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"Officer Fisher. I'll remember you."
Miles Jackson

12 Rounds is a 2009 action film directed by Renny Harlin, starring John Cena and Aidan Gillen.

By chance, police officer Danny Fisher manages to capture the famous criminal Arms Dealer Miles Jackson after an FBI operation goes wrong. Unfortunately, Miles' girlfriend Erica dies during the arrest, and he swears revenge.

One year later, Danny, now a detective, is contacted by Miles, who kidnaps his grilfriend Molly and forces him into a series of tough tasks across New Orleans in order to save her.

Has two sequels: 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded (2013) and 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (2015), starring Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose, respectively.


This film has examples of:

  • Batman Gambit: Jackson stages an elaborate revenge scheme to divert attention from his real goal of stealing cash from a bank.
  • Big Bad: Miles Jackson, a usually secretive criminal who stages an elaborate revenge plan on Danny.
  • Jitter Cam: This is the sort of film where camera shakes around even when the focus is on people who are just talking to each other.
  • Off with His Head!: Jackson reputedly had his brother's head cut off after a deal he had part in went wrong.
  • Phone-Trace Race: After the sixth round, Miles calls Danny and the FBI try to trace the call. However, Miles is quite savvy to this, so he keeps hanging up and switching to a different phone every few minutes, frustrating the authorities.
  • Short-Lived Aerial Escape: Miles tries to escape with his loot on a hospital helicopter. The helicopter in question explodes in mid air after a brutal mid-air fistfight, with Danny jumping into a conveniently present swimming pool with Molly just in time.
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  • Shot in the Ass: Danny's partner Hank is unable to participate in the initial arrest of Jackson because he got shot in the ass and has to lie down while applying pressure the wound.
  • Smart People Play Chess: Miles interrupts a chess game between two random strangers playing by the street, and defeats the other player in four or so moves.
  • Soft Water: Two people fall out of a helicopter into a swimming pool and survive with no obvious injuries.
  • Spiteful Spit: Molly spits on Jackson when he removes the tape covering her mouth.
  • Strapped to a Bomb: To present the seventh round and have a face-to-face talk with Danny, Miles has Molly wear a bomb vest so he'll play nice.
  • Super Window Jump: Danny is forced to run through several abandoned buildings while chasing Miles and Erica, and has to jump thorugh a window while he's at it.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: Molly kicks Miles before she and Danny jump out form the exploding helicopter.
    Molly: You land it... bitch!


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