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Break it down, Butterfly is a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic written by danielmletchford2.

The Butterfly has escaped, but Hawkmoth is still at large. Nooroo must find a new Chosen, someone like the inspiring DJ.

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Break it down, Butterfly provides examples of:

  • Blank White Void: When Nino reaches out to Ms. Bustier to akumatize her for the first time, her perception changes to that of a white void where Nino (powered-up) speaks with her.
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  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Paon Bleu's first power "Golden Eye", allowing her to control civilians (the number of civilians at a time making it harder to maintain).
  • Combat and Support: Nooroo describes the purpose of the butterfly miraculous's champions as a support group for the actual miraculous-wielders.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Nino tries proposing the name "Madam Teacher" to Ms. Bustier, but she rejects it and insists on being called "Madam Buster."
  • The Dragon: With his health in question and his miraculous missing, Gabriel sends Nathalie out to resume his miraculous hunting with the help of the peacock miraculous, turning her into Paon Bleu.
  • God's Hands Are Tied: Tikki is aware that Vrai Papillon is not Hawk Moth and that he can be trusted, but she also knows that it would be better for Marinette to figure that out herself, not needing to rely on her wisdom all the time.
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  • Good Powers, Bad People: As soon as Gabriel loses his miraculous, the Peacock Miraculous is activated and its user goes on a rampage. Understandably, everyone thinks she is just another akumatized civilian.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Since he has the same powers and butterfly motif as the very super villain that has been terrorizing Paris all of this time, Vrai Papillon naturally has a hard time getting on everybody's good side, people from the press to Ladybug and Chat Noir are naturally suspicious of him and assume he is just Hawk Moth venturing onto the frontline.
  • Hidden Depths: In a rare moment of sincerity, Plagg nearly breaks down in tears when he sees Nooroo after all these years.
  • Loophole Abuse: It is stated that a kwami has no say what happens to their miraculous until their user dies. When Gabriel had his heart seizure, his heart briefly stopped, giving Nooroo the window he needed to escape.
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  • Meaningful Titles: Nino chooses the name "Vrai Papillon" for his heroic guise, "Vrai Papillon" being French for "True Butterfly."
  • Seers: Paon Bleu's second power "Future Eye" allows her to see five minutes into the future.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Nooroo will eat anything as long as it has sugar in it. Lots of sugar.


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