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"Blasphemy . . . is what I'm doing right now!"

X3M is a very long non-fiction manga series chronicling the lives of the eponymous band of high school friends, as they deal with the problems of growing up and learning the lessons fate has in store for them.

Written and drawn by world-renowned and multi-awarded scriptwriter-director-actor-Super Saiyan Israel Santiago in coordination with his assistant Cabot Eusebio, the film has reaped many accolades and rave reviews due to its realistic depiction of high school life in a modern-day setting.


X3M is a group formed by a group of friends from Marcelo H. del Pilar National High School. The group name is read as “extreme”, or you can also read it as “eks three em.”. This is because of the extreme closeness of the group. But, how did X3M become X3M?It all started one fine day…

Okay, okay, I’ll stop messing around. It all really started when we first entered high school. At first, we don’t know each other. We were complete strangers back then. But, as the time passed by, we became friends and formed X3M.

Before X3M was formed, the group members hang out with each other but not as a group. They hang out as a smaller group within X3M. You gettin’ what I’m sayin’? Anyways, let’s carry on. After maybe one month or so in the 1st year of high school, they decided to form a group. The group was first christened “Spartans”. It was only a small group consisting of 5 – 10 members from I-Diamond. As the group grew bigger, a member suggested the name of the group to be changed to “Arcania”. And that does it. The group “Spartans” became “Arcania”. After two months or so, they realized that “Arcania” was a stupid name. They decided to change the name to “X3M”—and thus, the group was born.


Years passed, and soon enough what started as a small clique of Dot A lovers expanded as a large, pervasive, expansive network of tight-knit comrades—arm in arm as they brave the billows of destiny, of adversity, and of assignments and projects.

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