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  • Throw It In!: Cowboy Starshine has said they don't know where exactly their idea for Rap came from, but they decided to keep him anyway.
    • They also planned to draw a more detailed design for Prelu, but they thought the line art looked too funny and decided to leave him as is.
  • What Could Have Been: The extras include details on scrapped content and ideas.
    • Carol's name was originally going to be Chris.
    • The game was initially supposed to be more of an explicit parody of dating sims and have a mechanic where the player could make profiles on all the characters. However, when focusing on Noct and Carol, their families, and what they thought of the world, the game gradually became more about befriending people and making their lives better.
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    • Originally, there were going to be five potential love interests, all of whom would've been first-year high school students.
    • Jazz's mother was originally supposed to have vanished because she actually was a spy.
    • There was initially going to be the option for a Jazz/Noct/Carol route, where their families also interact and there would also have been friendship and romance endings. However, implementing this was found to be too much work.

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