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Heartwarming / Songs and Flowers

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With its emphasis on love, friendship, and growth, there's bound to be something in Songs and Flowers to make you smile.

Both Routes

  • All of the familial love on display. Jazz's father, Carol's mothers, Noct's family, all of them love their children and want what's best for them. Parents as People has never felt quite so sweet.
  • Jazz herself, as eccentric, nosy, and vulgar as she can be, is an amazingly kind, compassionate person. She starts off wanting to be a spy and starts probing either Noct or Carol for information, but gradually shifts her tune toward their personal interests, which evolves into genuine friendship. From there, she proves time and time again to be encouraging and supportive no matter what.
    • She also proves to be pretty good with kids.
  • The game has both romantic endings, where Jazz gets together with either Noct or Carol, and friendship endings, where she remains close friends with them. The game doesn't treat either of these as inherently better than the other. Word of God states that they felt achieving close friendship shouldn't be seen as a failure and they wanted both to feel like rewarding experiences.
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  • In both routes, Jazz is absolutely devastated upon learning her Missing Mom might actually have been murdered sixteen years earlier. She's so broken up about it that she barely eats or sleeps for two days. On her way to work, Noct/Carol brings her home so she can rest. Jazz snaps and tells them to leave, but they refuse. After all her help and support, they want to do the same for her.
  • Jazz asking her father just what kind of person her mother really was. His response? He digs out a photo album and tells her the story. The two of them were childhood friends and had so many great times together, and he even still has the flowers she gave him when she proposed. After spending years focusing on where she was, Jazz finally gets to learn just who she was: a stubborn, prideful, scatterbrained, but kind and headstrong woman.
    • And after all these years, Jazz finally has her confirmation that her mother had always loved her.
  • Word of God also confirms that, no matter whose route you choose, the other will still end up happy. Carol plucks up the courage to be more social on own and Nada still sees Noct's scars and tells the rest of their family, who still support him without hesitation.


Noct's Route

  • Anytime Noct smiles.
  • He's also nothing like the delinquent Jazz had initially heard he was. Instead, he's a fairly stoic guy who collects cute things and loves his family more than life itself. A sentiment that, unfortunately, is at the core of his decision to keep his personal issues a secret from them.
  • Jazz and Noct continuously holding each-other's hands.
  • When Jazz explains the hell that was her life growing up, Noct says he wishes she'd moved earlier and offers her his handkerchief.
  • After all that time worrying and fearing that he'd just be burdening them, what happens when Noct finally opens up about his problems to his family? They're nothing but supportive and promise to help him every step out of the way.


Carol's Route

  • Carol's tendency to quote dating sims at people is as adorably charming as it is funny.
  • Jazz and Carol playing games together. He admitted early on that he's not good with people and now he finally gets to share things he enjoys with someone.
  • Jazz actually tears up seeing how much Melo and Jin love each-other.
  • When Jazz opens up about her past, Carol offers her a hug.
  • Carol deciding to enter a baking competition. While he's still extremely nervous and his mothers worry about what may happen if he loses, Jazz sticks by his side and the two make a Brazo de Milana. He ultimately doesn't win the contest, but he still chooses to see it as a victory anyway. After all, he got out of the house and actually entered the competition. And sure enough, Athema offers him a chance to join her baking club.
    • Jazz is also quick to pick him back up after he nearly falls into another self-depreciating spiral.
    • Later on, Jazz gets a text from him showing him posing with other members of the baking club.

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