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  • In most of the routes that end up taking one of the heroines to the Theme Park, Minato is the one who tries to get the respective heroine onto the roller coaster. In Kanon's route, the roles are reversed and Minato is suddenly terrified of getting on. While he manages to talk her out of it, she tricks him into promising to ride it the next time they're at the park and manages to find her thrill in the spinning coffee cup ride much to Minato's chagrin.
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  • Minato telling Satsuki about a time when Yuno came by to hang out just as he was stepping out for a quick errand: She offered to wait for him to return so he jokingly suggested that she weed the garden to help pass the time. Yuno, being Yuno, did so. Minato ends up taking much longer to return that expected and, when he does finally get back, Yuno had weeded the entire garden.
  • During Yuno's route, there's this exchange when Yuno tells Minato she's afraid of staying in the infirmary:
    Yuno: The academy gets kind of scary at night... it makes me remember the Seven Unsolved Mysteries of Ouka...
    Minato: Did we have a ghost story like that...?
    Yuno: You didn't know?! Wow, I'm impressed... well, I know the stories. One involves a dissection dummy running around the infirmary.
    Minato: Why don't you just make friends with him?
    Yuno: Minato, you suck!!!
    • Another from Yuno's route, after she and Minato make love and she's trying to get him to kiss her again in the morning.
      Fuuka: [pounding on the door] Shut up, you guys! And stop making out! We're trying to be sick over here!
    • In Yuno's sequel event, she goes full Sadist while giving Minato a massage. His yelps and screams are what sell it.
  • In Natsume's route, Fuuka is afraid of having a "ghost" around the house despite Natsume trying to not intentionally scare her. One morning, Fuuka walks in on Natsume preparing toast and yelps when seeing the plate and bread floating in the air. Minato completes a Brick Joke from earlier (wherein Fuuka only got over not being able to go to the bathroom at night after seeing a scary movie just a year prior) by telling he he hoped she didn't wet herself when she screamed, causing Fuuka to punch him hard enough to knock him out.
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  • Tsukasa's bonus event where Minato catches her acting like a Chuunibyou.
  • "The Sports Festival" bonus event has the girls participate in a scavenger hunt for a dozen double-cream doughnuts despite some of the tasks being... rather questionable. At one point, at least one of them has to change into an appropriate costume. Yuno changes into her leotard because she already has it on under her clothes. Fuuka changes into her cosplay outfit because she somehow had it with her, and Satsuki changes into her swimsuit because... she won't tell. The event ends with them all getting trapped in a small supply closet trying to follow along with a set of directions that gets them even more tangled up than a game of Twister.
  • The entire "Cafe Adagio is Thriving" bonus event where Kaori tricks the girls into helping her out in the cafe for the day with Yuno in her leotard, Fuuka in her cosplay, and the rest (even Akira) in their swimsuits. It all comes to a head when they punish Kaori for her scheme at the end, though Minato refuses to say exactly how, other than noting she missed two days of work as a result.
  • Minato going into Overprotective Dad mode after finding out Fuuka is going on a date with Souta in the "Swarmed by Utanami Girls" event and running himself ragged as he encounters all of the heroines in the process and also finding out Yuno is going on a date with Makoto of all people!
    • The whole thing ended up being a Secret Test of Character as the girls wanted to find out which one he would choose when driven into a corner. There's this gem from when they were brainstorming for ideas:
      Kanon: Which one of us he'd choose in a pinch... what kind of pinch?
      Yuno: Hmm... like, how about the town is taken over by zombies in a post-apocalyptic dystopia?
      Kanon: I-I think that would be a little hard to simulate...
  • Satsuki's character introductions where she's full-out The Comically Serious:
    Satsuki: I'm Satsuki Tsushima, from Song of Memories. I'm also a class officer... that's all. Goodbye.
    Satsuki: I'm Yuno's personal manager. I know nothing about gymnastics. The end.

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