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  • After meeting Yuno and knowing her for all of five minutes, Satsuki is so impressed with her optimism that she not only befriends her and becomes her coach/bodyguard, but also basically forces the gymnastics team to accept her when they'd been planning to string her along and reject her admission.
    Satsuki: This girl takes any kind of defeat and turns it into a victory.
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  • Fuuka's route is the one where there's the most sense of normalcy during the pandemic. In order to help try and keep Yuno and Satsuki from getting infected, Minato and Makoto handle obtaining their daily rations. They return to Minato's house where everyone just hangs out and has fun again.
  • After battling his way out of the mall with Akira and rescuing Fuuka, Minato lets Akira rest in his room. She soon begins having nightmares and reliving the deaths of her parents in her sleep, even pleading "Please Don't Leave Me." This leads Minato to take her hand and calmly reassure her she's safe and he's not going anywhere. He ends up holding her hand all night, even after he falls asleep too.
  • In Yuno's True Ending, after she becomes the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, she thanks her family, friends, and her boyfriend Minato. After being ribbed that she won the championship because he told her to, Minato stands up and shouts, "Yuno, I love you too!" on worldwide television.
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  • Satsuki breaking Minato out of his Heroic RRoD in her True Ending, using a photo of a starry sky to break through to him as a reminder of the night they professed their love.
  • Natsume's True Ending wherein she and Minato both become teachers at Ouka Academy and are engaged to be married by the time she earns her teaching degree.
  • All of the sequel events after each heroine's True Ending.

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