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  • Jazz herself is a colossal source of comedy, with her firm status as a First-Person Smartass and her liberal use of the F-word, which manifests into some of the most colorful and creative swears you may ever see.
  • Carol's constant attempts at flirting. He quotes them out of habit when he doesn't know what else to say, and sometimes involuntarily. It's as funny as it is endearing.
  • Noct's incredibly dry sense of humor often makes him The Comically Serious.
  • At the start of both routes, Jazz plans on finding more information on the school's local delinquent and playboy. And she manages to mistake Carol for being the delinquent when she assumes a bag he's carrying is full of drugs or porn.
    • That sticks until he tries flirting with her.
    Jazz: (Thinking) Wait. No. That's not what delinquents say! You meant to be like, 'if you talk, I'll beat your goddamn ass so hard they'll be collecting your teeth in the pavement for thirty thousand years!'
  • At one point early in his route, Jazz finds Carol following her and accuses him of stalking her. And declares she's demoting him to Stalker Kindergarten, advising him to be more stealthy in the future so nobody notices and starts any rumors about them.
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  • The introduction to Carol's mothers, Melo and Jin.
    Melo: My name is Melo Simmings-Misten. You can call me Ate, alright? Repeat after me: Ah-teh.
    Carol: That's what you say for older sisters!
    Melo: Carol, Carol, Carol, please don't yell. You'll startle the baby.
    Carol: Y-you...! what?!
    Melo: That's right! You're going to be a big brother, Carol!
    Carol: Huh?! Really?!
    Jin: That's impossible. We're lesbians.
    Melo: Too true! Sorry, Carol, it seems we can't give you that little sibling.
    Jin: I'm more worried about the fact that you believed it. What sort of things did they teach you at that school?