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Characters / Songs and Flowers

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Main Characters

     The Heroine 

Heroine/Jazz Overstreet

The Player Character of songs and flowers. An eccentric girl who wants to become a spy.


     Noct Entine 

Noct Entine

A cute guy who loves accessories. The heroine mistakes him for the rumoured playboy at first, but he's actually a feared delinquent.

     Carol Simmings-Misten 

Carol Simmings-Misten

A playboy known for hitting on other students. Supposedly.

Side characters

     The Heroine's Dad 

Laby Overstreet

Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

     Jin Simmings-Misten 

Jin Simmings-Misten

One of Carol's mothers. She works as a family doctor.

     Melo Simmings-Misten 
Carol's other mother. She's a kindergarten teacher with a penchant for teasing.

     Athema Pidia 
A patron of the Cini Cafe that flirts with the cute waitress there. Runs a baking club.

     Urbano Entine 
Noct's older brother and father of Nada and Serena.
     Requie Entine 
Noct's older sister. A clown in training who works as a waitress on the side.
     Aunt Bolero 
Noct's aunt. A car mechanic and cat lover.
     Raptillion Erstwhile Minuet III White 
Bolero's adopted son. He's... unique.
     Nada Entine 
Urbano's adopted daughter. A muslim girl who loves heroes.
     Serena Entine 
Urbano's adopted daughter. Carries around a teddy bear named Teddyman.


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