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Fridge / Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

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Fridge Logic is found at the main Headscratchers page.

Fridge Brilliance

  • By trying to steal Darkseid's soul, Shang Tsung essentially becomes his new Desaad.
    • More than that, the ending is a reference to events before the first Mortal Kombat game, when Shang Tsung was forced to swear allegiance to Shao Kahn in a similar manner.
  • Since Shao Kahn leads an army of Phantom Zoners, General Zod would be either his Dragon or Starscream.
  • Raiden and Superman's chapters are mirrors of each other. To explain, the first two fights are against a villain (Shang Tsung and Lex Luthor) and close ally of the hero (Liu Kang and Batman) before the Raiden vs. Superman fight and the final battle against Dark Kahn.
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  • Why is Green Lantern is not actively using his ring for Absolute Defense? It's because the Kombat Rage is a shade of yellow, a color to which the Green Lantern power ring is weak against.
  • As for Superman being able to be hurt by normal bullets shot by Jax and Deathstroke? The wild kombat magic coursing through both dimensions. And putting up a Wild Mass Guessing here, probably the Kombat Rage magic have traces of harmful solar radiation that effect Superman.


Fridge Horror

  • Pulling off Fatalities on Captain Marvel becomes a whole lot more disturbing once you remember that Captain Marvel's secret identity is 10 year old Billy Batson. And Captain Marvel hanging around heroines like Princess Diana and the seductress Catwoman. Not very good for the child's psyche.
    • This is not restricted to Fatalities, though. There's also Green Lantern's "Orb Squeeze" "Heroic Brutality".

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