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Graveyard Party is the latest in the lineup of (planned) multimedia series by Mochagatari/Gatari & Friends (aka A Patchwork Scholar). Like the series Confictionery!, it's the second series to have little relation to the main story The Genjitsutouhi Series.

This series takes place in the Mousouzenian country of Yamikuni (also known as the Dark Lands), a place known for it's perpetual nighttime and monster population. Within this land lies Graveyard Town, a small village in the outskirts of the country, where the protagonist Pumpkin Franks lives. Pumpkin is a Frankenstein's Monster trying to live a good life with her creator and schoolmates, though she wishes something exciting would happen.


And then her creator is kidnapped.

Pumpkin then enlists the help of her school friends Willow Song, Simon Clawdens, and Layla Nomore, as well as the help of the mysterious crow avian Jettison Crowe and reaper Nellie Winchester, to find her creator and bring him home. However, as their journey continues, Pumpkin finds herself mixed up not only in the kidnapping, but a whole conspiracy...

The series was conceived originally on October 2 in 2015, was forgotten due to lack of stable (or compelling) plot. It was brought back with the current plotline and characters on March 23, 2017. It's been a work in progress since.


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