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Fridge Logic

  • The power-levels say that an average demon can take on a small army of humans, so how the hell does B.B. Hood (let alone the other darkhunters implied by her backstory) kill powerful ones (The Darkstalkers) for a living?
    • It is said there are also weaker monsters on par with Muggles also exist, so I assume they mostly hunt those monsters, not average ones. B.B. Hood does hunt average monsters, but no one else does.
    • There also exist nonsentient demons with next to no combat ability.
    • She is rated as an S-class hunter in the guild. Maybe those ratings match the ratings for demons based on being capable of going toe to toe with one of the same class and winning.
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    • Or S-rating hunter on Earth doesn't match up with S-rating in Makai. The most numerous of the Makai population are D class, which people can kill easily and most Darkstalkers humans are most likely to encounter are not from Makai anyway.
      • None of that changes the fact that B.B. Hood can fight on par with the rest of the cast, using tactics and weapons that military people would use, which creates a plot hole with the official power levels.
  • So BB Hood was added to show humans can be more terrifying than any monster right? Wait, wasn't that the point of Lord Raptor's backstory? Was he not made into a zombie because a creature in Makai was impressed by how evil he was as a human?
    • Except they are different. Lord Raptor is a psychopath who cared for nothing and was a monster on the inside - it‘s why he was made into what he is - he was made into what he was on the inside. B.B. Hood is motivated by terrible but normal human feelings like greed and anger. She doesn’t want to kill the world (unless she gets something in return) - and is just an evil person to the very core. There is no need for her to be turned into a monster because she isn’t one on the inside - she human from head to toe and from her skin to her core.

Fridge Horror

  • A friend pointed out that, in the (literal) Womb Level of Darkstalkers 3, the question is raised: if the characters are in the womb of the Fetus of God, who or what gave birth to God?
    • It's probably just a new god, not Capital G God. Jedah just calls it God because he's fascinated with it: he's a dark messesaiah with powers beyond Demitri.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Morrigan's Anything That Moves attitude is obviously mostly because she needs excitement to live, but that she doesn't care much for the age of anything she hits on makes even more sense considering she's from a species that lives for hundreds of years, if she ever cared about age in the past, she's likely stopped when she starting so other demons that live for hundreds of years and how fleeting humans lives are in comparison to hers.
  • It may seem a bit odd that in Vampire Savior, B.B Hood's final boss is Lord Raptor. However, it makes much more sense when you about it. B.B Hood is a young darkhunter whose heart is so dark and full of hate and malice that she was genuinely mistaken by Jedah as a darkstalker and pulled into the Majigen. Contrast this with Lord Raptor, whose was a human who sacrificed himself and 100 others and as a result, was brought back by Ozom as a zombie. It seems fitting that B.B Hood fights against someone who was once human and became a monster because of his evil soul.

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