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"I may live badly, but at least I don't have to work to do it."

Slacker is a 1991 experimental film by Richard Linklater. It is set in Austin, Texas in The '90s and features a wide variety of slackers, paranoid conspiracy theorists, street philosophers and other freaks and misfits going about their daily lives. The camera gravitates to a different group of people in every scene, giving the film a unique stream-of-consciousness style and painting a picture of the counterculture of the time. It was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress, so it must have done that right, at least.

Generally considered as an important influence to the 90's indie film scene, specially dialog-heavy "mumblecore" movies. It was a direct influence on a then-22-year-old Kevin Smith and inspired him to make his own low-key microbudget flick.

Differs from The Slacker. See Gummo for a film with a somewhat similar concept but very different execution.


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