in the Unitology recruitment center, there is a window that is rather difficult not to shoot out, causing a decompression. If you fail, a shutter will bisect you. At the same time, an automated voice is soothingly speaking propaganda. So, as Isaac is lying in the floor in two pieces, the last thing he hears (or you see in the subtitles) could be:
    Have you ever felt like you were meant to be a part of something bigger?
  • One of the scares is a little cartoon sun landing on top of Isaac's head, which will cause both he and the player to jump out of their skins before cursing themselves.
  • When Stross is yelling at you from across the balcony, you can see Necromorphs chasing people in the background. While it's meant to be horrifying, seeing Slashers and Pukers waddle after hysterical survivors while trying to concentrate on what Stross is saying is hilarious (not to mention making you wonder how he isn't being attacked).
  • "Isaac, no! This is a really bad idea!" "Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas."
  • When you return to the Ishimura, a very angry text log left by a former crew member can be found in front of the bathrooms:
    I don't know who the hell needs a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe their ass, but I'm gonna kick their ass if I ever find them. This is the 5th week in a row that some jackass has clogged the toilets in here. We're in space for crying out loud, if this plumbing gets jacked, someone has to space walk and get a helmet full of crap to clean it out. KNOCK IT OFF.

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