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Film / Barney Oldfield's Race For A Life

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Shifty?! Who, Me? I'm not even here...note 

"So you have these three modes of action occuring all at once: the handcart, the locomotive that is racing towards the same spot, and Barney in the car. And it's really quite breathtaking to watch and see who will get there first."
The Museum of Modern Art, describing the climax of the film.

A 1913 silent Keystone Studios comedy, directed by Mack Sennet, who also stars in the film as "a bashful suitor," alongside Mabel Normand as "Mabel sweet and lovely," Ford Sterling as "a villainous rival," and Barney Oldfield As Himself.

The film starts off with Mabel and her very shy suitor falling in love, Sterling's character, jealous as he is, then unsuccessfully tries to woo Mabel for himself. Not taking the rejection well, he decides to have her Chained to a Railway, steal a train and run her over.

Fortunately for Mabel, Real Life racing champion Barney Oldfield just happens to be in town with his trusty car. What follows is a race for a life where Oldfield and Sennet try to reach and rescue Mabel before Sterling has time to enact his unscrupulous plan.

This was one of the first — and one of the most straightforward — "railroad rescue" movies. However the concept — which is still highly associated with silent cinema to this day — was an import from the world of theatre, where it had already been a mainstay for half a century.

The film also features appearances from a squad of Keystone Cops, (all of whom are killed in the climax,) and a pre-Hazards of Helen Helen Holmes, who briefly appears as an extra.