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Fridge Horror

  • Many Golden Age arcade video games have this as a subtext. For example, your character has been dropped into a maze full of deadly (if stupid) robots, and no matter how many of them you kill or how many levels you defeat, you won't ever get out and thus are doomed to die sooner or later. And you can't even rest and take a nap in the corner because Evil Otto is always chasing you.
  • Berzerk is The Most Dangerous Video Game. It is the first game known to kill a person in real life, and in fact killed two: Jeff Dailey in January 1981 and Peter Burkowski in October 1982, both of whom died of heart attacks seconds after putting themselves on the Berzerk high score list. The former was 19, the latter was 18. The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You from Evil Otto.
    • There is actually zero evidence for the death of Jeff Dailey while the death of Peter Burkowski can only be partially contributed to the game, as he had a heart condition that made him have a weaker heart than most.

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