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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • The power-levels say that an average demon can take on a small army of humans, so how the hell does B.B. Hood (let alone the other darkhunters implied by her backstory) kill powerful ones (The Darkstalkers) for a living? She's superhumanly skilled with weapons, has years of experience, and no morals to hold her back.
  • B.B Hood's final boss in Vampire Savior is Lord Raptor. She's a young darkhunter whose heart is so dark and full of hate and malice that she was genuinely mistaken by Jedah as a Darkstalker and pulled into the Majigen. Contrast this with Lord Raptor, who was a human who sacrificed himself and 100 others and, as a result, was brought back by Ozom as a zombie. It seems fitting that B.B Hood fights against someone who was once human and became a monster because of his evil soul.
    • Morrigan usually has playful but rather offputting quotes if she wins a fight, implying she takes her opponent's souls or at least puts them under her thrall. The only two people in the roster that are humans-which are off limits to Morrigan-are Anita (Maybe) and B.B. Hood. The former doesn't exactly get much reactions from anyone except Donovan, and she's not the one being fought. B.B. Hood on the other hand is being fought. If she's evil enough to be mistaken by Jedah for a monster, it's possible not even Morrigan views her as human.

    Fridge Horror 
  • In the (literal) Womb Level of 3, the question is raised: if the characters are in the womb of the Fetus of God, who or what gave birth to God? It's probably just a new god, not Capital G God. Jedah just calls it God because he's fascinated with it: he's a dark messiah with powers beyond Demitri.
  • Donovan's quotes about banishing all his enemies to Hell or wiping out all Darkstalkers are pretty touchy on their own. Pit him against the more friendly Darkstalkers and his comments come off as more monstrous, and even hypocritical. He refers to Darkstalkers as wretches that will never be the sun and must be wiped out. Keep in mind that Felicia and Morrigan are treated as monsters despite not being evil, while Hsien-Ko, Lei-Lei, and Jon are actually on a similar boat to Donovan. Hsien-Ko and Lei-Lei lost their mother like he did, plus they were actually human once, and have dedicated themselves to hunting beasts like Donovan does, while Jon does everything he can to hold back his monstrous side, much like Donovan. Unlike Donovan however, Jon succeeds.
    • He won't rest until all Darkstalkers are wiped out. We see plenty of Darkstalkers who are not only friendly, but have kids. To give you an idea, if Donovan really would go through with this, he's on the same level of B.B. Hood. Our hero, everyone.
    • Here's something to consider, did Donovan's loathing of all Darkstalkers actually doom him to become more monstrous? Hunting down and banishing Darkstalkers, good or bad, to Hell, unknowingly feeding into Dee's bloodlust?
  • Several characters (such as Lilith, Huitzil, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling) are turned into what appear to be little girls when hit by Demitri's Midnight Bliss, implying that he's perfectly fine with feeding off the blood of children to keep himself going. He really doesn't care for humans, does he?

    Fridge Logic 
  • So BB Hood was added to show humans can be more terrifying than any monster right? Wait, wasn't that the point of Lord Raptor's backstory? Was he not made into a zombie because a creature in Makai was impressed by how evil he was as a human?
    • To a degree, they are similar. But the major difference is that Lord Raptor never appears as a human, only a Zombie. BB Hood is a plain human who can fight on the same level as a Darkstalker, armed only with weapons and murderous intent.