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This is what happens when you have a teenage girl with Asperger's, give her an interest in Ben 10, Star Wars, the DCAU, and Marvel Universe, and a penchant for writing.

The author herself states that this fic will never be done. There are over 200 characters in the first generation. The "1.5 generation" is the teen characters in the Modern Age: Young Justice, Young Avengers, Runaways, and the Star Wars Original Trilogy, as well as an Original Character's clone. And then the second generation is the first generation's kids.


The Original Character at the heart of it all is named Leyla Amidala. She is The Empath, a Jedi who managed to wind up on the X-Men: Evolution Earth due to a screw-up scientific experiment. When the story begins, she's been here for two years and has mostly acclimatized.

Magneto, the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Jean Grey, and Avalanche are given an interesting tiwst and arc, which dramatically changes their characters.


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