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Bring Me Back Home is an ongoing Miraculous Ladybug fanfic, written by tournee_de_la_ladybug and published at Archive of Our Own.

When an akuma sends Marinette flying into a parallel universe, she can't help but think her life can't get any worse. From the strangers surrounding her to the mysteriously cold Félix Agreste, she can't seem to catch a break. Back home, things are no better as a displaced Bridgette Dupain-Cheng cleanses an akuma and finds her whole world changed with a Chat Noir that doesn't seem to understand that they aren't partners - they're enemies.


Bring Me Back Home contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Gervais Agreste manages to be significantly worse than Gabriel, to the point of openly telling Félix that he's such a disappointment as a son - or rather, as an "investment" - that he can understand why his mother walked out on him, and then mocking Félix for not already realising that she isn't actually dead. In addition, he is the Big Bad Butterfly Miraculous holder in his universe, while Gabriel is not.
  • Adaptational Villainy: A complicated example with Mime and M. Pigeon. Their appearance in the alternate universe is based on the versions that appeared in the Miraculous Ladybug pilot video, which are commonly assumed to have been intended as recurring villains rather than one-shot akuma victims as in the series. When Cat Noir tells Ladybug about them, Ladybug mentions her history with them, namechecking M. Ramier (M. Pigeon) and M. Haprele (Mime). Both Marinette and Félix are later seen contemplating the possibility that their classmate Claude Haprele is Mime's son. But if so, it's not so much the trope applying to the canon Fred Haprele as it is PV!Mime being as villainous as he may have been to begin with.
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  • Almost Kiss: Between Coccinelle and Cat Noir four months earlier. Noticeably, Cat is the one who didn't go for it.
  • Alternate Universe: Specifically, a parallel version of Paris modeled loosely on the Miraculous Ladybug pilot video, where Marinette and Adrien's counterparts, Bridgette Dupain-Cheng and Félix Agreste, are Coccinelle and Cat Noir respectively. It also features elements from the unused "Quantic Kids" concept, with Gavroche, Melodie (Allegra) and Kid Mime (Claude) appearing among Bridgette's classmates and Mercury appearing as a Hero of Another Story.
  • Armor-Piercing Question:
    Bridgette: You knew about Cat's curse the whole time and didn't tell me?
    Rikki: It wasn't my place, Bridgette.
    Bridgette: Yes, it was! You knew what I was going through. If I had known, Rikki-
    Rikki: If you had known, would you truly have done anything differently?
    She began to snarl a response, but was caught – lurching back and pausing. Because the truth was… if she had known – they may never have even considered each other as partners. She may have been stubborn enough to refuse him, without understanding the cost of what she was doing.
    And if she were being honest with herself – even after all they'd gone through, she would never have wanted to turn back and erase their friendship. As false as it may have been – as much as her heart had been shattered that day, no part of her regretted the days when they fought for each other and for Paris.
    Bridgette deflated, conceding the point.
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  • Bad Liar: Marinette mostly manages to pass herself as Bridgette without arousing too much suspicion, but at one point she gets into a conversation with Félix and tells him a story about trying to dance with Max years ago and accidentally breaking three of his toes, forgetting that Max may not even exist in this universe (at least by that name). Note that by this point Félix is well aware she's talking about someone from her own universe.
    Félix: Who's Max?
    Marinette: (momentarily panicking) Oh, uh, he used to go to our school, but just for a week, and then he left and opened up a deli with his uncle in… uh… Madrid!
    Félix: (Fascinating Eyebrow) Did he leave because you broke his toes?
    Marinette: Uhh… Yes. It's so embarrassing, don't tell anyone!
    Félix: Your secret is safe with me.
  • Bad Luck Charm: Both of the PV versions of the Miraculous work like this: the longer they stay transformed for selfish reasons, the worse their luck gets. And it's a lot worse for the Black Cat Miraculous, affecting Félix's luck even when he's not transformed.
  • Berserk Button: Bridgette seems to share Marinette's hatred of liars, as illustrated by her fury when Cat Noir admits that he isn't committed to being a superhero or helping her defeat Papillon and kept his curse from her in hopes of manipulating her into lifting it, and when she believes that Chat Noir is doing the same to Ladybug.
  • Be Yourself: After the fight with Pianarchy, Bridgette asks Adrien for advice on how to be more like Marinette. "Everything the people here say about her… she seems incredible. So… perfect. I wish we were more alike." Adrien assures her that Marinette/Ladybug isn't perfect, and that she doesn't need him to teach her anything. "I think Bridgette definitely still has room to grow, but I think she should grow into herself, not someone else."
  • Blatant Lies: In Chapter 12, when Alya visits Master Fu's massage parlour to find out what Adrien and "Marinette" were doing there, she makes up a story about her mother having back pain and her friends recommending him to her, which doesn't fool him for a second. In turn, when Wayzz interrupts their conversation, Master Fu tries to pass the kwami off as a rare sea turtle from China, and dismisses her claim that he was talking to her, blaming it on the stale air inside. Alya is still skeptical, though she does threaten to call the authorities if the turtle is on an endangered species list.
  • Crapsack World: Felix and Bridgette's world, by comparison to Marinette and Adrien's. With Coccinelle unable to use Miraculous Ladybug, all the deaths and damages from Hawkmoth's akumas is permanent.
  • Date Peepers: In Chapter 10, Alya and Nino follow Adrien and Bridgette on what they believe to be a completely unexpected date (actually a visit to Master Fu's massage parlor). On the way back they hear Adrien address her as Bridgette and both of them talking about Marinette in the third person.
  • Dreadful Musician: Bridgette's friend Allegra, who regularly torments Bridgette (and now Marinette) with her attempts to learn songs on her flute. Her attempt at "All Star" by Smash Mouth became an Ear Worm for Marinette for days.
  • Enemy Mine: Coccinelle and Cat Noir's partnership has deteriorated to the point where they outright call each other enemies, but they still agree to fight the akumas together.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: In Chapter 12, when Alya confronts Adrien about the secret he's keeping with Bridgette, she draws the conclusion that Marinette's been akumatised, and threatens to tell Chat Noir about it. And when she watches one of her own videos and hears Chat call Coccinelle by name, she assumes that Ladybug must be dead.
  • Exact Words: Played with. Before going ice skating with him, Ladybug tells Chat that she doesn't want to hear a single pun about it from him, which he agrees to. After they leave, he says, "Now, don’t say I never bring you anywhere n-ice." She smacks him on the arm, and he says that he never said anything about making jokes afterwards. Which is technically accurate, but it still violates her terms, which is probably why she gives him another smack.
  • Expendable Alternate Universe: One point of difference between Bridgette and Marinette is that Bridgette doesn't care much about the Paris she's in because it isn't her Paris - at best, we see a desire to not mess up Marinette's life too much, and a misguided attempt to "protect" her from Chat, under the belief that he's no better than Cat. For contrast, Marinette has made it clear that she doesn't want to return home without doing what she can to repair Coccinelle and Cat Noir's partnership.
  • Failures on Ice: The first chapter has a long sequence with Marinette trying ice skating and getting some instruction from Adrien, followed by Ladybug agreeing to try it at Chat Noir's suggestion (neither mention to the other that they were at the same rink earlier that day). Marinette isn't very good at it, thanks to her usual klutziness, but Ladybug at least manages a lap without falling over (whether thanks to the suit or Adrien's coaching).
  • Fake Defector: In Chapter 13, Cat Noir makes contact with Papillon through an akuma and cuts a deal with him: Papillon recreates Trou de Ver, and Cat Noir will hand over both their Miraculous before throwing Coccinelle through a portal. Allegra is there to witness the conversation and is completely taken in, but Marinette seems to figure out what's going on.
  • For Want of a Nail: Chapter 10 reveals that Dragg's curse dates back to the Battle of Corinth, when a sorcerer on the side of the invaders attempted to kill the heroes with dark magic and the Black Cat holder named Tenebris died Taking the Bullet for her Ladybug, Paschalítsa. Dragg was turned into a slave to black magic, and Rikki's attempt to help him ended up blocking abilities such as Lucky Charm and Cataclysm. Plagg reveals that in his universe Paschalítsa was killed in the battle, unrelated to magic.
  • Glad I Thought of It: After Ladybug tells Cat Noir that she recognises Mime and M. Pigeon from when they were akumatised on her world, Cat reacts with glee at the possibility of capturing them and one-upping Mercury. "I can't believe I figured it out before him. I'll never let him live it down." Ladybug, amused, points out that she technically figured it out.
  • Good Is Not Nice: After Coccinelle found out about Cat Noir's curse, she refused to help him lift it, forcing him to fulfill his promise to fight Papillon with her.
  • Gray Rain of Depression: Felix associates rain with his suffering, thanks to the night his mother was supposedly killed in an accident caused by a storm, and more recently the night that Coccinelle declared Cat Noir her enemy.
  • Hero of Another Story: Mercury, a speedster who considers himself far above the Miraculous heroes and rarely bothers even talking to them outside of monthly meetings. He is first mentioned by Cat Noir in Chapter 13 in reference to...
    • Villain of Another Story: Mime and M. Pigeon, two villains who operate on their own but have occasionally allied with Papillon against Coccinelle and Cat Noir. Ladybug encounters the former in Chapter 13, following him for a while after mistaking him for an akuma, but Cat Noir advises her to leave him to Mercury.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Cat Noir in his world, in contrast to both Chat Noir and Coccinelle (who likewise doesn't seem to get the same kind of adoration as Ladybug - it's been mentioned that some people, including police, would rather the two give up their Miraculous to Papillon and bring an end to the attacks). To the point that Bridgette is genuinely surprised by how much Marinette's friends seem to like Chat Noir.
  • In Spite of a Nail: There are numerous divergences between the two universes, some likely going back millennia (the kwami's names, for starters), and it's stated that most of the people Marinette recognises from her world have different surnames as well as first names (Agreste and Dupain-Cheng being the main exceptions). Nevertheless, recent history has a lot of perhaps unlikely parallels. Despite Bridgette's mother and Sabine Cheng being described as looking very different, Bridgette and Marinette are close to identical aside from the length of their pigtails. They also have the same password on their phones, and the Dupain-Cheng bakery is still in the same place despite some interior differences, as is their school. And then there's the fact that both had to deal with an akumatised astrophysicist named Trou de Ver capable of creating wormholes on the same night.
  • Insult Friendly Fire: Bridgette's dismissive remarks about Chat Noir made in Adrien's presence. Also, Ladybug's dismissive remarks about Félix's modelling shots in comparison to Adrien's, made in Cat Noir's presence. She then goes on to criticise Félix's behaviour around her in class, drawing entirely the wrong conclusion from Cat's reaction after she mentions his name: "I'm not sensing a bit of a celebrity crush, am I? Because, as your friend, I have to warn you that he isn't all that pleasant to be around."
  • Jumped at the Call: Subverted by Cat Noir (in contrast to Chat), who outright tells Coccinelle that he never wanted this and would give it up in a heartbeat, even if Papillon is still at large. Despite this, Rikki states that she believes he does enjoy being a hero, and we do see evidence of this in his rivalry with Mercury.
  • Late to the Realization: Marinette is quite slow to pick up on just how bad Coccinelle and Cat Noir's partnership has gotten, despite how Cat treated her the previous night.
  • Magic Kiss: Cat Noir's Miraculous is cursed so that it can only be removed with a kiss from the Ladybug Miraculous holder. Or so he believes: when Ladybug tries it in her place, it doesn't work. But when Gervais Agreste/Papillon tries it, it does.
  • Meaningful Echo: Both Bridgette and Marinette note in the narration that if they owe it to the other girl to get along with their respective crushes.
  • Mirror Universe: Bridgette's universe has shades of this, in particular that Chloe's Mirror Self Allegra is Bridgette's best friend, much to Marinette's amusement. There's also the suggestion that Fred "Mime" Haprele's counterpart is a villain of his own accord (as is Xavier "M. Pigeon" Ramier's, but then Ramier was kind of a misanthropic jerk to begin with).
  • Mistaken for Gay: When Ladybug sees Cat Noir's reaction to her comments on Félix's ad campaign, she suspects him of having a crush on him.
  • My Greatest Failure: In Chapter 12, Bridgette reveals to Adrien that in her world child akuma victims often don't recover from the experience as well as adults. In one case, her friend Gavroche's sister Lucile was turned into a particularly destructive akuma, and she ended up jumping off a bridge as soon as she saw what she'd been made to do, before Coccinelle could get to her.
  • New Super Power: From Cat Noir's perspective, Ladybug using Lucky Charm against Falcon and Miraculous Ladybug comes out of nowhere. Likewise, Coccinelle is confused when she sees Chat Noir vaulting with a baton and when he uses Cataclysm in the video Alya shows Bridgette (though she already knows she's in another universe by this point).
  • No Guy Wants to Be Chased: Félix's reaction to Bridgette's behaviour towards him, though he admits to missing it after it mysteriously stops (when Marinette replaces her). This is partly because his version of the Black Cat Miraculous comes with an unsettling aura that causes most students to ignore or even fear him, and Bridgette was the only one who seemed immune to it.
  • Non-Indicative Name: When Ladybug mentions Hawkmoth's name to Cat Noir, he lampshades the oddity that a villain with the Butterfly Miraculous named himself after a moth.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Used word-for-word by the narration after Bridgette first insults Chat Noir around Marinette's friends:
    If Bridgette's life had a manual, it could be summed up in two instructions:
    1: Open mouth.
    2: Insert foot.
  • Other Me Annoys Me:
    • After Marinette reads Bridgette's diary and learns about how she refused to lift Cat Noir's curse, she makes it clear that she doesn't approve of her decision. "I understand why Coccinelle is upset. She... had a lot of trust in you and honestly, you hurt her badly. But at the same time, she shouldn't have done that to you." As such, she ends the chapter by kissing him on the off chance that it will work with her.
    • On a lighter note, when Chat Noir learns that Coccinelle's partner is named Cat Noir, he replies, "So, Let Me Get This Straight.... The Chat Noir in your world not only has some awful curse from his Miraculous, but he has a stupid name, too?" This may or may not be a Take That! at the English dub.
  • Out-of-Character Alert:
    • Bridgette dismissing Chat Noir as "like a sidekick" and not as important as Ladybug, something Marinette would never say in or out of costume, which shocks and angers Alya and hurts Adrien. She also manages to talk to Adrien more coherently than Marinette ever has. In turn, Marinette arouses suspicions from Allegra and Felix by defending Cat Noir and arguing they should have more faith in his partnership with Coccinelle, as well as by not being overly affectionate with Felix.
    • When Coccinelle stays focused on an akuma named Stage Fright rather then help Chat Noir out of the Seine, even the akuma comments on it.
  • Parental Obliviousness: Implied with Tom, Sabine and their counterparts in the PV universe, who show no sign of noticing what's happened to their daughters. Subverted as of Chapter 16, when Sabine sees Bridgette in her hospital bed and figures out that something is wrong. And when Ladybug shows up at the hospital in Chapter 18, it's all but stated that Sabine has guessed who she is. Tom, however, still seems to be oblivious.
  • Pet the Dog: As much as Cat Noir has seemingly come to hate Coccinelle, he at least has the decency to help her (actually Ladybug) get out of sight before her transformation runs out when she asks.
  • Plot Allergy: Félix/Cat Noir shares Adrien/Chat's allergy to feathers, though he isn't affected by the shadow birds created by Falcon. Ladybug comments on the parallel when Cat brings it up, though she still doesn't draw any connection with Adrien.
  • Pragmatic Hero: Bridgette/Coccinelle has understandably become pretty desensitized to civilian casualties, something that Ladybug and Chat Noir have never had to deal with thanks to Miraculous Ladybug, as well as the akumas being generally less dangerous.
    Coccinelle: This war is not without casualties. I'd rather it not be me – not when I can do something about this.
    Chat Noir: How do you live with this, Coccinelle?
    Coccinelle: How do you live with it? You learn to realize that all of this is Hawkmoth's fault and not your own. You tell it to yourself over and over and over again until it becomes the only truth you know. You can't save everyone. You start with what's real, and you take it from there.
  • Ron the Death Eater: In-Universe, Bridgette seems inclined to assume the worst of Chat Noir because of her experiences with his counterpart, even after seeing a video of his distraught reaction to Ladybug disappearing into a portal. "From that angle... it almost looked like Chat Noir actually did care for Ladybug. She could understand why Alya had been mistaken. A dreadful weight settled in her stomach. She knew the truth. But maybe Ladybug didn't. Bridgette knew that she'd never waste her own safety with her Cat Noir. He just wasn't worth it." She later takes an opportunity as Marinette to question him on whether he's ever lied to Ladybug or otherwise concealed something from her, but when he says that he hasn't, she refuses to believe him because Marinette apparently didn't know about the curse, and she doesn't consider the possibility that he doesn't suffer from the same curse as Cat. She also disbelieves him when he tells Bridgette that he loves being a hero, for no other reason than that Cat lied about the same thing. Even after their argument following the Stage Fright attack over him risking his identity to save civilians, she still accuses him of only caring about himself. Only after he takes the ring off in front of her does she consider that she may have misjudged him, at which point she realises that her Cat may be Félix and begins screaming.
  • Rule 63:
    • Implied with Félix's minder Nathaniel, for Adrien's minder Nathalie. The similiaries seem to end there, though, as it's revealed that his father's assistants don't last long in the house.
    • Mylene Haprele's counterpart is a boy, named Claude.
  • Something Only They Would Say: Subverted. When Ladybug goes skating with Chat Noir, he gives her the same instruction that Adrien gave Marinette earlier that day: "Step, step and glide." She notices the similarity and asks if that's a common thing to say. He says it is, so she doesn't think any more of it.
    • Chat figures out Coccinelle's identity after she says, "You start with what's real, and you take it from there," echoing something Bridgette said earlier, "What's something that's bothering you that you know is real?"
  • Shoot the Dog: In chapter 14, Bridgette/Coccinelle gets desperate enough to return home that she tracks down the victim of the Trou de Ver attack and arranges to trick Chloe into antagonising him to get him akumatised again. It fails, creating a different and more dangerous akuma called the Statistician, who badly injures Coccinelle and would have defeated them if not for Queen Bee's intervention.
  • Spot the Imposter: Plagg warns Adrien that he can't sense Tikki anymore and that he should be careful when he meets Ladybug on patrol. As such, Chat pretty quickly realises this isn't the girl he fell in love with, and he makes sure by asking her if she's even been ice skating. Of course, Coccinelle has no way of knowing that Ladybug went skating with him the night they went through the portals.
  • Spotting the Thread: By the end of Chapter 2, Adrien has noticed that Bridgette's pigtails are much longer than Marinette's were the previous day. However, his first guess is that she was wearing hair extensions for whatever reason, and he can't rule out the possibility that he just hadn't been paying attention earlier. He does become more suspicious after she comes into class the next day with her hair in a bun. He confronts her about it in Chapter 6 and she admits what's happened. The following day, she goes to school with her hair back in pigtails, and by the end of Chapter 10, Alya has noticed the difference, just in time to overhear Adrien calling her Bridgette.
  • Taking the Bullet: Chat shields Coccinelle from some piano keys thrown by an akuma, earning some cuts and bruises that he knows she won't be able to fix easily. It convinces her that he does like being a hero as much as he claimed earlier, in contrast to her Cat.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The current state of Coccinelle and Cat Noir's partnership, and she only barely remembers it being any better. However, Marinette learns from Bridgette's diary that they used to be about as close as herself and Chat Noir.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Félix runs into his classmate Gavroche (Nino's counterpart) while investigating where he thought his mother's grave was, and starts to open up to him about his home life. Gavroche has a minor Jerkass Realization about he and everyone else have seen Félix as a "heartless, rich bastard" all this time and immediately offers him his friendship.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Marinette's friends assume this of her, thanks to Bridgette expressing her dislike of Chat Noir.
  • Trapped in Another World: Marinette and Bridgette have each wound up in the other's universe with their respective kwamis.
  • Truth Serum: An akuma by the name of The Revealer, who used his power to force Cat Noir to admit that his ring is cursed and Coccinelle is the only one who can help him.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: In response to Bridgette stating her dislike of Chat Noir, Adrien points out that Chat Noir has saved Marinette twice. Since Bridgette doesn't remember this and nothing similar happened to her with Cat Noir, the best she can do to excuse her attitude is say "That's his job, isn't it?"
  • Void Between the Worlds: Ladybug and Coccinelle each experience this after going through the portals: "She didn't know what to expect in the barrier between worlds, but it certainly wasn't a sea of teals and ceruleans melting together, lapping at her suit like some sort of viscous gel. Stars shone in her eyes, brilliant and blinding, and though the air was sucked from her lungs, the peace and the light and the calm of the void was no longer frightening. It was beautiful."
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 6: Adrien confronts Bridgette and get her to admit that she's from another world, where Marinette is now. Later Coccinelle reveals the same to Chat Noir after it comes out that she can't use Lucky Charm or Miraculous Ladybug, and she gives away that she's Bridgette. When Coccinelle brings up Cat Noir's curse and continues to accuse Chat of hiding it from Ladybug, he clears himself by taking the ring off in front of her.
    • Chapter 11 ends with Félix figuring out that "Bridgette" is Ladybug.
    • Chapter 14: Coccinelle's attempt to get home by bringing back Trou de Ver fails, getting her injured and almost beaten if not for the arrival of Queen Bee. Chat Noir takes her to Alya's apartment, where she and Nino find out the truth about Bridgette.
    • Chapter 17: Papillon reveals his identity, Gervais Agreste, to Cat Noir, addressing him as Félix, before taking his ring off. Ladybug sees this, but Félix urges her to leave him and return to her world while she has the chance. After she does, Papillon akumatises Félix into Cat Blanc.
    • Chapter 19: Ladybug and Chat Noir confront Gabriel only to learn that he is not Hawkmoth and never was. Gabriel learns that Adrien is Chat Noir, and he reveals that Emilie was killed when she was the Peacock holder.
  • What Does She See in Him?: Marinette's reaction to meeting Félix, who she knows is Bridgette's crush, as she instantly picks up on his coldness towards her. After she argues with him about Coccinelle and Cat Noir's partnership, she notes that she's probably ruining Bridgette's chances with him, but wonders if she might be doing her a favour. Marinette later guesses from Bridgette's diary that she was in love with Cat until recently, and Bridgette basically admits to Adrien that her crush on Félix was On the Rebound after she found out Cat was lying to her.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Chat calls out Coccinelle when she wants to run away to de-transform after an attack rather than help him save drowning civilians, and again when she proposes to leave the kid he's just rescued to the paramedics.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Chat punches Coccinelle in the face twice while believing she's an akuma.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are:
    • In Chapter 12, Bridgette opens up about one of her worst akuma experiences and again compares herself to Marinette. Adrien replies, "If that's honestly what you've been dealing with all day, I can't begin to believe how well you held that back. Bridgette, you say you're not good enough to be Marinette, but I can guarantee you Marinette wouldn't have made it on her own as long as you did. She would have dealt with it, but in her own way. She probably would have told someone sooner or went home after the attack, but I don't think she could have just held it together in the same way you did."
    • In Chapter 15, Marinette talks with Cat Noir on the balcony and asks him why he seems content to be a Hero with Bad Publicity, specifically the video that seemed to show him throwing Coccinelle into a portal.
    Marinette: Why haven't you told anyone? Why haven't you made a statement?
    Cat Noir: Because I don't think that I should be Paris's redeemable hero.
    Marinette: (blinks) What do you mean?
    Cat Noir: After all of this, who knows how many lives will end. It's great that Coccinelle can fix things now, but that might not last. I don't know how this will all go down, but Coccinelle deserves to take the praise once we're done. I'll take the blame for all that goes wrong. I've never been the one who loved doing what we do. That video is convenient. Serves my purposes well.
    Marinette: Do you think you need to be a martyr? Do you think your image isn't worth saving?
    Cat Noir: Do you?
    Marinette: I think you deserve a chance to turn things around.
    Cat Noir: Why? You've seen the video – everyone thinks I tried to kill Coccinelle.
    Marinette: Because all that's needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. How can good win if no one knows how good you are?
    Cat Noir: (chuckles) Where'd you get that from?
    Marinette: A good friend of mine. She loves superheroes, and I know she'd love you too.
    Cat Noir: (beat) I doubt it.
    Marinette: Oh, come on! You do everything that Coccinelle does, but you don't expect anything from it. You don’t want people to fawn over you – you just want to do the job. And I think that's admirable. You do the right thing, even when you face hatred. And you? You've saved us all. Without you, I don't think Coccinelle would still be standing. Without you, this city would fall. Papillon would have won already. So, don't tell me that you aren't important. We need you to stand firm. The people need to be able to trust in their heroes. If they think you're evil, how can they have any faith good will win?
  • You Are Not Alone: From Gavroche to Félix during their conversation at the cemetery about the latter's home life.
    Gavroche: (putting his arm around him) You don't deserve any of it.
    Félix: Any of what?
    Gavroche: You do not deserve to have your father blame you, and you do not deserve everything they say about you. It isn't your fault.
    Félix: Not my… fault? (glances down at his ring and stops pulling away from Gavroche) I don't know what to do.
    Gavroche: (squeezes his shoulder fondly) Good thing you've got me, now. I think it's time you stopped being so alone, Félix. You've been by yourself for far too long.
  • You Know What You Did: Coccinelle repeatedly accuses Chat Noir of concealing his curse from Ladybug, which confuses him because he doesn't have any such curse. Once he does get her to explain it, he's able to disprove it pretty quickly by taking his ring off in front of her.

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