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The Violet Room is a completed Kingdom Hearts Alternate Universe Fic by Sarehptar.

The story centers on Ienzo Amaryllis, a patient in the psychiatric ward of Rufus Memorial Hospital, and Myde Cistern, a new intern to the the ward. Ienzo spends his days writing on the walls of his hospital room, but the longer Myde spends around him, the more familiar Ienzo's story of "Demyx", "Zexion", and "Organization XIII" seems to be. As Myde and Ienzo remember who they were, they struggle to find their place in a world that no longer remembers them.


Notable for excellent characterization and masterful writing, the story ranges from very dark to comedic depending on the scene. The story contains many characters from the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as characters from The Jungle Book, Final Fantasy IX, Tarzan, and many more.

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