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Nightmare Fuel / Song of Memories

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  • The Mood Whiplash that breaks up Kanon's welcoming party with the arrival of the first Neoman that the party encounters. Their creepy, humanoid designs in their character portraits are unnerving any time they show up.
  • The X-Virus as a whole: It only affects women and begins with strange marking and lesions appearing on their skin, leading eventually to a painful and virtually irreversible transformation in a rampaging beast with superhuman strength that is out for the blood of anything it sees. And, as Akira's route reveals, the Virus shows signs of sentience, self-preservation, and intelligence when Kanon has Yuno transform and steal the one thing that can destroy it: the Dream App.
  • The outbreak of the pandemic on Kanon, Fuuka, and Akira's routes with Minato and Yuno witnessing their classmate Mika transform and go berserk before their very eyes.
    • The Bad Ending on this route is even worse. After Minato rushes home to check on Fuuka and Kanon, they go inside to find their house flooded with Neomen that kill all three of them. What makes it truly Fridge Horror is the realization that they were drawn to Kanon and this could have happened in any other route at any time.
  • Just how quickly things go to hell inside of Utanami over the course of a few days after the pandemic begins. In several routes, Minato is rightfully afraid of not just running into Neomen, but any regular human who is willing to kill him just to get some food. In some routes, he concludes that he's become more afraid of the regular humans because they're capable of lulling him into a false sense of security before stabbing him in the back.
  • Kanon's being Driven to Suicide after crossing the Despair Event Horizon in her route. Despite slitting her wrists and finding out I Cannot Self-Terminate due to her wounds immediately closing, she keeps trying again and again! Break the Cutie doesn't even come close to how horrible her situation is for her.
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  • Fuuka's transformation in Yuno's route is especially bad. She's all alone in her room, crying out in intense pain and most likely trying to call for anyone in the house for help, and they all think she's only throwing a tantrum. It's an absolutely horrible way for anyone to spend their potential final conscious moments.

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